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The Phoenix King's Reign

Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by Brando95, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    My second fic! My first didn't go so well but, this is better... trust me.

    1. The Escape

    The Phoenix King’s Reign​


    I, Avatar Aang, have finally come to the moment of truth. My destiny is about to be completed as I stand atop a pillar in the Earth Kingdom.

    This area of the Earth Kingdom is in great danger. Fire Lord, or should I say, Phoenix King Ozai is planning to burn the Earth Kingdom to the ground. It all starts here. Pillars tower above the ground in an unpredictable pattern. They scatter around a large radius. Ahead of me is a fleet of airships which are flying above a sea. My friends, Sokka, Zuko, Katara, Suki, and Toph are going to help me finish this war once and for all. They will find a way to stop the airships… I know they will.

    The ships are growing closer and closer until finally, the Phoenix King fires a jet of fire down at the ground. This jet is so large, so menacing, so powerful that it is beyond words. I can feel the intense heat as the ships grow closer and each one sends another powerful blast, imitating the first.

    I know that the fight starts now. The quicker I attack, the faster the fight ends, and the faster the world is saved. But, I am still on the fence on whether I should kill the Phoenix King. Is it the right thing to do?

    The airships grow even closer and I know that it is now or never. I fire my first shot. I gather up energy and fire an intense jet of fire at Ozai’s airship. The attack connects with the side of the ship and it begins to tip a bit. I can tell that it will soon fall.

    Though I’m only twelve years old, I still have faith. I jumped up to a pillar that the ship has begun to pass. I then shoot another jet of fire at its side. Ozai, who definitely looks displeased, jumped off onto a pillar while the ship sunk down onto the ground. It exploded, fortunately. I began to feel doubt while watching that. How could I have done that to the poor people that were still inside?

    Ozai gave off a laugh. “Do you really think that you can defeat me?” He chuckled at the thought. “A mere child doesn’t have the strength!”

    I answered in a dull, serious tone. “I wouldn’t underestimate my strength. I may be young, but, I still have willpower.”

    Ozai laughed once again. “Your words are meaningless. You’re weak, just like the rest of your people. Prepare to join them.” He said. He then breathed fire out of his mouth into the air to demonstrate his power. I wasn’t intimidated.

    I don’t want to fire the first blow. If there’s anything that I’ve learned from Avatar training, it is that you have to wait and listen for the moment to strike.

    Ozai stopped breathing fire and began the fight. He shoots a jet of fire right at me. I knew what to do. Dodging would be the best strategy. I’ll dodge the attack and fire the next before he has enough time to react.

    I jumped high up into the air. The jet blew right under me and into a pillar behind me, a piece got blown off. I then sunk my hands down into the pillar when I fell onto the ground. I picked up a rock and fired it towards Ozai.

    He charged up some electricity and blew the rock into bits and pieces. “Just give in. Be with your fellow airbenders!” Ozai yelled to me after charging another bolt of electricity and firing lightning towards me.

    I am starting to remember what Zuko told me. He taught me how to redirect lighting. I assumed a stance and the lighting hit me! All of the energy filled up my body. I felt so powerful beyond believe. It was exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. I looked at Ozai and felt doubt. There must be a way to stop him without killing him. I fired the bolt into the air.

    Ozai laughed. “I knew that you’re weak!” He grinned after sending bolt after bolt which I dodged by jumping from pillar to pillar.

    After a while of dodging, Ozai finally decided to end this. “That does it!” He yelled. He jumped towards my pillar and fired a jet of fire out of his fist which headed straight towards me. I jumped back but, the jet hit the ground and exploded, sending me flying backwards. Luckily, I landed onto another pillar.

    “I see no need for you in my world.” Ozai said as he jumped onto my pillar. “Out of the ashes of the Earth Kingdom, a new world will be born… a world where I rule all.” He explained. I looked up, wearily. He was above me about to deliver the final blow. Then, there’s an explosion. The airships plummeted into the sea. “What?! That can’t be!!” He yelled, shocked.

    It must’ve been my friends. I knew that they’d help me. But, what can they do now? I took a deep breath, ready for anything that came my way. “Prepare to die!” Ozai yelled as he sent a breath of fire at me. I winced but, just before the fire hit me, my eyes and tattoos started to glow.

    Ozai snickered, thinking that it was the end. But, the fire vanished and I stood up. At the climax of our final battle, I have mastered the Avatar State. “Now,” I said with a deep voice echoing me, “it is the end for you.” I said. I was in complete control if the Avatar State. I can’t lose!

