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The Picture Thread - Show off your good selfies here

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Josef Stylin

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The Picture Thread​

We're a society primarily founded on text, but technological advances of the last few years have given us the ability to boldly expand into a brand new universe: that of images! If you want us to know what you look like, link some of your pics in this thread. There are a few notes of import, though.

A good first step would be reading the SPPf and Misc rules.

Second, this thread is for pictures involving you. You and your pets, your friends, your garden, there's a lot for you to work with. Don't post some internet stock image as a hilarious joke. That's spam. Also, you need to be decently clothed. This thread isn't a Calvin Klein ad, and even if you are in fact a CK underwear model, you still need to be wearing your clothes in your pictures here. Nobody's going to ask you out, anyway.

Third, obey the Golden Rule. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. The lovechild of Gilbert Gottfried and Mister Ed could post his picture here, and saying something unpleasant (if honest) about his looks would still just color you as a jerk.

Click! Flash! Go!
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Aw crap, I didn't realize that was one of the deleted threads. Now how will I be able to stalk the people who posted in there? :(

Ze DreamGirl

Future Vaporeon

Ze DreamGirl

Future Vaporeon


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Wait, why did all those threads get deleted? It's annoying having been bumped back to Whitney.

I know what you mean. I've dumped back... quite a lot

Ze DreamGirl

Future Vaporeon
This is an awesome photo!!

This made me ROFL! I appreciate the numerous Dento references!

Yes, I call that the "Cilan mode"...saying "it's *something* time"...XD
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