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The Path That Leads to Goodbye! (792)


Since when was dunsparce powerful it is WEAK!! It also isn't the rarest... I wouldn't want one on my team.


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Since when was dunsparce powerful it is WEAK!!
It doesn't have to be strong to annoy your opponent.

It also isn't the rarest...
Rarity isn't specific. Rarity depends on a lot of things, such as availability in a location.

I wouldn't want one on my team.
You do not speak for everyone, therefore this opinion does not matter in the grand scheme of things. It doesn't matter what one person nor a majority of people don't want. If one person wants something, and is within reason to have, they will have it.

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And..... The intro is N's again... What? Is this one cooler than the Da! one?
The episode's really no better in English, but makes Meowth's breaking the 4th wall more interesting.


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A good episode. I think the title would fit better if the episode was about the last episode of the Black and White series.
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This episode was really good, but what made me not like it as much when came on in the Japaness verison. There was less music and I could enjoy it more


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This is the third time they played the wrong intro... I actually really like the new opening too... This was a nice episode. I liked it. Also I'm pretty sure catching a Pokémon in real life would be a lot harder than pushing several buttons. The video game and anime worlds are very different.


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Fourth time they used the N intro. I wonder if they dislike the Da! one that they are using this instead?

I found it funny how the Dunsparce just flew away like that, and how Meowth got the "epic lines" just to zoom out and see Jessie was in her normal style.

I'm confused. Are apple berries? It seems weird to just hear the word berry when talking about an apple.

Which reminds me of a donut!

When life gives you lemons, you make donuts!


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Dunsparce are adorable and can be quite strong with tlc. Anyway it was a good episode, seemed like a generic filler at first but picked up, loved Jessie calling out Meowth on breaking the fourth wall and it showed Iris as a more important character than she comes across as considering she doesn't do anything. A nice character episode.

Marbi Z

Ash X Iris... They fight and break up then kiss and make up... What more can I say?

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This was a pretty good episode. I liked how Cilan and especially Meowth kept speaking to the viewers. It was also funny when Meowth got asked who he's talking to. I also (for some reason) laughed to tears when TR did their motto even though only Pikachu and Scraggy were present.


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Fine episode, yet hilarious when it comes to fourth wall breaking. Nice to see all of Ash's Pokémon (as well as Cilan's) for a bit. Shows they really want Ash to apologize to Iris. I wonder if Cilan told them the plan after Ash went to sleep (off-screen, of course)? In the end, though, good to see they made up.

And darn it, that's the fourth time the opening has been wrongly used. Guess TCPi didn't like the Beyond opening or didn't catch on.


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Yeah I don't know what people expected, lol. IMO, this episode was handled better than May/Dawn fight episodes for many reasons:

- No random tag battle.
- Cilan actually had a role.
- Ash's Pokémon played a role.
- Great BW TRio chemistry.

Despite the fact both of them acted like kids (not sure if you guys remember they ARE just children) and overreacted on some things, it was a sweet episode.
agree :) , overall this episode was nice and sweet :) loev the interaction and the 3rd character in get involved
i think this episode will be on my top 5 episode list bw DA!


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This episode showed the Fiery relationship Ash and Iris have which we have seen from very early on. It also showed how everyone in the group (including Pokémon) has bonded to each other, this must make it hard for Ash and Pikachu every time they go to another region.

Another thing to note is Meowth's interaction by breaking the forth wall. It was really quite funny when Jessie interrupted and it was pleasant to see Meowth refer to us as friends.

Nice episode. On to the next one!


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Fourth time, actually.

These episodes still have the "And Beyond!" logo for the Who's That Pokemon? sequences, though. So...just throwing it out there...maybe it's not an error.
What reasons would they have to show the old intro for?