    Ozai looked at me. “That’s not possible! Well…. either way… this is my world!” He yelled. He fired a jet of fire towards me out of his fist which I deflected to the side.

    “This war is over.” I said. I then flew up in an air bubble. There’s no way Ozai can stop me now! I flew onto another pillar and gathered enough strength to bend the entire pillar! I shot it at Ozai, only to be disappointed. He had charged up some lightening and exposed of the rock.

    I reacted by sending another attack. I bended a large amount of water from the sea a good distance away. I blasted it towards Ozai and it connected! He flew backwards onto another pillar.

    As I snickered from the outcome, I flew towards Ozai. I could finish this once and for all! The smoke was about to clear when, out of the smoke, a jet of fire collided with the air bubble around me. I flew backwards onto another pillar. The air bubble disappeared but, I remained in the Avatar State.

    Ozai jumped over to me. “You are weak. Just like the rest of your people… Avatar or not.” He snickered. “I’m sure that you’d like to see the rest of your people. Well, here’s your chance.” He charged up electricity. “This war is over.” He sent the lighting at me.

    There was a large bang and a bright flash of light. Then… darkness.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2009
  2. .Wind.

    .Wind. Banned

    very intresting, I was gonna ask you to explain the name's that you mentioned but, now I can't tell that there is no need since Avatar is the main person but, the fire King is...I can't wait to read the next one.
  3. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    I have the next chapter ready to go. But, I'm waiting for tomorrow to post it.
  4. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Hey, Brando! Fancy FanFic. I already saw your PM. Can't wait for the next!
  5. Brando95

    Brando95 Dazzle 'em, Milotic!

    Chapter 1
    The Escape

    It’s been a week since Aang lost at the Earth Kingdom. Katara, a master waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe has been sitting in a warm, dry, confined cell at the Boiling Rock Prison for a week. But, for her, it feels like years.

    Katara and her rebel firebending friend, Zuko, failed to defeat Fire Lord Azula at the Fire Nation’s Palace. Though Zuko has now recovered from a serious lighting strike, the two remain captured in the Prison.

    Along with them, Sokka, Toph, and Suki, Katara’s other friends, are captured. They made a good attempt at stopping the airships that were sent to burn through the Earth Kingdom. Luckily, the airships plummeted into the sea and didn’t have the chance to burn the Earth Kingdom. Unfortunately, Phoenix King Ozai decided to spare them and sent them to the Boiling Rock along with Katara and Zuko.

    They all lay in separate rooms. All hope is beginning to fade. Katara hasn’t lost hope, though. She knows that it was Aang’s destiny to defeat the Phoenix King. But, now that he’s gone, it’s up to her. Aang was killed in the Avatar State. Unfortunately, that means that the Avatar Cycle has been broken and the Avatar is no more.

    Katara laid flat on the ground in her cell, thinking of a solution. Food was scarce and it was beginning to be difficult to concentrate while her empty stomach continued to starve.

    Her daily meal was shoved into her cell after a few more minutes of thinking. Katara jumped at the chance of eating. She got up and grabbed her meal. It wasn’t very appetizing. Katara never realized how precious food can be. She ate the meal with a little hesitation at how this would upset her stomach.

    Zuko, Katara’s friend, was thinking of a plan, as well. Though they haven’t seen each other since they fought Azula, they both knew that they must escape at all costs. Zuko remembered the plan from last time. But, he didn’t think that they’d fall for it again. The warden was tough and is less gullible now.

    Katara smiled when she looked out of her barred window. It was nighttime, a perfect time to escape. She had remembered an enemy of hers who was in the same situation. An evil technique will come to her aid… bloodbending. This is an ability that a waterbender may only use during a full moon. Luckily, this was the night of the full moon and Katara’s bending was at its strongest.

    A guard walked across Katara’s cell. It was showtime. Katara raised her hand and tightened it once it was level with the man’s body. His body tightened up and he couldn’t move. Katara then pulled her two hands towards herself and the man came. The waterbender moved her hands again and the guard unlocked the door.

    Katara knew what it was like to be controlled. “I’m sorry.” Katara said. She knew how it felt and it wasn’t right to use this ability… even if it is for a good cause.

    She ran through the halls, trying to find a source of water to bend. She ran to find the lounge. There must be coffee or some sort of liquid there.

    Katara ran through a door and hid behind a wall as two guards passed through. They started a conversation with each other. “I’m so thirsty.” One stated.

    “Yeah,” the other agreed, “I’d do anything for some water. Why don’t we go to the lounge?” He declared.
    “Good idea.” The first agreed as the two guards marched off. The convenient conversation led Katara to follow them.

