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The place were at (Pokeshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by foxkitty, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. foxkitty

    foxkitty Gilmore Girls lover

    Rating: PG and mabye sometimes PG-13

    “Hello” A voice asked as a picture of a girl popped into view. Her long blond hair was in a sloppy ponytail that rested on her right shoulder. Her Blue pajamas pants stuck to her thin legs and her blue top hug a little loose.

    “Misty” The girl cried.

    “Hi Daisy” Misty said with a smile.

    “I’ll go wake up Violet and” Daisy began.

    “No don’t let them sleep” Misty said interrupting her sister.

    “Okay, Oh Misty, can I ask you a big favor” Daisy asked?

    “Sure, what” Misty asked sweetly?

    “Will you come home to Cerulean to watch the gym” Daisy asked hopefully?

    “But I was going to go back to Pallet Town with” Misty began.

    “With ash and Brock, yes I know, but we need you here Mist” Daisy said Cutting into Misty’s sentence

    “Why do you need me to watch the gym, aren’t you guys going to be there” Misty asked?

    “Your sisters and I are going on a cruise and we need someone to watch the gym, please Misty, we have no where else to turn to” Daisy asked pleading.

    “Okay, Okay, I’ll come home” Misty said with a sigh.

    “Yay thank you so much” Daisy said happily “Where are you?”

    I’m in the city next to Cerulean” Misty said.

    “Oh so your close” Daisy said with a smile planted on her lips.

    “Yeah see you in about a day, say hi to Violet and Lily for me” Misty said.

    “Okay I will, bye sis, see you later” Daisy said and then the screen went black.

    “Pika, Po” Something said.

    Misty turned around just in time for ash’s Pikachu to jump right into her arms.

    “Is that you’re Pikachu” An angry out of breath voice asked?

    “Misty flinched a little and then looked up cradling Pikachu in her arms.
    “No he’s a friend’s” Misty said.

    “Well tell your friend to keep that Pikachu out of the kitchen” The voice said booming aging and waving a wooden spoon in his hand.

    He was a middle aged man. The top of his black hair was covered by a white Chef’s hat. Hid green short sleeve shirt and raggedy old blue jeans that looked like they hardly fit him were covered up by a white apron that had spots of orange and yellow spots, that came from who knows what. He was a little chunky and a scowl was playing on his lips. He’s Brown eyes stared angrily at Pikachu.

    “Uh...Yes...Sir” Misty said tickling Pikachu on his stomach.

    “Pika, pi, pika” He cried out in a giggling voice.

    The man stomped away mumbling to himself.

    ”Pikachu does Brock and Ash know your gone” Misty asked him?

    “Pika, Pi” Pikachu said in a low voice.

    Misty got up and walked the way the chef did and then stopped at the second door on the left. She moved Pikachu to her left arm and then knocked with her right hand.

    Brock answered the door, he was already dressed but he’s short dark hair was standing ever witch way. Misty held in her laughter and then swallowed it.

    “Pikachu, Ash, Misty found Pikachu” Brock yelled turning away from misty and looking into the room Ash and him shared.

    All of a sudden a pile of clothes that was on the ground moved and out popped ash’s head.

    “Thank you Misty” Ash said getting out of the pile of clothes and taking Pikachu from Misty’s hands.

    “Piiii” Pikachu said with a screech and hugging ash as tight a he could.

    Come on in Mist” Ash said hugging Pikachu and sitting on his bed.

    Misty walked in and leaned against the wall that was next to the door.

    “Oh yeah, Pikachu can’t go back in the kitchen, isn’t that right” Misty asked the squealing yellow mouse?

    “Pi” Pikachu said sadly looking down at the clothed on the floor.

    “It’s okay Pikachu you didn’t mean to” Misty said sweetly.

    “Pi” Pikachu said happily again.

    “Oh yeah, guys I know I promised to go back to Pallet Town but my sisters….need me back home” Misty said quickly and softly.

    “But Mist” Ash began.

    “I’m sorry, I said I would” Misty said interrupting him.

    Without Misty knowing it, ash had gotten up.

