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The Pie Club

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Umbreon is best

Umbreon Trainer
Can I join I really love pie and my favorite is pizza if you people don't consider it pie than i will go with apple

Karma Dude

Uhhhhhh I like pies?
OMG a Pie club my dreams have been fulfilled...

I've got to join I absolutely love pies! I'd say my favorite pie is meat and potato they're yummy...

I've loved pies since I was little I'm an addict!
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Team Magma Captain
Im pretty sure he will let u in, where is the Owner? well lets see here it is pretty quiet tonight.......lol, well got to go check up on something.

p.s. i know he will let you join because we need new members!;)

Gaaradon Of The Dessert

<Salamence is green!
Yeah srry ppl, my cable got turned off becuase we dont have money ot pay the bill, which are more important so i have no internet, i can only get on about a half hour like twice a week at the library, and i start school wedsday so i wont be on my till i get my internet back, so im giving jaster permission to say if you can join or not from here on out. and i will addd you karma, welcome =)

Tabby Catty

Courtney loves Ruby
Hi! I'll join my favorite pie is keylime pie of course but any pie is excellent pecan pie comes in second though.

Naruto Uzumaki

Cascade Trainer
thanx i will follow the rules and how do i get the pie banner i like it?
hey Umbreon if you havn't found the link on the first page it's [*IMG]http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d26/skittygirl/pie.png[/IMG*] just take of both the * and you'll get it. Make sure to give credit to Hinata-Chan ok. She changed her from Lil_Skitty to it.


Shiny Master
OMG Liek, I'm joining! XD

Favorite pie = Chocolate Cream, since I fell in love with it after having the best slice at Sherie's. #2 fav is Pumpkin. ^________^

Oh, and I got a topic!

What kind of pie do you think they'll invent next?

Hm..Maybe cheese pie? XD Y'know, like Cheese Pot Pie. Or maybe if they haven't made a Pear pie, that'll be next...XD


Team Magma Captain
Welcome to the Pie Club, Tabby Catty, And Mina you are aloud to join, When the owner gets back, He will put you on the member list.


Shiny Master
Hmm, Grape and Pineapple...I never thought of those...XD

Gracias, Jaster. Has Gaaradon been on lately?
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