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~The Pokémon Cosmos~

That Comic Guy

Comic Lover Trainer
~The Pokémon Cosmos~


Welcome to The Pokémon Cosmos. Explore the journey of 3 young
heroes take on the horrible force controlling the entire world -
destroying and imprisoning mankind. Prepare for the ride of a life time through the adventures
of Johnny, Tony and Eliza.


Season 1

Chapter 1: Prisoners
Chapter 2: Tunnel Trouble

Character Bios


Enjoy all of the comics!
New comics are posted regulary!

Please posts comments, compliments and constructive criticism :)


Comic Trainer!
Interesting 8) I love sprite comics!
I wonder though, why are they in jail?? xP

That Comic Guy

Comic Lover Trainer
It's all part of the plot ;)


Heroic Sociopath
Considering that they're supposedly in a jail cell, it's interesting how they've managed to find ladders and a Poke Ball. Must not be a very good prison. Other than that, you're off to an interesting start. :p