    “I’m coming with you” ash said.

    “But what about your mom, you said your go back home” Misty asked him a little startled by his reaction.

    “She’ll understand” Ash said.

    Then it hit Misty. “Maybe he does love me” Misty thought. But then she pushed that thought to the side. “He doesn’t he made that crystal clear, the night he became Champion” Misty thought to herself.

    “ty” Brock was saying but she only heard the last two letters of the last word.

    “Huh” Misty asked him?

    “Are you okay” Ash asked?

    “Yeah, I’m fine” Misty said.

    “Okay, I’m going back to the gym with you” Ahs said with a smile.

    “Don’t think you have to ash, because you don’t” Misty said.

    “But I went to” Ash said.

    “Okay” Misty said caving in.

    “I’ll go back home too” Brock said.

    “Let’s get going then” Misty said.

    They all thanked Nurse Joy and walked on to Cerulean

    A day later….

    The sun shined in the crakes of the closed windows in the pokecenter. It fell across Misty’s face and blinded her. She turned on her side to escape it, but she couldn’t so she got up, brushed her hair and put it up. She sat against the door and waited for the guys to wake up. Ash woke up first then Brock did.

    They walked to the front desk and got their pokemon back.

    “Thanks Nurse Joy” Ash said.

    “Misty let me go” Brock said trying to break free of her grip on his ear.

    “No way” Misty said holding on to his ear and pulling him away from Nurse Joy.

    Ash joined them and Brock stopped fussing.

    Well see you guys later” Brock said. “I’ll come and visit sometimes and I’ll maybe even bring my brothers and sisters”.

    Misty and Brocks hugged and Brock walked over to Ash.

    “You’re the best man” Ash said as they high fives each other.

    Ash and Misty waved until Brock was out of sight. Then they walked to the gym. When they got in, Misty yells “Daisy, Lily Violet”. And out of nowhere they appear and ran over to them.

    “Misty” Lily said hugging her.

    “Thank you so much for doing this” Violet said.

    “Oh, hi Ash” Daisy said as if she just seen him.

    “Hi” Ash said.

    “Well we’ve got to go” Daisy said hugging Misty.

    They said their good-byes and walked out.

    “I got to go feed the pokemon” Misty said.

    “I’ll he” Ash began to say but was stopped by Misty putting up her hand and walking away into another room.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2008
  2. psyduck101

    psyduck101 It's coming...


    Yeah, i'll give it a 8/10 because...

    2) You typed it rarther fast and spelt a few words wrong (You spelt Ash, Ahs)
    3) Ash is a noun and therefore should be spelt with a capital letter!
    4) Gr8 story so far - i'm SUBSCRIBING!!!!

    Can't wait 4 the next chapter!!!
  3. foxkitty

    foxkitty Gilmore Girls lover

    ^^ thanks so much. I'm glad you like it. I might have chapter 2 posted monday if i can get on. Oh thank you, i'll be more careful with my writing.
  4. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    True, the typing was a bit off and you did have run ons and spaces where you could have used commas and stuff but you said you'd be careful with your writing and that's good!!!! All in all this was an AWESOME first chapter-I can't wait to read the rest of the story(and the next chapter of course lol)!!!!! Great job though twinney :D
  5. foxkitty

    foxkitty Gilmore Girls lover

    ^^ thanks twinny *hugs*. Yeah i'll be extra careful reading chapter 2.

    Sorry for double posting but i have chapter 2 done:
    Chapter 2
    She walked into a room that had a huge poll in the middle of it. The walls were a shimmer light blue and the floor was all tile. She walked over to a wooden cabinet. Then opened it and pulled out a can of pokemon food. Misty walked to the edge of the pool, where food bowls were in front of the pool. Misty filled them up. The first to come out of the water was a Kularoo (Ku-le-roo). It has a small blue head, and has long blue legs that look like they don’t belong to her and she has a big blue fluffy tail.

    “Kularoo” She chirped.

    “Aww, cutie” Misty said in awe.

