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The Pirates of Decolore! (790)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Black & White - Adventures in Unova' started by Serebii, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    The Pirate King of the Decolora Archipelago!

    While heading to the next island, Team Rocket concoct a plan to steal all the food from the ferry's store room. However, before they get a chance, various Water-type Pokémon appear and steal the food before them, taking it off the ferry. Ash & Co. hear the alarm and rush to help, only to find the getaway raft and watch the Pokémon get away with the food. After hearing about the acts that these pirate Pokémon partake within, Ash decides to try and stop them, with Charizard, Snivy & Pignite attempting to make them see the errors of the ways. Will they succeed?

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  2. playerking

    playerking Sick of dealing with idiots.

    The episode starts with Ash and co. on one of the ships.

    Parker hands Ash and co. some glasses of juice. Snivy is with the group.

    Octillery and Croconaw come out from under the water and Octillery climbs up the ship.

    Pikachu, Axew(I think) and Pignite are playing on the ship with a ball.

    Octillery slams Pignite and walks off. Croconaw and Azumarill are on the ship.

    Team Rocket sneaks into the closet which has the luxury foods and attempt to steal them, but the pirates attack them.

    The security alarm goes off and Parker mentions the pirates, who soon run past Ash and co., before attacking them.

    They then attack Team Rocket as well.

    The pirates start unloading the food onto a raft that Ducklett brought over to them.

    The pirates get on the raft and leave the ship.

    Oshawott comes out and chases after them. He lands on the raft, surrounded by the pirates.

    Octillery inks Oshawott and then Oshawott goes back in his Pokeball.

    Charizard comes out and then chases after them.

    Team Rocket are on their Basculin submarine, exhausted, but they eventually go in and follow the pirates.

    Meowth is on the raft with the pirates.

    Iris finishes cleaning off the ink on Oshawott's's face.

    Dare Da? Octillery.

    Ash and co. arrive on land and talk to Officer Jenny. They mention Croconaw and the others.

    Pikachu does an impression of Azumarill.

    Officer Jenny tells them about the other times they have stollen.

    The pirates make it to an island and then they head into a cave.

    Meowth is near them, behind a rock, spying on them. Ducklett them spots him.

    Charizard reports back and Ash and co. leave with Officer Jenny on a police speedboat.

    Meowth is surrounded by the pirates and tries talking with them.

    Ash and co. arrive and do the same thing.

    Croconaw has a flashback to a guy yelling at him and abandoning him.

    A girl did the same to Azumarill, a guy did the same to Octillery and then a guy did the same to Ducklett.

    Meowth is crying.

    Ash has battle with the Croconaw and Azumarill, with Jenny being the judge.

    Ash uses Pignite and Snivy.

    And Ash wins the match.

    Team Rocket then announce their presence.

    Woobat and Yamask are brought out.

    Snivy uses Leaf Storm and Pignite uses Fire Pledge or whatever it is called.

    Team Rocket then blast off.

    The winds are getting strong and some Darumaka on floaty raft thing are rocking from the waves.

    The pirates volunteer to save them and then they do.

    The Darumaka return to a boy and girl who are grateful.

    The pirates are with Jenny on her speedboat and Ash and co. say goodbye to them.

    The end.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2013
  3. WaterShuriken

    WaterShuriken Well-Known Member

    I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.

    The parts that I enjoyed were:
    a) Meowth translating for every Pokémon and when Snivy challenged Crcoconaw, Meowth stated it wasn't him but Snivy who said that.
    b) The battle was pretty good. This is the second double battle in BW. That's sad however.

    I am so glad Ash didn't have Palpitoad here. This could have been an even more of a Squirtle Squad clone.
  4. yuoke

    yuoke Treasure huntin'

    Charizard literally is not completely just an unfezant replacement as a sky search.
  5. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    Soo.. Apparently, lots of discussion in the spoilers section leads to minimal discussion of the episode after it airs. Conclusion: Only a bare few actually watch the episode anymore.

    Wow, Charizard being useful again I see.. -.-
    Team Rocket in their Basculin Submarine? Where do they keep that thing when they're sneaking in the luxury cabinet?
    Iris cleaning ink of faces.. Taking Misty's role now aren't ya?
    Charizard being succesful in impersonating regional birds, blabla..
    Pirates = Squirtle Squad = Boohoo!

    Double battle against wild pokemon.. Who actually gives a crap? Ash regressed in the league, hasn't won ANYTHING (Marine Cup my butt) in the entire series, and has become stale, so am I supposed to be jumping for joy that two starters managed to beat a wild Croconaw and Azumarill? Honestly? Is this what Best Wishes is throwing at us? Hooray!! Ash can beat two wild pokemon at once! Jump to the sky, he's such a great trainer this series!!!

    Uhm.. Formally, yes, but..:
    - Ash vs. Tepig's former trainer: Double Battle
    - Ash vs. Maractus dude: Triple Battle, one ups a Double Battle, although it wasn't finished.
    - Ash and Cilan vs. Bianca and Juniper: Tag Battle, but who cares about the difference? It's two on two.
    - Ash and Cilan vs. Sky and earth-brothers: Tag Battle, but who really cares about the distinction? It's two on two.

