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The Phantom Legacy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Guilds' started by Crimson101, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. Crimson101

    Crimson101 Cooler Than Red


    About the Clan!
    The Phantom Legacy is a place to battle and have fun. Increase your skill while making new friends. The Phantom Legacy consists of the Pokemon types that are Ghost, Dark, and Psychic. All three of these types make up The Phantom Legacy. Pick a legacy to train in and become the very best you can be. You can pick from the Shadow Legacy, Aphotic Legacy, or Psycho Legacy. Everyone is welcome! All members be sure to have fun and those who are not, join and help us make this clan even better! Let The Phantom Legacy continue!


    1. All Serebii rules apply.

    2. Respect your fellow clan members and guests who visit.

    3. Please ignore trolls and report as soon as they troll.

    4. Try your best to remain active although if you can't it's understandable.

    5. In the clan chat, don't abuse your powers.

    6. If you have any improvements in mind for the clan or any questions,
    feel free to pm me or visit me at the clan xat.

    7. Also to be sure that you've read the rules, post this password in your registration form: Motnahp

    Pokemon Online Name:
    Wi-fi or PO:
    Wi-fi Friend Code(optional):
    Clan Password:

    PO name: Crimson101
    Wi-fi FC: 2313 5423 2352
    Legacy: Shadow Legacy
    Timezome: Pacific
    Referrer: SoMaPoKiTo
    Clan pass: -find it-

    Joining = +5 Legacy Credits

    Winning test battle = +15 Legacy Credits

    Battle victory = +10 Legacy Credits

    Tied Battle = +5 Legacy Credits

    Recruiting = +15 Legacy Credits

    Winning a clan tournament = 20 Legacy Credits

    *Points will be referred as 'LC'*

    Your Opponent's Name:
    Total LC:

    Standard OU
    Win/Lose/Draw: Win
    Score: 3-0
    Total LC: 60 LC




    The Clan chat link can be found in any of the leader's signature!
    Credit for main banner goes to EmeraldGoblin
    Credit to Sceptrigon for the 'Rules' banner and userbars.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2012
  2. Crimson101

    Crimson101 Cooler Than Red

    Welcome to the War Post!
    Unfortunately, one of our war members has left the clan. In that case a change needs to be made in the war team. Instead of just switching the spots, the final war member will have to earn the spot in the war team. That is all! All the rules apply when applying for the war team.

    You still have to get a test battle done in order to join it. Even if you don't qualify for the full war team you are still able to qualify for a substitute.

    If you wish to join the TPL war team then contact one of the testers for a test battle. Give it your best shot at winning but remember, it doesn't matter if you win or lose. It is up to who you get tested by to see if you are capable of joining the war team. Basically they decide weather you join or not. Please don't complain about a lousy decision. Thank you!

    The Phantom Legacy vs. Aerial Elements
    Score: 3-0

    The Phantom Legacy vs. Primus Et Ultimus
    Score: 3-0

    Welcome to the Event section of the clan!. This section is just for tournaments and other of that sort that happens in the clan. Clan Wars aren't spoken of here because a war section is already there. Tournaments will be a new post started by a leader although you can check on the tournament here for notifications and such.

    Also, each tournament will have their own set of rules, so not all tournaments will be the same unless the winner wants them to be. The winner of a tournament held here at The Phantom Legacy will have the choice of choosing the tier for the upcoming tournament. This option might not be available all the time. You will be notified when something like this happens. Also if you're wondering when do the tournaments take place, well they usually take place after a war. If you would like a tournament to take place, tell the leader "SoMaPoKiTo" about it. We won't take all requests so please don't beg. That is all! Thanks for reading.


    Challenge Cup Tournament
    Final: Comebhax vs. BaronSilver65
    Winner: BaronSilver65

    Last edited: Aug 2, 2012
  3. Sceptrigon

    Sceptrigon Armored Guardian

    The Phantom Legacy Jobs


    Hello everyone, and welcome to the jobs post! Here, you'll be informed on all the jobs available in the clan. If you join, you'll be able to apply for one (using the jobs application below the jobs information). These jobs are here for our members and the clan itself. Although it is perfectly alright if you don't want a job, it is important that we get all the help we can from our fellow members! :)

    As well as helping out the clan, there are Job Credits (JCs) that will be handed out to any member who fulfills his/her job task. The amount of JCs you receive reflect on your dedication to the clan, and they are also used for our clan shop, which will be posted up soon and given more details on later.

