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The Pi-Kahuna (069)


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The Pi-Kahuna!

Still training on Seafoam Island, Ash decides to go Surfing...but when he gets a cramp and passes out, he meets Victor and his special Surfing Pikachu. They learn that Victor is intending to surf the biggest wave of all and plant his flag at the top of a huge rock. Can he do it?

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I like this episode 'cause Ash was hot when he was surfing. Oh, he was also bare-chested!!!!!!! HE'S A HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!
This was a good episode. The surfing was cool, as well as the huge wave. I wonder if that guy owns Box>.<?

Overall rating:
5.9 out of 10!
Sadly, not one of the best eppies, but still, it surpasses Johto.

SC~ out
Yeah, I thought that was interesting. Not to mention Puka's 'gift' for telling when huge waves would come.

SC~ out

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
I like Misty's jogging outfit better than her usual outfit.

Brock must have a favorite Basketball Team or he was in Basketball in High school.

Geodude's right, being able to see the charaters in different colthing was a nice. It's too bad they never did it in Johto and rarely in Hoenn.


Battle Factory Champion
If you had never seen this episode before, it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to work exactly what was going to happen - it's possibly the most predictible episode ever! Might I also comment on it's slight lack of realism, although give the writers credit for imagination.

I wasn't too keen on the fact that Victor gave his surfboard to two different people. How on earth are they going to reach the top of rock?! It seems they'll both have to be pretty skilled in order to keep the surfboard perfectly in balance :p
The Big Al said:
It's too bad they never did it in Johto and rarely in Hoenn.

They did change their outfits in Hoenn, nothing outrageous it has to be said, but both Ash and Brock now have baggier clothing than in Kanto and Johto. Brock actually has newer clothing altogether.
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Old Coot
I have to say, this episode is only great seeing it about one or two times. Then wait a long time (about a year or so) and then seeing it again. Unfortunately, this episode gets played to death by KidsWB and is rather boring after seeing it repeatedly. :\


Murgatroyd said:
For anyone who thought "Humunga Dunga" was a weird name for the wave, I've got something for you: the name from the Japanese episode.

"Big Tuesday"

No, seriously. They said it often enough that I couldn't possibly have misheard.

This is an old post,but I just read it today. Interesting that the wave was named "Big Tuesday". There is a Rocket Power episode on Nick titled "Big Thursday" about a giant wave and the surfer (The Rhino) who rides it.


Team Awesome
Puka's voice was really annoying, but otherwise this episode was okay. I liked the story of Victor trying to accomplish what his idol did so many years ago, and him finally achieving his goal.


Well-Known Member
Puka was kool with his gift but the plot was kinda boring. They could of had so much more in this epi, like Pika learning to surf. 5/10


Gmaster Charizardpal
This episode gets overplayed way too much and totally out or propotion. Especially amoung the Kanto episodes.

Ash's Pika Pal

some have to let go
This was a unique episode. Hmmm...The gang had a change of clothes,Ash almost dies twice in this episode, and Puka's special gift. Yeah,I would say this is a pretty unique episode.
I think it was a great episode. It's one of my all-time favorite "Pokemon" episodes. By the way, as I recall one of the scenes from that episode, ASH HAD MUSELES!!! He even looked really cool in those swiming trunks. For a 10 year old kid, he sure knows how to exersise! After all, he wants to be the greatest Pokemon master that's out there.


Master Coordinator
i loved the blue eyed pikachu!


Well-Known Member
A nice filler episode, I liked Pooka with his blue eyes and his ability to surf, and Misty in this episode is looking as pretty as ever in both her jogging suit and bikini.