    Then a dewgong jumped out of the crisp water and started to eat. A horsea popped her head out to try and reach the 3rd bowl, but couldn’t. Misty pushed it softly to her. She neighed in reply thanking her and started to eat. A Shellder jumped up and stared at Misty for a few minutes, then started to eat.
    When Misty was watching the Shellder a Gyrados came out with a roar. And misty started screaming at the top of her lungs.

    “What” Ash asked running into the room?

    He looked at the end of the pool and seen a Gyrados half on land half in the pool, eating.

    “Misty it wouldn’t hurt you” Ash said softly.

    “I almost was when I was 2” Misty said trembling, her back against the wall.

    “What” ash asked?

    “Gagobogalolaga” two year-old Misty sang as she walked to the edge of the pool.

    At the edge of the pool was a Gyrados sleeping with he’s head out of the water laying on the tile flooring and he’s mouth wide open. 2 year-old Misty crawled into his mouth and sang while going. The Gyrados was woken up by her singing. Misty was in the back of his mouth looking down his throat. The Gyrados then spit her out. Misty rolled right into her three sisters’ legs and looked up at them.

    “Wow” Ash said.

    Misty had gotten up and pushed past ash.

    “Misty, what’s the matter, why wouldn’t you talk to me” ash said running trying to catch up with her?

    Misty stopped and then turned around with her arms folded on her chest. “You know, why Ash Ketchum” She said almost yelling.

    Ash was stunned; she hadn’t used his full name since the bike thing. “No, I don’t” he said and sat down staring at the title floor.

    Pika, Pi” Pikachu asked walking up to he’s trainer?

    “I don’t know either Pikachu” Ash hugging his yellow pokemon and friend.

    “Pika” Pikachu said hugging ash back.

    “Stupid Ash pretending not to know” Misty said angrily as she opened up the door to her old room.

    It has yellowish walls. On the left was her bed, with three fluffy pillows on the top and an old blanket on it. On the floor was all of her hand me down dolls. In the right corner has a little wooden chair.
    Misty sat on her bed, as she sat down a loud screech pierced the silent air. Misty almost jumped when she heard a knock on her door.

    “Go away Ash” Misty yelled.

    “Not until I know what I did” Ash yelled back!

    “You know what you did” Misty yelled again.

    “No, I don’t” Ash yelled back.

    “Yes, you do just leave me alone” Misty yelled.

    “No, I don’t, Misty please just tell me” Ash said quietly as if people were around him.

    “You know, now leave me be” Misty said choking up.

    “Fine” Ash said finally.

    When Misty heard Ash’s steps disappearing she busted out crying. She buried her face in her soft pink top pillow.
    Ever second or so she put her head out to take a breath and put it back in the pillow.
    Then she heard pawing at her door.

    “Nice try ash” Misty said sitting up.

    “Pika, Pi” A voice called from behind the door.

    “Kula” Another voice called.

    Misty got up and opened up the door a little. Sure enough it was Pikachu and Kularoo. They ran in and jumped on her bed.

    “Hi guys” Misty said closing the door and sitting next to them.

    “Kula, Kuroo” Kularoo said to Pikachu.

    “Pi, Pika, Pi” Pikachu said back to Kularoo.

    Then they turned to Misty. The Kurlaroo jumped on her left leg and Pikachu jumped on her right leg. Before they could say anything the doorbell rung.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 28, 2006
  6. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    Another great chapter and you did do better on the writing :) !!!!!
    *I think you can double post but only if you're putting up a next chapter so i think it's fine to do that!!
  7. foxkitty

    foxkitty Gilmore Girls lover

    ^^ thanks. I said i would try and do better and i did.
    (Okay, i wasn't sure so i just said sorry just in case)
  8. foxkitty

    foxkitty Gilmore Girls lover

    Sorry to DP but i'v got the NC. Enjoy:

    Chapter 3
    Misty carefully toke Pikachu and Kurlaroo off her leg and on her bed. She got of dusted off her yellow shorts and walked to answer the door.

    When she answered the door a boy about 5’8 was standing there. He had short dark blue hair that sometimes slapped him in the face when the wind picked it up. He was wearing a blue long sleeves sweatshirt, ripped jeans and black and white tennis shoes

    “Hello, can I help you” misty asked?