    Probably couldn't have enjoyed this. The only thing that I didn't see coming was that Oshawott was retrieved immediately, instead of being the one to lead the group back to the Pirates, which in this case turned out to be Charizard. Which is just a pathetic use of Charizard.

    5/10 for okay animation and redundant plot and a won battle for Ash.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2013
  6. WaterShuriken

    WaterShuriken Well-Known Member

    Triple Battle doesn't "one up" a Double Battle.
    Double Battles and Tag Battles are clearly different enough to separate them.
  7. p96822

    p96822 Evolve me please

    yay charazard is here! that's awesome to me!
  8. Alfred the Second

    Alfred the Second Dracoflare

    Now that the episode is over and playerking has provided us with his commentary, I would like to provide you with a decent summary. The interesting part of this summary being? Myriada.

    The episode starts on the deck of the boat, as Pikachu, Axew and Pignite toss around a ball happily between themselves, with Ash, Iris and Cilan watching on. But while the group enjoy some refreshments, there are others with more sinister plans watching the water's surface...
    As mentioned in the thread, the OP has been updated to add Ordinary Rotom above Bulbasaur in the Oak Laboratory shot, and to the left of Professor Oak in the final shot.

    Part 1 starts with Pignite failing to hit the ball, and it rolling away. Pignite goes off to bring the ball back, and is shocked to find an Octillery clinging to railings on the boat, which then jumps onto his face, throwing a rope overboard. Croconaw and Azumarill grab onto the rope, and Octillery winds it back in, then the three all rush off.
    In the boat's pantry, Team Rocket jump out of a ventilation shaft in the ceiling, and set about stealing food, loading a trolley up with boxes of it.
    As they try to leave, however, they're met with the three Pokemon pirates, who snatch the trolley from them, knocking a pile of boxes down onto them in the process.
    The pirates leave the pantry and rampage round the ship, looking for an exit. Pikachu and Snivy, followed by the rest of the group and Parker follow, but the pirates are surprised by two Sailors, and in their panic turn the trolley around and charge at the group with it, narrowly missing them as they stick close to the walls. With another round of attacks, the pirates are gone.
    Team Rocket aren't giving up on their loot so easily however, and chase the pirates to a passageway on the side of the boat, but once again they're attacked, and one swipe of Azumarill's tail knocks them all overboard.
    The pirates set about throwing over the boxes of food to a raft that another pirate, Ducklett, has waiting beside the boat, then start to jump off themselves, when Ash and friends catch up with them.
    Parker shoves the group out of the way to avoid their attacks, and the rest of the pirates jump onto the raft too, and start getting away as Azumarill waves goodbye.
    Ash isn't about to give up, however, and when Oshawott pops out, Ash tells him to jump ship. Oshawott swims and swims, as fast as he can, and eventually catches up, leaping onto the raft... where he realises he's outnumbered and outgunned by the four powerful pirates... or not.
    However, Octillery sprays ink in his face, blinding him, so he Returns himself into Ash's backpack.
    The pirates seem like they are about to get away, but Ash still has another trump card - Charizard, who he tasks with following them.
    Jessie and James have managed to drift to the Basculin submarine, where they realise Meowth is missing after getting no response, and get in and pedal away.
    But where is Meowth? He has his claws embedded into the side of the raft as it speeds along, hiding from the Pokemon pirates.
    Everyone on the boat is upset that the pirates got away, as Iris wipes the last remnants of the ink off Oshawott, but they're not going to give up.

    Who's That Pokemon? It's Octillery!

