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The Path That Leads to Goodbye! (792)


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I do think it was Iris' fault, I loved the episode though. I only wish Dunsparce was caught at the end.


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Whoa, Ash tried to catch a.....Dunsparce of all Pokémon? And how in the world it flew off like that?
Anyway, This was an OK episode focusing on Ash and Iris. The argument between Ash and Iris was annoying at the beginning, but I liked how they made up and exchanged a flower for a Apple at the end. Cilan and Meowth broke the fourth wall too much in this episode, it's funny when Jessie asked Meowth who he is talking to. Iris's reaction after eating that Apple was funny as well.
Now there's two things wrong with this dub episode....
1) TPCI messed up the intro AGAIN and They did it four times in a row! If TPCI doing this on purpose, they should know that the N opening dosen't fit the Decolore Adventures episodes.
2) What's up with TPCI referring Apples as Berries? It's really stupid in my opinion.

I do think it was Iris' fault, I loved the episode though. I only wish Dunsparce was caught at the end.
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These 4th wall breakers and them breaking them. I know that Ciian and Meowth really like to see our pov. Mostly Meowth, he's been breaking the 4th wall for decades. Jessie too during the blastoff
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Seems like a really silly (and childish) thing to get in a fight with each other over: bitter fruit.


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Ugh, I just had to watch this episode at the worst possible time since it was after my husband and I had an argument over owing the government tax money. -_- We're okay now, but sometimes the timing of an episode can make a difference in how you feel about it. It didn't help matters that this episode was far more serious and realistic than the enjoyable similar season seven episode "The Bicker the Better", one of my all-time favorite episodes. Not that realism wasn't nice for a change, but it made for really uncomfortable viewing.



Ash & Iris both acted petty here even though Ash was at fault for ruining Iris's floral headdress and his rude treatment of Axew in the 1st place. But at least he apologized. 6/10


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No it's more of the writers fault for using Axew for the billionth time to interrupt or get into something dumb. Iris and Ash already have a pretty rocky relationship. They could have just used that in itself to a better episode then what we got.

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Ha ha, so this was where Ash first missed his chance to catch a Dunsparce. I felt that Ash and Iris were both to blame for what occurred, but I liked how Ash apologized and how Iris saved Pikachu and Scraggy. :3


Even to this day, I'm puzzled about why Satoshi was interested in capturing that Nokocchi, but things spiraled out of control once he ruined Iris's floral headdress and yelled at her Kibago. Not that I held it against him since we all know how clumsy Kibago could be, but it was bizarre to see Satoshi get angry.
I was glad that Iris took the high road and left the group for a while. I mean in the end she was obviously the most valuable member since she saved both Ash and Cilan, neither of which bothered to help themselves for some reason. :/


This episode was the most adorable thing ever. It was a nicely put together display of the BW!Trio's close friendship and how a chain of unlucky events can really mess things up. I liked how nobody really was to blame for what happened.


In hindsight, I do wish that Iris had swallowed her pride regarding Kibago. She never learned to keep an eye on him, so she should've apologized for what he did instead of becoming so defensive.


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I definitely liked this episode on the whole but I do wish we saw more of that flying Dunsparce lol. I loved that part with Meowth when he started to narrate events from his own warped point of view.