    She followed close behind and was led to a door with a bunch of loud talking behind it. Inside, there were many guards happily drinking coffee and water. Katara knew that this was her chance to attack. She hid behind the wall and looked for the easiest target.

    Eventually, she spotted a woman who was drinking and conversing with another, male guard. Katara took a deep breath. She lifted a hand and flicked it up. The coffee that the woman was holding burst up and hit her in the face. “That had to hurt…” Katara whispered to herself.

    “What was that?!” The man that was talking to the woman yelled.

    “It’s that high security Waterbender! She escaped!” Another announced.

    “Uh- oh.” Katara said. “The cat’s out of the bag.” She added before bending water out of a man’s hand, whipping the man with it, and bending it toward herself. After this, she bended the water to whip a few other guards and bended their drinks to herself. The combined water whips created one bold whip which Katara skillfully bended between her two hands.

    “Get her!” A female guard yelled before charging at Katara with a spear. Katara responded to that by using her water whip to cut the end of the spear off.

    “I’m sorry but, I’m escaping tonight.” Katara said, coolly. “If anybody would be kind enough to direct me to where my friends are being held, that’d be wonderful.” She added.

    “That’s okay. I’d rather get rid of you. It’d earn me a great promotion.” A male guard said before shooting a fire ball at Katara. Katara bended the whip to douse the ball of fire. “You’re not escaping alive!” The man growled as he ran towards Katara with a flaming hand. Katara wrapped the water around the man’s hand.

    “I’m not here to fight. I just need the water, is all.” She said as she froze the man’s arm. Katara bended enough coffee out of the coffee machine to please herself. “That’s enough.” She added before running back out of the door.

    Katara bended the water close behind as she ran throughout the prison. She skillfully whipped any unsuspecting guards that happened to be in her way. They fell to the ground, fainted, before being given the chance to report anything. This made Katara worried. She had never done anything about the other guards. She had probably been reported by now.

    Katara continued throughout the halls and looked through each and every cell before finding her first friend.

    Katara ran past Sokka, her brother's, cell. “Sokka!” Katara whispered. “I’m here to get us out of here!”

    “Katara? Are you insane?” He asked. “I came up with a perfect plan already!”

    “Sokka, this isn’t time for any of your crazy schemes. I’m already out of my cell and have probably been reported already. We need to make haste.” Katara explained.

    Sokka sighed. “Fine." Sokka took a slight pause. "Say, is that coffee that you’re bending?” Sokka asked.

    “Sokka! You have to focus!” Katara nagged as she cut the metal bars down with her coffee whip. “There!” She announced as the bars fell to the ground. “Now, come on! I don’t know how long we have and we still need to find Zuko, Toph, and Suki.”

    “Right.” Sokka agreed.

    The brother and sister ran through the halls. “Do you have any idea where we are?” He asked after a few minutes of running throughout the hallway.

    “Well… no. I don’t know much of anything about this place. Don’t worry though. Once we find Toph, she can feel our way through.” Katara explained. The two continued through the hallways before finding another cell with a friend.

    The cell contained their good friend, Suki. This was Sokka’s girlfriend who helped destroy the airships. “Katara? Sokka?” Suki exclaimed.

    “Suki! It’s us!” Sokka said. “We’re here to break you out.” He explained. “Don’t worry. I remember from my last visit that there’s a vault with prisoners weapons somewhere here. We’ll be able to get back your fans, my sword and machete!”

    “Great!” Suki whispered. “Hurry up, Katara! There’s no time to waste.” She nagged.

    “This isn’t exactly easy.” Katara responded. Eventually, the bars fell from Katara’s hot coffee blade. “Now, we need to find Zuko and Toph.” The three continued through the halls.

    Sokka led the group as he knew the way better than anybody.

    “Look!” Sokka exclaimed as they reached a giant metal door with many locks. “This is where they keep our weapons. But, there’s no way we’ll be able to get in…” He sighed.

    Katara sighed. “Well, we’ll have to keep moving. Toph will be able to bend this down once we find her.” She added. “We’ll have to come back later.”

    The group continued on to find another metal cell. It was Zuko’s. He had been thinking of a plan, too. “Katara?” He asked. “I was just thinking of a plan to get us out. You saved me a lot of trouble.” He said.

    “There’s no time for small talk.” Katara explained. “Guards are probably coming any second.” She added. Katara continued her routine of using her coffee blade to cut down the bars. Eventually, like all of the others, the bars collapsed into a pile of scrap metal. “Come on!” She yelled.

    The group continued through the hallways once more.

    After a while of looking, the group couldn’t find any more of their friends. “Where’s Toph? She’s the only person left.” Suki said.