    Here are the jobs you'll be able to choose from:

    In-Game Jobs

    These jobs are specifically for people who enjoy playing the version games and don't mind working hard to get and train pokemon with exceptional battling abilities.

    These jobs are here primarily to assist members who want help with their training or want a certain pokemon.

    EV Trainer - if you EV train your pokemon often and have very good experience with it, this may be the right job for you!

    ~30 points are given for each EV trained pokemon~​

    Leveling Up Trainer - this job is for members who are able to train pokemon to higher levels in a small amount of time and can This may seem like a very easy job, but it does take a lot of effort to be able to battle all those trainers. ​

    ~30 points are given for each pokemon that has acquired a certain level~​

    Breeding Jobs:

    IV Breeder -Recommended if you like breeding pokemon for high IVs and have good experience with this

    ~40 points are given for each IV bred pokemon~​

    Moves Breeder - For members who would like to breed pokemon in order to gain certain egg moves.

    ~20 points are given for each pokemon with a certain egg move(s)~​

    Nature Breeder - For members who would like to breed pokemon for a certain nature.

    ~20 points are given for each pokemon with a wanted nature~​

    Side Jobs:

    Side jobs are basically for members who want to do help out the clan in any way.

    Artist - if you enjoy making any kind of artwork, you'll enjoy having this job. Also, with this job, you'll also be able to make art for other members in the clan.

    ~40 points are given for any kind of art submitted, 20 points are given for each sprite (recolors, splices, etc.), and 10 points are given for xat avatars~​

    Tutor - this job is, in fact, one of the most important, as you'll be able to teach and help other members who want to know more about a certain area. This applies to all the jobs listed here. For example, if you currently have an in-game job you're very good with, members can ask you for some advice. You can also choose to only be a tutor as your job.

    ~20 - 40 points for each lesson, depending on comments from the lesson form and student reception~​

    *It is recommended that you have at least some decent experience with the certain job/area in order to be a tutor*

    Jobs Member List:

    EV Trainers:

    IV Breeders:

    Moves Breeders:

    Nature Breeders:

    Leveling Up Trainers:
    King of Pichus


    Sceptrigon (artist)
    Serpentine (EV Training and IV Breeding)

    Job you would like:

    *The job application for tutoring is below*


    Here's the tutoring area! This is a separate section of jobs where you'll be able to apply for being any kind of tutor available! With this job, you'll be able to conduct different lessons anytime convenient for both tutor and student. Let's help our fellow members however we can! :)

    First, here is the application to apply for a job as a tutor:

    Current job (if you already have another job):
    Previous experience with job:

    Tutor Job example:

    Name: Sceptrigon
    Current Job (if you already have another job): Artist
    Previous experience related to current job: I have worked on different programs such as Photoshop and Paint ever since I was little, and I have made many kinds of artwork in the past. I know a lot about different kinds such as pixel-overs, sprite recolors, and animations.​

    Here, must fill in a tutoring form after every lesson taken place. Each lesson can be anytime, and can be however long you want it to be. Either the student or teacher can submit the form. Then, I'll be able to hand JCs based on the information given. You must be as accurate as you can be when posting the information!

    *Lessons are typically given only through PMs or over Xat.*

    Student's name:
    Tutor's name:
    Topic of Lesson:

    *For comments, be sure to include ones from both tutor and student based on the lesson itself*

    Lesson Form Example:

    Student's name: Member1
    Tutor's name: Sceptrigon
    Topic of Lesson: Recoloring
    Comments: Lesson was pretty good. I gave Member1 some examples of recolors and explained some basic stuff. Member1 understood it overall, but still needs practice.

    Here are the different kinds of tutoring we have available at the moment:

    Battling Tutor - this kind of tutoring is specifically for competitive battling, and teaching any of the aspects related.

    Artist Tutor - this kind of tutoring is specifically for members who want to learn more about creating artwork. It can be in any form.

    EV Training Tutor - this kind of tutoring is specifically for EV training pokemon, teaching basics, strategies, etc.

