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The Picture Thread - Show off your good selfies here

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Xwisher Sweet


Steel-Clad Wonder
Extremely cool pants, Elice.
Kittykittykittykittykittykitty! <3


Xwisher Sweet
@ Catzeye - Thank you for your kind words.

@ Calamity & ChelloChello - I thought I was gonna recieve alot of negative feedback when I posted these, I expected such comments like, " Your a jerk, I hate you, and Why is my girlfirend in that pic." I thought posting troll would fit the occassion lol.

@ Elice_Carol - I am so bro, and nice cat lol.

(Sorry this looks like a cheap message I dont know how to multiquote...)

Some troll I am...
*kicks rock*


Fighting Type Prof.
This is my face. Yep.


I've lost some weight since then. I'm quite gaunt now. My doc was so worried that he's making me take these appitite stims...I've not been taking them.
Not open for further replies.