    “Maybe she’s in special confinement.” Sokka said. “I don’t think the warden would be dumb enough to put her in a metal cell.” He said.

    After a while of walking around some more, the group found a cushion covered cell. Zuko looked at it. “Do you think…”

    “…that this is Toph’s.” Katara finished. “I bet it is.” She said. Katara bended her coffee blade and tore through the cushion like tissue. “You think that they’d pick a stronger barrier.” Katara said as a hole in the wall revealed Toph.

    “Hey!” She said. “You’ve all come to escape!” She yelled in joy. “Well, it’s about time. I’ve been waiting FOREVER for you guys to act.” Toph explained.

    “Just come on.” Zuko said. “We need to get out of here before the guards catch us.” He said.

    The group backtracked to where the giant metal door was. “This is where they’re holding our weapons.” Suki explained. “Do you think that you can get us through, Toph?” She asked.

    Toph stared at the giant metal door. “I can feel a large amount of weapons behind here. I bet I can get the door down. At least I get something fun to do.” She agreed. Toph stomped on the ground creating a giant earthquake which rumbled the ground. She punched her fists through the door and it fell flat on the ground ahead of them. “There. That was fun…”

    The group ran inside to find a hall of weapons. “Where’s ours?” Suki asked.

    “There!” Sokka yelled as he ran towards a sword that was hanging on a wall.

    “What makes you think that it’s yours?” Suki interrogated.

    “This is my space sword, the only one of its kind!” Sokka said as he grabbed the case and hugged it. “Mmm… space sword…”

    Suki laughed. “Okay, then. But, where’s my fan?” She asked. “Hmm…” Suki looked through a pile of weapons when she found a two folded fans. “Here!” She said. “Now, we can get out of this place.

    The group exited the room and ran through the halls.

    “Say, Toph.” Katara started. “Can you feel the exit near here?” She asked.

    Toph smiled. “Hmm…” She stopped and bent down to the ground. She placed a hand on it and started to fell a few vibrations. “There’s definitely an exit if we head back to my cell. I don’t know if we’ll be able to get past the boiling water, though.”

    “Don’t worry. Let’s work on getting out, first.” Katara said.
    The group headed where Toph led. She ran ahead of the group. Toph made a sharp left into another hall. The rest barely made the sudden turn and skidded forward before recovering their balance and continuing behind Toph.

    They ran until finding a locked door. “This leads outside!” Toph said. “Are you ready?” She asked. She punched through the door like paper and it blew open. Toph led the group out. Katara ran outside followed by Zuko, Suki, and Sokka.

    The five ran out to the water. “Okay, let’s…” Katara started. She was interrupted by a large amount of guards that ran towards them from all sides. “Oh no.” Katara said. “We’ve been caught.

    Zuko gave a smirk. “Allow me.” He said. He gathered up a lot of energy and shot a fire blast at the first guard he found. The guard tried to deflect it but, was knocked back.

    Katara gave a laugh. “It’s a full moon. I can do almost anything.” She assured the guards. She bended a large amount of water out of the boiling lake and whipped it around, knocking every guard down. They had serious burns. “Ouch! They don’t call it boiling rock for nothing.” She said.

    Sokka laughed. “That’s something that I’d say!”

    Katara sighed. “Anyways, we have to go!” She turned to Toph. “Toph! You have to make a boat made out of rock. Can you do it?”

    Of course! Just give me five seconds.” Toph agreed as she quickly made a boat big enough for the five. “That was a piece of cake!” She bragged.

    “That’s great!” Katara said. “Everybody, get on.” She commanded. They followed orders and jumped into the rock boat. Katara waved her hands around and slowly rowed the boat using waterbending.

    “We’re finally free…” Katara sighed.
  6. ashds

    ashds Law and Order: Unova

    I've said this before but... GREAT JOB. Blood bending? don't know that still continue with the stroy BTW the full moon making water bending stronger makes sences to me because the fact the moon contorls the sea's tide.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2009
  7. .Wind.

    .Wind. Banned

    Intresting, I was kind of shocked of the heroes bu, otherwise it's good.
  8. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Great chapter, Brando! There was some stuff that could be changed around. At some points, you could have used ;. Nothing major, though.
  9. Yellow Aura

    Yellow Aura Light of Hope

    I love this idea! Everything going oppisite from the movie! But did Aang really die? Great grammar, can't wait for the next chapter.
  10. sweet_piplup123

    sweet_piplup123 I lost the game?!?!

    Ohh...nice job!

    Eek...ever since I seen the episode bloodbending had always given me the creeps...

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