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The Pokémon Battle Trozei Questions Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by Lord Fighting, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. Lord Fighting

    Lord Fighting Bank Ball Collector

    The Pokémon Battle Trozei Questions Thread

    This is a thread dedicated solely to questions regarding the new Pokémon Battle Trozei game which has recently come out on the E-shop.

    The thread is similar to the Pokemon questions thread but this time specifically for the new Pokemon Trozei game because it will allow people to get answers quicker and from people who have actually played the game because I have found that asking trozei related questions in the normal Pokemon questions thread doesn't usually get me an answer so I thought I would start a thread where anyone who is playing the game can get an answer to a query they might have in the game.

    Examples of questions that you might ask here include:

    'How do you clear this stage?'
    'Where do I catch this Pokemon?'
    'What support pokemon should I bring to capture this Pokémon?'
    'What pokemon appear in the safari jungle on Tuesday?'

    But really any question related to specifically this new Trozei game is welcome here. :)

    In addition, the Pokémon Battle Trozei section on these forums is very small and there isn't any kind of questions threads only discussions threads so I felt that this thread would help anyone playing the game get answers quickly and from people who have played the game.

    So whether you have a small query or need advice on how to link certain Pokémon this thread is designed to help you so you can capture that Pokémon or unlock that stage.

    Of course all SPPF rules apply here so no bad language, spamming, flamming and anything else that you are not allowed to do. This is meant to be a pleasant thread for players to help other players out on this game.

    (I have permission from Encyclopika to post this thread)
  2. skgameboy

    skgameboy Active Member

    Anyone know how to catch shaymin and shaymin sky form on stage 5-6? I checked serebii's guide and so I had sceptile as my support and got a flawless capture of garchomp but it still wouldn't show up. Anyone else know how to get it?
  3. Eevee918

    Eevee918 <--Magic Bounce

    Anyone got anything on how to capture Scizor in 6-1? I tried using registeel as support and getting decent combos on both Pinsir and Scyther but nothing shows up.

    "Anyone know how to catch shaymin and shaymin Sky form on stage 5-6?" - skgameboy

    I also would like an answer to that question too. Thanks! :)
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2014
  4. Eternia

    Eternia New Member

    Try with a super effective attack on pinsir and ~20 combos ;) (maybe on scyther too, don't remember how i did D: )
  5. Eevee918

    Eevee918 <--Magic Bounce

    Well I just tried with my supports as Registeel and Heatran and got 17 combo on Scyther and 33 combo on Pinsir both with Registeel and it didn't come :(

    EDIT: Combo of 30+ on Scyther and combo of 20 on Pinsir both with Registeel and Scizor showed up!! :)
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2014
  6. Silversea

    Silversea Well-Known Member

    Is there a trick to Shaymin sky forme? There must be a way to time it so it won't attack you before you match.
  7. Eevee918

    Eevee918 <--Magic Bounce

    Silversea HOW did you make it show up? Lol
  8. Silversea

    Silversea Well-Known Member

    I just use articuno as support and flawless capture everything, shaymin shows up every time I have no idea how you all have problems with it.

    I use scatter articuno on garchomp/gibles by the way.
  9. Eevee918

    Eevee918 <--Magic Bounce

    I use Regice as support... Lol. I just have problems flawless capturing that darn Garchomp. It's probably my own fault for hesitating too long XD
  10. Silversea

    Silversea Well-Known Member

    What I do is clear the trozei box before hand so there is a new set of pokemon, then I match 3s until I have enough articunos to scatter. I end that combo and then I'm all set up for garchomp.
  11. Eevee918

    Eevee918 <--Magic Bounce

    I try to do that... But sometimes it's not always possible. Trozei sets itself up that way :(

    Also: I just flawless'd Garchomp with Regice. Nuffing doing.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2014
  12. Silversea

    Silversea Well-Known Member

    Do you flawless capture garchomp and all the gibles along with it?

    Also this game is fairly easy to manipulate. Get a match you don't want? Move it out of the way and match another one quickly. My highest combo is 151 after knowing a few tips and tricks.
  13. alakazam^

    alakazam^ Well-Known Member

    You guys can use the default Delibird and Axew and the Garchomp doesn't have to be a flawless capture.

    You have to be quick. Whenever you feel the combo on Shaymin is high enough to make Sky Forme appear, try preparing two formations that will trigger the Trozei Chance (having them lined up except for one or two pokemon in the upper or lower line) before letting Shaymin go. This way, when the Sky Forme appears, you can quickly slide those in and Trozei Chance it.
  14. Silversea

    Silversea Well-Known Member

    Yes I agree this is a good idea, I usually do it already. I only match 3s and stop 4s so I can control the box. Sky forme normally hits me on the 3rd matchup though, still not quick enough. Shall keep at it. I think I've worked out the trick to attack patterns. There seems to be a global counter that controls all pokemon vs. when the icon of the boss shakes.
  15. Trying what you guys did but can't get the shaymins to show. Also Shedinja or Genesect won't work for me either, anyone know how to get that?
  16. Silversea

    Silversea Well-Known Member

    Can't get Noivern. I got a super-effective 120 combo on Hawlucha but it didn't appear.

    Moltres is a pain too. It takes a combo of 40+ to flawless zapdos, I get it to 39 but that isn't enough.

    I wonder if shaymin needs a % pokedex like jirachi does. Might explain why so many of you don't get it to appear while apparently doing the right actions. Update on sky forme: I managed to get a trozei chance going but it still attacked me during that. Aaaah so hard.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2014
  17. Ihave over 50% but it still won't appear; I flawlessed it with Sceptile with a combo of 52(including the gible) and it still won't appear
  18. Silversea

    Silversea Well-Known Member

    I think you should all literally try using articuno like I do, and then report back.
  19. Did any of you get Shedinja? I can't seem to get it despite use Nincada to flawless capture both Nincada and Ninjask with 50+ combos. Doesn't ever appear even after beating the Latis
  20. Silversea

    Silversea Well-Known Member

    I got shedinja by only having nincada as support and flawless capturing ninjask at 40 something combo. Will appear in your 2nd support place after completing that level (and it appears in the results too oddly).

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