    IV Breeding Tutor - this tutoring is specifically for breeding pokemon to get high IVs and teaching anything related to it.​

    Tutoring Members List:

    Serpentine (EV Training and IV Breeding Tutor)
    Students: Victinifan100, BenjaminLDuco
    Number of lessons: 3
    (IV Breeding) - Victinifan100
    (IV Breeding) - BenjaminLDuco (2)

    Serpentine - 140 JCs
    Victinifan100 - 0 JCs
    King of Pichus - 0 JCs
    Sceptrigon - 70 JCs
    TurboPieFire - 30 JCs
    DiamondSeedII - 130 JCs
    snivyoshawottlvr - 0 JCs
    SoMaPoKiTo - 160 JCs

    *(Also, other kinds of jobs are being considered, so keep in mind that some might be added on anytime)*

    If, anytime, you decide that you don't want your job anymore or want to change jobs, don't worry, PM/VM me and I will remove you from the list. And remember, we want you to have an enjoyable experience with your job, so it's alright if you change your mind. :)

    If anyone has any questions regarding jobs, again, give me a VM/PM and I'll help you out as soon as I can!

    Due to one of our leaders being inactive and therefore, not being able to update the events of our clan, I am re-posting an updated War section here in the Jobs Post.







    The Phantom Legacy vs. Aerial Elements
    Score: 3-0

    The Phantom Legacy vs. Primus Et Ultimus
    Score: 3-0

    The Phantom Legacy vs. Magnet Risers
    Score: 0-3

    The Phantom Legacy vs. Pokemon Crime Syndicate
    Score: 2-3

    Challenge Cup Tournament
    Final: Comebhax vs. BaronSilver65
    Winner: BaronSilver65

    Ubers Tournament
    Final: Busterj99 vs. BaronSilver65 vs. Arcos
    Winner: BaronSilver65

    UU Tournament
    Final: SoMaPoKiTo vs. Busterj99
    Winner: SoMaPoKiTo

    OU Monotype Division Tournament
    Final: Sceptrigon vs. Arcos
    Winner: Arcos

    Last edited: Sep 5, 2012
  4. Crimson101

    Crimson101 Cooler Than Red

    Shadow Legacy

    Welcome to the Shadow Legacy! The Shadow Legacy will bring forth strength and skill to one who chooses the path of the Shadow. As you progress in the Shadow Legacy you will become stronger and become aware of yourself as well as your full power. Unlock that hidden shadow within your soul!

    0 LC
    You have just joined the Shadow Legacy. At the moment you are searching for yourself and your abilities.
    BOOM16 (15 LC)
    King of Pichus (5 LC)
    Fracktail (5 LC)
    Marowik (5 LC)

    50 LC
    You are getting in touch with your inner shadow! But in touch is all your getting for you haven't discovered your skill.
    Nikking (130 LC)
    Pokekid0246 (115 LC)
    Serpentine (65 LC)

    150 LC
    Your getting in rhythm with your inner strength as well as the shadow spirit within. Your beginning to realize your potential.
    Comebhax (255 LC)

    300 LC
    You are barely starting out and are somewhat aware of your skill. Yet you still have to master yourself before mastering your power!

    500 LC
    You've grown stronger and have acquired power. Now it's time to put that power to the test!

    750 LC
    Showing true skill and potential of a true Phantom. Don't stop and with sure determination you have the ability to reach your goal!
    Currently None

    1,050 LC
    You've reached your full potential as a Shadow Legacy member! You've faced all odds and still came out on top as a true Phantom!
    Arcos (Max LC)

    Co-Leader Rank
    You have reached all that you've needed to reach and then have gone beyond that. You have truly become a Phantom and now must help the other Phantoms progress as you have!

    Leader Rank

    Last edited: Aug 10, 2012
  5. Sceptrigon

    Sceptrigon Armored Guardian

    The Aphotic Legacy


    Hello! You have come across The Aphotic Legacy. In this section of the legacy, In order to enhance your skills, we will train under the area of darkness and adapt to its overwhelming breadth. We will train with you along with Shadow and Psycho to raise your experience and make you the best fighter you can be. Get ready to face the cimmerian that is to be your guide for excellence!


    Toady Rank:
    ~0 LCs~
    You are only a novice member, and you must begin to advance with your guide of darkness.


