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The Pi-Kahuna (069)

Puka was an original idea, with his original appearance and his ability to sense waves. Victor helping and saving Ash was nice as well. Good to see him finally accomplishing his goal of placing his flag on the mountain. 9/10. This is an original episode, I like it.


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I absolutely loved this episode. The surfing pikachu's eyes always freaked me out. but i rewatched it alot of times.


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This was a good episode I love Misty's jogging clothes & bathing suit!! I'm also glad that Victor made his dream come true by putting the flag on top of the mountain.


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Strangely, they re-aired this episode uncountable times. I did like the other Pikachu and the whole surfing thing was a interesting stuff. But than again, it didn't add much to the plot other than some minuscule training Ash did.


little punks!
This is honestly one of my favorite episodes in the series- it's not about Pokemon battling at all but it doesn't have to be- it shows the bond between a surfer and his Pokemon, and his dream to accomplish his goal. Plus, almost nothing compares to the scene where Victor gets his flag atop the rock!


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This was great episode, I liked seeing Victor and his surfing Pikachu.
It's great how they achived their goal by putting the flag on the top of the mountain at the end.
Also, Misty was looking great in her jogging cloths and her yellow swimsuit.
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I didn't know Puka had blue eyes because he was blind...?

I thought maybe it's blue eyes were because of it's ability to sense when large waves are coming.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Upon watching this episode again, it's definitely my favorite filler from the pre-Indigo League arc. Seeing surfing in the anime was cool, as was learning about Victor's past; COTDs are rarely fleshed out as much as he was in my opinion. I was excited seeing Victor place his flag on the rock at the end; it was such a tense moment.


Man, Victor the surfer was cool as hell. I'm not one of those "who's Ash's dad" people, but I so wish Victor had been Ash's dad. :cool:

Mrs. Oreo

Hee hee I liked Ash's Charlie Brown shirt and the surfing scenes were cool, especially when Victor and Puka planted their flag on the rock. I felt bad for Team Rocket's fate tho. ^^;


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One of the best title puns in my opinion.


Even though Satoshi really should've focused his energy on doing some actual training, I didn't mind this episode's surfing theme, especially since Vincent and his Pikachu were so interesting. The tidal wave scene was quite terrific, and the Rocket-dan deserved to be surrounded by those Gyarados.

Mrs. Oreo

They deserved to get surrounded by Gyarados though since they were the ones who navigated their sub into their territory.

I just felt kind of bad for them given how vicious Gyarados are and Team Rocket had no way of escaping off of the rock out at sea. ^^;


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Omg, I loved Victor and Puka, though I'm not sure how Puka knew how to surf. But it was so awesome to see them finally achieve their dream after all these years when the tidal wave showed up. This is one of my favorite Kanto episodes ever.

Mrs. Oreo

Omg, I loved Victor and Puka, though I'm not sure how Puka knew how to surf.

Apparently Puka was based on the Surfing Pikachu mini game from Yellow version, so this episode was almost like a tribute to that feature. I didn't mind that however cuz I found the whole surfing theme of this episode to be alot of fun any ways. :]


I love this episode because a Surfing Pikachu (Puka) got introduced here. It reminded me of the Surfing Pikachu from the Yellow Version games, with vast similarities. Plus, I liked the way its trainer used it for sport surfing as well. What I'm wondering is if Puka was actually blind?