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The Path to the Pokémon League! (008)


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The Path to the Pokémon League! (008)

The Path to the Pokémon League!

Gloating after earning two badges, Ash tries battling a trainer called AJ who is trying to get 100 consecutive wins with his Sandshrew. Can Ash cause AJ to have to start over?

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I always wanted to see AJ again, he was my favorite non-main character.


So hot he's on fire.
Yes, AJ is awesome. :3 He's the....second-best southern hick ever. *second only to Dario!*

He needs to have a special or something.

And at first, I did think his training was a bit weird.....but then I saw the ep again and was like 'okay, I get it now' XD
Phantom_Bugsy said:
Yes, AJ is awesome. :3 He's the....second-best southern hick ever. *second only to Dario!*

He needs to have a special or something.

And at first, I did think his training was a bit weird.....but then I saw the ep again and was like 'okay, I get it now' XD

It funny seeing you on this thread as you have said you hated Kanto fillers, Bugsy.

Anyway i love this episode. Aj rocks and, to me, is probably one of the greatest trainers around. If i ever heard him reappearing(he has too!) i despritely go see it. Wonder what his pokemons are now?


So hot he's on fire.
Actually, I said I hated the main Kanto EPISODES, since there were hardly any good fillers in Kanto. :3 The few that were there, I liked.

That and the fact there's a cute boy. There HAS to be a cute boy. XD And he's southern. *__*

He probably has a Sandslash by now, but something is telling me he has an Arbok. I don't know why, probably the whole tamer style thing.....o___O

Ororo Munroe

AJ's one of the popular minor characters because he's a strong trainer and has an unofficial gym. I liked this episode, AJ's way of training his Pokemon was interesting.

Psychic Venusaur

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Yeah, A.J. is one of my favorite minor characters too. I expected him to be at the Indigo Plateau. I wish Ash met up with him again. Well, it's not too late, I guess.

"Sandshrew, use Fissure! HIT THE GROUND UNTIL IT SPLITS!"
"'Git' back in the water!"
"Where'd you get those badges from? Wimpsville, or (Forgot one)"

I like A.J.'s hair.

A nice episode, 8/10
I'm with Ash on this, AJ's training was too harsh. That's the point of having lots of different elements on your team. Plus, I don't think Gyms like AJ's should be allowed. They kinda mock the real ones.
Then, there's the fact that I just don't like AJ. We've had better Trainer-of-the-Days(i.e., Nikolai,).
The battles were quite good though, and Pikachu's reaction to its order to battle Sandshrew was priceless!!

Overall rating:
4.7 out of 10.........
This episode was really on par with Disguise Da Limit; it's really one of the episodes that must be trampled and burned. At least there was some humor here though, or I may have given it a flat out 0 -.-.................

SC~ out


Team Awesome
I'm not a fan of AJ's. I definitely agree that his training of his pokemon was too harsh. He may have been building up their endurance and strength and everything, but the muscle handcuffs or whatever the heck they were are too much, especially for small pokemon. Sandshrew might be okay for such a device, but I think it's a bit harsh for butterfree and rattata.

On the positive side, I do like the part where Ash gets fried trying to get Pikachu into battle, the Pinnochio gag, and Misty and Brock getting royally ticked when AJ insults their gyms. :D And wow, this was the first time Team Rocket used their binoculars. I liked it when James knocked Meowth out of the tree and the binoculars landed in his mouth. LOL

Overall, though, I don't like this episode very much.


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AJ was pretty kool, Sandshrew was awesome. I had a Sandshrew figurine at the time i first saw this and went crazy seeing it. I hoped that AJ would come back for the League but was dissapointed.


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This is a weird episode. I don't get it that a Sandshrew can swimming.
Kind of a decent episode, AJ had an unusual way of training though....at least he isn't tough on his pokemon like it looks, ;)


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i didnn't liket his episode


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An ok episode for our first Kanto filler, AJ isn't my favorite filler character but I like his training style even if it is a little harsh. I liked seeing Sandshrew it has always been a favorite of mine and seeing it use Fissure was awesome. I liked that TR was experimenting with their motto we get to see the beginnings of what will become a standard for later in the series, and way to downgrade their "contraptions" from a giant vacuum to a rubber ball with a hole in it.


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I hated the way AJ trained his Pokemon, but I really liked the unofficial gym.

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This episode was not that great but still ok.I dont like how AJ was training his pokemon.He was too harsh to them,but he alkso showed that he is not so bad like he seemed at the beggining of the episode.His Sandshrew was very strong,and i was enjoying seeing how he was using fissure in battle.However there is one thing in this episode which makes me wonder and that is how AJ Sandshrew manage to swim.Too bad we didnt saw him again.