    “I’m here to battle the gym leader” The boy replied.

    “Well, your looking at her” Misty said smiling, she hadn’t been in a battle in awhile.

    “Cool, I’m Brandon” The boy called “Brandon” said reaching out his hand.

    “Nice to meet you, I’m Misty” Misty said slipping her hand in his and them shaking hands.

    Misty lead Brandon to A big room. The walls were an icy blue. The floor was in tile but as you looked across the title was a huge swimming pool. Its Waters looked so peaceful as if they had never been touched before. About 15 brown rocks stuck out of the water, they were small, medium and big. They were for trainers that called a pokemon that needed to stand on solid ground to the battle. Misty looked over to see Brandon’s reaction. He’s eyes looked like they would pop out, he’s mouth was wide open. Misty just laughed to herself.

    They both toke their places at the two sides of the pool that was going up and down.

    “Okay, the challenger that’s you, can switch pokemon turning battle but the gym leader can’t switch pokemon, only if one is defeated” misty said. “Also this will be a three VS three match”.

    “Okay, come on out Char” Brandon said throwing a red and white pokeball into the air. In a red flash and reddish orange lizard came out. The Lizard stood on it’s hind legs and it’s tail which at the end of it was a red and orange flame swished from side to side.

    “Come on out Starmie” Misty said also throwing a re and white pokeball in the air. In a red flash of light a purple starfish like thing jumped in the water of the pool. This made ripples in the water causing some of the water to splash of the side of the rock Char was on making Char jump a little. Starmie also had a kind of glass looking star in the middle of it.

    “Let the battle begin” Misty said.

    “You first Brandon” Misty said.

    Brandon couldn’t get his mouth to open and once he did nothing came out, like he had lost his voice.

    “Okay, I’ll go. Starmie use confused ray” Misty said.
    Starmie bended down a little and the room got a little bit darker and colorful rays came from Starmie and went to Char.

    “Char. Char, dive” Brandon said remembering his voice and too scared to think straight.

    Before Brandon could stop Char from jumping in the water it did as it was told and jumped in.
    “Brandon,” Misty said shamefully. “Starmie use swift.”

    Starmie quickly dived under water and swiftly swarm to were Char was. Charm had his eyes shut and his little hands over his tail. Starmie quickly swifter it making it black out and she pushed Char to the surface and back to it’s trainer.

    “Char” Brandon screamed in relief and ran over to his fallen pokemon. He picked him up and returned him to his pokeball.

    “Come on out Pidge” Brandon said as he put Char’s pokeball away and throw another one.

    “You go first now” Misty said sweetly.

    “Okay, Pidge use fly” Brandon said.

    The light brown and white bird chirped loudly and happily obeyed its master. Pidge opened its wings and flew up almost to the ceiling.

    “Okay Starmie use recover” misty said.

    As she said this Starmie started to glow, Brandon toke this as a change to get it.

    “Pidge use fly before it’s done with Recover” Brandon said cuffing his hands over his mouth to increases the volume of his voice.

    “Pidge” Pidge chirped as it flew down towards Starmie at an awesome speed.

    “Starmie swift” Misty said quickly.

    Starmie quickly finished Recover and turned to face the speeding Pidgey, when Pidge was close enough Starmie used swift. White starts came out of nowhere and blasted Pidge in its beak, both wings and its tail. The Pidge let out a ear piercing chirp and fell on a rock right next to Starmie.

    “Uh, um, Return Pidge” Brandon said holding up Pidge’s ball. In a flash of red light Pidge was gone. “Good try Pidge” Brandon said putting Pidge’s pokeball back and trying to grab another but he got nothing.

