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The Picture Thread - Show off your good selfies here

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Weird angle....demon face? Should be a trollface cuz i trolled...

Metagross Guy

ᴸ м f ᴬ σ.
I know you guys miss my sexy face :3


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Yeah back in Jr High(Middle school) I was a mere 150 lbs then. In fact... by weight... I was 1/2 the man I am today ;)


Est sularus oth mith
I'd like to go with I don't give people a reason to do so. But no, I don't often get hassled often.
That target would fit on the chest of a T Shirt and was shot at 60' with an H&K 40. Fun part was the first shot was the one by the ear. I have it on the back of my toolbox at work. Subtle aren't I!!!


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Been a while since I posted here.

Currently I'm doing an awesome internship with the Army Corps of Engineers in Atlanta Georgia.

Keep your dreams high, the hoes low. And always pack a DS with legit RNGed pokemon and a sandstorm team at the ready cause you never know when some punk *** wannabe is gonna challenge you, ;)

^Here's a pic of me and my co intern chilling next to the founder of Coca-cola. Coca-cola originated in Atlanta where they have a huge museum and supposedly the "secret recipe" hidden in it.

^Here's a pic of me in Downtown Atlanta. I look scared as shi# because there was a huge influx of oncoming traffic that could have possibly ended my highly super successful life.

^ Here's a picture of a big ***** alligator.

^ here's me chillin the fountains in Olympic Park (named so after Atlanta was the host city of the 1996 Olympics). That little round kid in the back actually almost took out my acl by running and slippin... that lil bastard.

^ Prior to this job I had to stay in Washington State for 8 days learning Bull molarchy CPR and Wilderness first aid (WFA). Im in the front.. not hard to spot. This was a pointless 8 day training of how to survive animal attacks and prepare yourself for backcountry wilderness. The fools didnt know I once killed a bear with a can of tuna and a suggestion.



^ But on the upside made some cool friends.

^ The nights you'll never remember. With the friends you'll never forget.

^ The nights you'll always remember. With the hoes who's name you wont care to remember.

Stay Classy Serebii.

Also, Really nice pictures Malanu.

EDIT: Ignore the attached photo, I dont know how to get rid of it, lol.


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Been a long time since I posted any pics.

But then again, probably no one here in misc knows who I am.
Oh well picture time, they're old ones though as I don't really take a camera with me if I'm going out or anything.

This one's at a dancing quite some time ago The music was good at first but suddenly they started playing a jumpstyle song. Which almost caused my ears to bleed. And there were also giant jellyfish on the ceiling there, no one believed me afterwards but there just were.

This two were at the birthday party of a friend.
First I was like this
But then I was like this

Trying to play guitar hero with my best buddy (she was way better at it than me. But then again she actually plays the guitar so maybe that has something to do with it, I was better at the drums though)

And me and her nuzzling in a pub Just because nuzzling is fun.
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