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The Picture Thread - Show off your good selfies here

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Or not :/
Nope, no tattoo ^_^ Where do you see it?


Or not :/
Nah, that's part of the shirt collar.

PKMN Trainer Rex

~'3'~ Swalot face
Haha! Actually, my daughter just goes on and on about. "You need to have a baby sister named Zelda!" And we're like "Noooooo nooooo. We just had Link." And she's like "I want a baby sister named Zelda NOW!"

Hahaha! Kids are awesome.
And he's not even hot in that pic!! although it has been 4 years so idk lol

um yes i was and i still am

i mean i'm no roided out fuck like crussis but i'm still sexier and very hotter than 99% of u

including ellie

who is not hot at all


(also mad legit that some tool actually searched the forums to find out what i looked like 4 years ago grats on achi i guess)
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