    Brandon’s face got red and he was searching for another pokeball in his bookbag. Misty sighed and returned Starmie.
  9. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    thats a good chapter but I kinda don't get how it fits together.......what happened to Ash??!! but I'm pretty sure you'll clear it up later on :) but you atre still a good writer and the chapter was still great so keep it up!! :D (sorry it took me so long to review :( )
  10. foxkitty

    foxkitty Gilmore Girls lover

    ( aww it's fine twiny *hugs*) lol, nothing happened to ash i just didn't put him in this chap but his back in the next chap. Aww thank you twiny.
  11. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    oh, ok makes sense!!! :D Can't wait!!
  12. foxkitty

    foxkitty Gilmore Girls lover

    P.S Sorry in Advance if a reader is both POkeshipping and whatever MelodyxAsh is called.
    Chapter 4

    "Brandon, you did something no trainer should ever do" Misty said walking over to him.

    "Yeah and what's that" Brandon asked pulling his head out of his bag?

    "You got--" Misty started.

    "But you got scared, no trainer should ever react because of getting scared" Ash said coming out of the shadow of a corner where he had been hiding since the battle began.

    "Y-Yeah, like A--A-Ash said, you told your char to dive in the water because you were scared for his life and the battle, and because Char loves and obeys you, he listened and jumped in" Misty said keeping an eye on ash who was walking over to them.

    "I bet, if you go back out and train the next time you come back your be able to bet Misty" Ash said walking over to them.

    "Yeah, bye Misty, bye Mystery man" Brandon said running out the door waving to them.

    "Misty, please just talk to me" Ash said when Misty had taken a step to the hallway.

    "There is nothing to talk about" Misty said glancing back and starting to walk again.

    "Mist, yes there is please tell me" Ash said grabbing Mistys hands.

    "There isn't" Misty said trying to get her hands free.

    Ash pulled her closer and let go of her hands.

    "Please" Ash whispered in her ear.

    "Oh well after you became champion I was looking for you but when I found you, you were kissing Melody" Misty said whispering 'you were kissing Melody' as if someone was in the gym and she didn't want them to know.

    But ash know that nobody was here expect them. Brandon had ran out to train leaving them to talk making it only them here.

    "Mist, I didn't kiss her, I was looking for you, she came over and kissed me. I guess when you walked away was when I pushed her off me and told her never to kiss me again. I started looking for you and couldn't find you. Mist I love you" Ash said tilting his head alittle so that his black hair covered everything on his face but his chin.

    "R-R-Rea-a--lly" Misty asked knowing that her voice was creaking?

    "Yes" Ash said taking up her hands again.

    "Ash--I-I- don't know what to say" Misty said knowing er face was getting red.

    "All, I want to hea is that you love me" Ash said.

    "As-ash of course I love you" Misty said.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2006
  13. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    Awwwww, very cute^_____________________^ there were still some gramatical errors but very nice, also it shoud have been a bit longer but none the less very good!! ;)
  14. ash ketchum

    ash ketchum Active Member

    i agree comletely im lovin this story and apart from a few mispelt words this is a vry good story. look in forward 2 nxt chapter.;025;
  15. foxkitty

    foxkitty Gilmore Girls lover

    ^^ why thank you. I'm alitle busy right no but I'll work on it later.
  16. ash ketchum

    ash ketchum Active Member

    like i said i can w8 4 the next chap PM me when its up plz ;025;
  17. foxkitty

    foxkitty Gilmore Girls lover

    ^^ SUre, I'll pm you wen I post it.
  18. qwerqwer

    qwerqwer Well-Known Member

    nice. Good to have a pokeshipping fic around here. for future reference, battles usually take three pokemon, not too. You also need to work a lot on mechanical errors. proofreading helps a lot, especially if you have a friend do it with you. work on more detail and lenth.
  19. foxkitty

    foxkitty Gilmore Girls lover

    ^^ thanks. I'll try harder on the next chapter and get it checked a few times.
  20. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Too fast and they said 'I love you' already.
    I mean...look at this

    Misty and Ash goes to gym->they talk->Misty battle->Ash and Misty say 'I love you'

    Plus, it has many grammer mistakes and you forgot to make Captal Letters of their names...not to mention Ash is a bit OOC...
    But oh well, it was sweet...and mushy! I...love it at the end. I keep on reading the the part when they say 'I love you' XD
    Nice story and can't wait for next chapter! Wonder what is going on in the next chapter...
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2006

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