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The Picture Thread - 2.0

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Victorian Rush, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Coolio35

    Coolio35 Active Member

    This was my first Pokemon Real Life Event. The event was on the Sep.2005. I got there my first Event Pokemon Deoxy. Until now keep it in my Fire Red Version.

    This was me at the Pokemon Day 2013 in Munich. It was a Promotion Tour for Pokemon XY.

    Howdy folks. NZ Oct. 2018

    This was me at the Europapark May 2019. It was very fun and the best thing is that i didnt pay a entry fee, because my Company win many free tickets.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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  2. Playful Latios

    Playful Latios @Soul Dew

  3. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Eternally Pouty Staff Member Moderator


    I coloured my hair and I really just want to post this selfie everywhere because damn my hair look good.
  4. Fushiki

    Fushiki Golden Orchid

    I'm not too much into taking pictures of myself or at least I don't happen to do that quite often... Here's one I took before, however.
  5. FullFathomsFive

    FullFathomsFive Well-Known Member

    Because I'm a massive egotist, I commissioned a picture of myself at Hyper Japan a few weeks back. It's very flattering.

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  6. Hunter Zolomon

    Hunter Zolomon Into the Shadows Staff Member Moderator

    This summer I visited Lake Michigan. This is by far one of my favorite destinations. Lake Michigan is absolutely amazing.
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  7. SummerHaze

    SummerHaze Well-Known Member

  8. Reinhardt

    Reinhardt Well-Known Member

    My current Facebook profile pic; this was taken at a Transformers fan meet-up in Manchester a few months ago. [​IMG]
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  10. Playful Latios

    Playful Latios @Soul Dew

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