    Part 2 begins with the boat docked, as the group report the crime to Officer Jenny, with Pikachu providing impressions to show her what the culprits looked like.
    But she tells the group that they're not the only ones with stolen food. Recently fishermen, barbequers and farmers have had food taken from them as well.
    On another nearby island, the raft enters a canal leading to a hidden bay, which holds the pirates' base.
    The pirates unload the boxes and take them to a nearby cave, while Meowth spies what happens from behind a rock near the raft, until he's spotted by Ducklett!
    Ducklett calls the others, and they grab Meowth, catching their spy. But unbenownst to the pirates or Meowth, there was another spy behind in a tree behind Meowth - Charizard!
    Having found the pirates' base, Charizard flies off and meets up with Ash, having the group follow him to the base in Jenny's police boat.
    At the base, Meowth is being interrogated by the pirates, but when they look away to see Ash recalling Charizard, having reached the bay, Meowth takes his chance and runs away from them.
    Jenny and Ash's group try to get the Pokemon pirates to give up pirating, because pirating is wrong, but with Meowth's help for translation, they explain to them that they don't trust humans for various reasons, as their trainers all abandoned them.
    But at this, Pignite step up, saying he was abandoned by his trainer too. And Snivy? Well she just didn't care for hers.
    A battle is decided between the abandoned Pokemon, Snivy & Pignite VS Croconaw & Azumarill, with Jenny as judge.
    The pirates start strong, with Ash's Pokemon barely dodging attacks, and their attacks not doing much, until Pignite uses Flamethrower, which makes both Croconaw and Azurill run away in panic.
    Another round of Flamethrower, and sure enough, Azumarill is having trouble standing. Croconaw tries to fight on for both their sakes, but with one Fire Pledge, Pignite easily wins.
    It seems Oshawott popped out sometime again, as he's seen dancing with Pikachu.
    With the battle decided, Ash asks them once again, but Team Rocket butt in and interrupt, attacking with Woobat and Yammask. But again, with Fire Pledge, Pignite sends them blasting off.
    However another threat was lurking literally on the horizon, as in less than ten seconds the sky is full of rainclouds, as the sea starts to get rough, and an inflatable boat full of Darumakka is spotted getting thrown about by the waves.
    The group wonder what to do, but Croconaw steps up and has them leave it to the former Pokemon pirates, to show their new non-pirate-ness.
    They rush out and grab the boat, but a big wave grabs the boat and tosses it into the air!
    The pirates work together with their water guns to stabilise the boat in midair, and bring it carefully back to shore.
    After leaving the bay, they find the owners of the Darumakka, and hand them back to them, thanking the group... but Ash steps up and tells them to thank the pirates instead, and the pirates are embarrassed.
    As the episode ends, everyone bids the local Jenny and the pirates farewell, as they sail with Jenny in her police boat, having decided to help rescue instead of pirating.

    My overall opinion on this episode? It's Decent...but still it's pointless. If it had aired around the point when Pignite newly evolved, it would have served as a good character development.

    A good episode but a pointless one nonetheless!
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2013
  9. gohan5

    gohan5 Irisboy

    Yeah pretty much. Not saying the spoilers are a bad thing, but when people keep throwing them in your face this is what happens, nobody has to watch anymore. Not much else to say really.

    Seems moot at this point, we already know what happened.

    What's left to say? All of it's been done in the "speculation" thread.
  10. Alfred the Second

    Alfred the Second Dracoflare

    Agreed but still watching an episode is entirely different from reading it. (At this point, I badly want to start a novelization of the anime as it is, but it seems pointless for these fillers. I'll try once XY starts I guess :3) There's a general decline in Episode Discussion right since the league ended, so we can't put the blame completely on the spoilers :eek:

    How good a episode is can be better discussed only if you watch it. Let's hope that more people will post in due time.
  11. yuoke

    yuoke Treasure huntin'

    I think more people will post the next two weeks, with the episodes both actually having more relevance to the main characters again. Sayonara is guaranteed to.
  12. p96822

    p96822 Evolve me please

    iris and snivy hangs out alot lately
  13. Matsuyamakun

    Matsuyamakun Well-Known Member

    It could be fun to watch these episodes at the beginning of BW.After watching terrible Unova League, these wins are just useless to me.

    I didn't like Team Rocket flying off.Poor Snivy didn't learn a new move since Ash caught her, but still it wasn't a bad episode.These episodes should have been before the Unova League.
  14. Almighty Zard

    Almighty Zard He has returned.

    lately? how often have we actually seen Snivy in this arc?

    Just cause Iris is holding it doesn't mean much, we've seen pokemon interact with other trainers in the group.
  15. p96822

    p96822 Evolve me please

    Did Oshawott send himself back in the poke ball?
  16. p96822

    p96822 Evolve me please

    Did Oshawott send himself back in the poke ball?
  17. Pepsi_Plunge

    Pepsi_Plunge Dojyaaa~~aan

    Who do you wantr him to send flying to look for a pokemon from his current team? Krokoodile? I don't believe his Aerial Ace would be good enough to help him with that if you know what I mean.

    Anyway couldn't watch it live but I had a summary already which made the episode seem fun and looking at the pictures yeah it seemed like a good episode, ill watch it later.
  18. jrizza88

    jrizza88 Meteorite

    Yes for my girl Snivy being a boss this episode. She received no damage and pretty much slayed. Anyway, I actually rate this a 8/10. Much better than the last episode. I enjoyed the double battle, and now wish I could see another one of Pignite and Snivy, and have it be a Snivy evolution episode. They can have flash backs of how she helped him win and regain his confidence, and they can do it again. ( I know this probably won't happen).

    I kind of wish they just did a triple battle, and included Oshawott in it against Octillery.
  19. Joltik-Kid

    Joltik-Kid Same thing, day in;day out ಠ_ಠ

    Basically a so-so episode... Cool to see Snivy again
  20. diakyu

    diakyu Well-Known Member

    It totally caught me off guard when Ash recalled Charizard from the boat. It looked like he was shooting a laser at nothing since charizard wasn't seen. The range for returning a Pokemon in a Pokeball must be huge.

    And lord have mercy Pignite was destroying everything this ep.

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