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The Perfect Match (219)


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The Perfect Match!

Ash & Misty have to battle eachother to progress further into the Whirl Cup. Each wants to win and want to make it a glorious battle. Who will come out triumphant?

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I really liked this episode 'cause Ash and Misty got to battle each other. ;-)


I thought this was a cute episode. It was kinda funny when Ash got hit by Kingler (poor Ash!) It's a shame that Misty lost the following battle againist that girl...


Geodude said:
I just wish Ash had lost in some other way than conveniently forgetting about Psyduck's headaches...

I think they needed to find away for Misty to win with Psyduck. So they had him "convienently" [sp?] forget about the headaches.


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Yeah, it was pretty lame to have Misty win that way. I mean, how many times has Ash seen Psyduck use confusion when it gets a headache? Like half a dozen at least. Sometimes Ash forgets things, but this was just rediculous.

Gryphon Turboclaw

Geodude said:
The thing is, she didn't *have* to use Psyduck at all. Remember, she was about to call out Staryu when Psyduck popped out on its own. That didn't *have* to happen.

She was about to call out Corsola, not Staryu. However, it seems that we (you, me, Friesguy, and Heracross) are in agreement that this was a particulary ridiculous way for her to win(not that Misty or the writers would care about the "how", only that Misty got the win over Ash).

Ash wasn't the only one who forgot, either; both Brock and Misty forgot about the platypus's migrane-fueled powers(with Misty remembering only when said powers started to flare up). As I once stated in the "Will Misty Return?" thread, I wonder how Misty would have reacted had Psyduck popped out instead of Corsola in during her match with Trinity. Bet it wouldn't have been pleasent for Psyduck...

Given her bragging---and attempts at it---in some later eps, it's actually a shame they that Misty *didn't* lose her battle with Ash...she honestly could have used the demolition(as Ash got in Brave The Wave and his [SPOIL]bout with Hoenn E4 Drake[/SPOIL] ), and Ash wouldn't have lorded it over her like she would do over him on occasion. Yet another chance for character development spoiled, and a chance for Pokeshipping to get a genuine boost squandered as well.

Ororo Munroe

Gryphon Turboclaw said:
Given her bragging---and attempts at it---in some later eps, it's actually a shame they that Misty *didn't* lose her battle with Ash.
Misty was made to when because it was a water Pokemon competition and she's a water Pokemon trainer.


Right, so she'd naturally have more composition, technique, and patience with her Water Types. Ash is a great trainer, but he's not studied Water Pokemon as long or as vigorously as Misty.

I agree, however, that Ash's lack of memory, though accurate for his character, was a poor way for him to lose.


Well for me, this episode had it's moments of disappointment, and moments of goodness.

Misty sure got lucky when Psyduck popped out of it's ball. I'll bet anything had she tried to use Corsola she wouldn't had stood a chance. Kingler has proven himself to beat opponents much tougher then Corsola. Psyduck won mainly due to the fact that he's nearly unstoppable. In fact, his battle is currently undefeated, save for that battle where Bulbasaur tickled him into submission.

I was deeply confused as to how exactly a Corsola could KO a Gyarados with nothing more then a Spike Cannnon, for god's sake, Gyarados aren't THAT weak.

Loved seeing Chinchou-san frag Corsola shortly after though. XD


Team Awesome
Ash's battle against Misty was pretty interesting in this episode. It's funny how the last time they battled they made a point of it being a rematch of the battle they never got to finish at the Cerulean gym, but it didn't get mentioned in this episode. That's especially odd considering the fact that last time Ash won and this time Misty won, so now they're even. I liked the battle in "The Totodile Duel" better, but this battle was pretty good too.
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This episode screams, "plot device."

I dunno how many times Ash has seen Psyduck use Confusion, but you'd really think it would make a bigger impression on him ._. Not to mention, of all the opponents, why did he use Vicegrip now? Hyper Beam and Crabhammer are perfectly good moves, and they'd both annihilate Psyduck. Unless Ash was going for the "slow defeat" sort of triumph, I don't see why he used Vicegrip.

Crabhammer was awesome, though, as was seeing Kingler actually battle.

Every character you expected to win in this episode lost XD. I thought Ash would win, and then he loses. Then I thought Misty would win, and she loses. And then I thought Trinity would win......AND SHE LOSES. lol unpredictability in Pokémon ftw

Heh, such dramatic build-up for the attempted theft of the Sea Spirit. And then Jessie just wimps out XD They did particularly bad today, and if there was ever a time when they'd die, it'd be now(the balloon exploded very violently).

Like Kingdra in the past episode, Golduck never seems to have the same voice.

I was just thinking of how a Lanturn would fare in this episode when Trinity called out Chinchou lol.

Overall rating:
7.3 out of 10
Quite a let-down after such build-up. But hey, it's Johto, what do you expect? ¬_¬

The 8th Champion


Fog Trainer
IMO, Misty should've won, or at least made it to the final round. Even if she was going to be in Ash's group permanently, this would probably still have been the last time she'd ever have a Water-only tournament to compete in. Imagine how disappointing it would be if Pokémon had ended without Ash ever winning a League?

Misty had to beat Ash, though. If she'd lost to a guy who's not even a Water specialist, her dream of becoming the top Water Pokémon trainer would look like a joke.

Champion Jared 14

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Ash just plainly forgot about psyduck's headache attacks. I can understand because he really doesn't tent to remember things about pokemon besides his own. Misty really needed to win becuse Ash beat her other times. Like in the totodile duel, where she just wasn't prepared for that one. Ash really wouldn't have beaten Misty at her gym either because it was a 2 on 2 match. So even if he managed to beat starmie, pigeotto would've had to deal with staryu. Trinity didn't deserve to win either, I don't care that she had more experience. Experience doesn't always matter. Maybe the spike cannon delivered to her gyarados was a five hit critical hit attack. And how did chinchou survive that miror coated spark? It was very powerful. When attacks like that deal lots of damage to the mirror coater, the damage would pretty much be a OHKO IMO.

Ashy Boy

Paul's #1 Rival
Great episode with really awesome battles (including the match between Ash and Misty). Shame it was almost ruined at the end by Jessie wanting the staff for herself (which is typical of Jessie).

Umi Mizuno

☠ one girl army
It was an ok episode, I just wish Misty and Ash's battle was a bit longer and more detailed but I guess it was the only way to make way for the other battles. Trinity was pretty good, shame she didn't win. =(


*The Water Warrior*
I actually liked this episode alot. I don't know if because it was based soley around water pokemon, my favorite, or because i got to see Ash and Misty battle. I think it was a poorly done battle sequence, but overall it was fine. I would have liked to see Misty go a little further in the competetion instead of losing right after she beat ash. 8/10