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The Pi-Kahuna (069)

Princess Reina

Yeah, Pooka was a Pikachu who knew how to use the move SURF. Probably he is dead now or is deaf and blind because in the episode he was 20 years old already.


Don't die, ketchup!
I didn't really like this episode, although I enjoy when another Pikachu appears in the anime.


In my nightmares
This episode was pretty cool. The blue eyed Pikachu was pretty cute. This didn't have much to do with Pokemon but I liked it.


it was funny to see another pikachu in the episodes back then, this one had cool blue eyes i didn't expect that to be honest back then i thought they all had the same eyes:p

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
This was a good episode. The surfing was cool, as well as the huge wave. I wonder if that guy owns Box>.<?

Overall rating:
5.9 out of 10!
Sadly, not one of the best eppies, but still, it surpasses Johto.

SC~ out

I loved Johto, he had a great team, even if they did get shafted.

This wasn't one of the better episodes, but a surfing Pikachu was an interesting thing to see.


hysterical fan
Funny but impossible.

I mean, experience surfer go there every year to get the top of the rock.

And then, ash come and at the first try he win what nobody can do in many years.



Wow... Double Pikachu! I love this episode because a surfing Pikachu is introduced here. It reminds me of the Surfing Pikachu from the Yellow Version games, with vast similarities. Plus, I liked the way it's trainer uses it for surfing as well. It can help anyone who wants to try it out for the Yellow Version games.


Well-Known Member
I remember this episode very well. Although, I'm a little suprised that they called a tidal wave/tsunami the Humanga Dunga. Also, the Gyrados' in this episode were really cool.


kiss my greens
I totally loved Victor and Puka. Their coming together was so cute. They've got such a great bond, so it was so awesome to see them finally achieve their dream after all these years. One of my favorite Kanto episodes ever ^_^


mm, good filler.

the old Pikachu was strong and it has a great sense to the waves.


Rex Kamex

Well-Known Member
Funny but impossible.

I mean, experience surfer go there every year to get the top of the rock.

And then, ash come and at the first try he win what nobody can do in many years.


Ash wasn't the one that made it to the top of the rock... That other guy, Victor was...


Let's go to the beach, each.
Whats better than a Surfing Pikachu? i like this episode so much ^_^
i like the blind Pikachu its so cute

The Surfing Pikachu was BLIND?!

Anyway, great episode. Filler, but with an interesting twist; surfing.

Loved Victor and his Pikachu. They were old but they still surfed and tried to meet their goal of planting their flag on that rock.

The big tidal wave scene where Victor succeeds in his goal was so epic. 10/10


Flip me to the side!
Blind? i thought he had blue eyes xD.

I just noticed this episode existed, i wonder why i missed it? Nevermind, it was fun to watch the surfing Pikachu in anime, being my favorite event pokemon ever!


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My sister said "It's evolving into Pikablu!" when Puka got that blue outline. I had to remind her that Pikablu isn't a real Pokemon.


Man of Mystery
Surfing Pikachu, Old Pikachu, Alternate Outfits, Ash being good at stuff that takes people years to master XD, so much to love about this one. Great episode.


No longer posting
Good filler. It was cool that Victor finally achieved his dream. Amazing how old Pooka looks when it really is old, the blue eyes are really cool. Seeing a surfing Pikachu is always cool.



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Staff member
This was an interesting episode. It was neat to see Pokemon surfing on a surfboard. And I was glad that Victor managed to accomplish what he had being trying to do for so long. I thought it was cool that his Pikachu had blue eyes, but they were shaped strangely which made its face look weird. O__o


A surfing episode and it was amazing. I never caught the reason as to why Victor's Pikachu had blue eyes but it was certainly cool. Jan, I think that was his name, inspiring Victor was a great story and I lied the part where Victor gave the two kids a similar speech that they could also do what he did. A very great episode overall.


aka Lamia
I quite liked this episode. The 'humanga dunga' was a bad name, but it was nice to see someone conquering it after failing the first time. I really liked Victor's character, and I definitely loved Puka more than Pikachu. It was so much cuter with those blue eyes.
Why would Ash need to be running for Pokémon training...?