    Elec-Mouse (5 LCs)
    Sweet Dreams (5 LCs)
    XxIcyMizuxX (5 LCs)
    DarkForce (5 LCs)
    thekharster (5 LCs)
    DiamondSeedII (15 LCs)
    RainbowDash (5 LCs)
    BenDa (5 LCs)
    Boonskiies (5 LCs)
    Flareondude (5 LCs)


    Trickster Rank:
    ~50 LCs~
    You are starting to recognize your surroundings, and you're starting to show your skills.




    Charmer Rank:
    ~150 LCs~
    You're becoming more experienced, and your power is starting to appeal to others.




    Voodoo Rank:
    ~300 LCs~
    You have grasped your strong points in battle and are showing your improving potential.




    Hexer Rank:
    ~500 LCs~
    You've acquired a lot of experience and have shown greatness training under our dim domain.




    Witch Rank:
    ~750 LCs~
    You are greatly experienced and skilled, and you have comfortably adapted yourself to the night.




    Necromancer Rank:
    ~1,050 LCs and above~
    You are now one of the most powerful and skilled of our tenebrous legacy. You've trained to the best of your ability and have achieved great success from your rigorous work!




    Warlock Rank (Co-leader):



    Occultist Rank (Leader):



    Last edited: Aug 13, 2012
  6. SoMaPoKiTo

    SoMaPoKiTo Back from the Grave!


    Welcome! The Psycho Legacy awaits you! Those who wish to take the path of the Psycho Legacy shall discover their inner consciences, tap into enhanced perceptions, and master their true senses!


    0 LC: Virtuoso
    You have just begun your quest to discover your true senses.


    darklord18 (5 LC)
    Andrew Lima (5 LC)
    AbFabTrainerKira (5 LC)

    50 LC: Sentient
    You are conscious of your abilities, but you are unable to apply them yet.


    None Yet


    150 LC: Telepathic
    You have learned to connect with your abilities, but you are far from learning to use them to your full extent.


    None Yet


    300 LC: Arcane
    Your abilities have shown you the way to unlock your potential. Don't lose your focus!


    None Yet


    500 LC: Esoteric
    You are making excellent progress with your inner conscience and are showing true potential.


    None Yet


    750 LC: Mystic
    You have unlocked your potential, and you are working hard to harness it.


    None Yet


    1,050 LC: Oracle
    Not only do you have control over your abilities, but you also have wonderful perception skills, making you a force to be reckoned with.


    None Yet


    Co-Leader: Clairvoyant
    You have reached far beyond human perception and have shown that you are capable of leading the Psycho Legacy.


    None Yet

    Leader: Magus
    You have reached your full potential and are ready to continue the Psycho Legacy.



    Last edited: Jul 3, 2012
  7. Sceptrigon

    Sceptrigon Armored Guardian

    The clan is now free for posts and applications, everyone!
  8. piflare564

    piflare564 The Muffin Master

    Good Luck! :3
  9. Crimson101

    Crimson101 Cooler Than Red

    Thanks Flare <33!
  10. Wolf Prince

    Wolf Prince Lycan Seraph

    you finally posted it, good luck guys and hope it doesn't fail.
  11. Crimson101

    Crimson101 Cooler Than Red

    Thanks Wolf! And it won't I'll make sure of it :)
  12. TrainerChris

    TrainerChris Bad at Pokemon

    Good luck bro
  13. Crimson101

    Crimson101 Cooler Than Red

    Thanks Chris xd
  14. Sceptrigon

    Sceptrigon Armored Guardian

    Thanks, everyone! We hope this clan will go far.
  15. Eliteknight

    Eliteknight S.L.Y.

    good luck crimson with your clan
  16. Crimson101

    Crimson101 Cooler Than Red

    Thanks dude! It means a lot!
  17. imperiumemperor

    imperiumemperor Emperor of Imperium

    Awesome clan, Crim! :D

    And Sceptrigon, I love your Kyogre sig xD
  18. Sceptrigon

    Sceptrigon Armored Guardian

    Thank you, imperiumemperor! To both compliments. :]
  19. name:busterj99
    Game: Po
    Po name: busterj99
    timezone: eastern standard
    referer: crimson and soma
    insert other stuff here :p
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2012
  20. Crimson101

    Crimson101 Cooler Than Red

    Accepted! Welcome to the clan Buster!
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