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The Pokémon Generation V Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Torpoleon, May 22, 2011.

  1. Not_A_Cyberbully

    Not_A_Cyberbully Claimed Gabite

    May I please join?

    I love my Generation 5 pokemon! I picked oshawott as my starter and barely use him now. My favorite gen 5 pokemon is probably Reuniclus. I use a Trick Room set on him and it is amazing!
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Oh and also, I would've preferred that Meloetta get her own movie, but at least it's debuting soon.
  3. Not_A_Cyberbully

    Not_A_Cyberbully Claimed Gabite

    I made this gen 5 art for the club!
  4. Yuppirox

    Yuppirox hello

    What do you think of there being two third version games instead of one?

    I love how unpredictable GameFreak/The Pokemon Company are being lately. That said, the reveal of these two games made me freak out...in a good way! The designs of Black!Kyurem and White!Kyurem may not be particularly appealing, but the possibility of story expansion is what's really got me excited.

    In commemoration of this event, I have made a new UB!

  5. Not_A_Cyberbully

    Not_A_Cyberbully Claimed Gabite

    I really like the Zekrom form (Forget the name) I agree with you, GameFreak/The Pokemon Company are being unpredictable. 2 movies! 2 sequels! I can't wait until they come out in North America! I want to see the original dragon and how it split! And whatever happened to N?

    Nice userbar by the way. :)
  6. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    You're in, cooloolcool!

    Meloetta getting its own movie would be nice, but the reason it probably isn't is because how fast the generation is moving. I'm predicting that Movie 16 will involve Genosect & Jirachi. Genosect is the next Generation V Event Legendary and Jirachi is there to promote RS Remakes similarly to Mew in M08 & Celebi in M13.

    Nice userbars! Going to put them both in the first post.

    With 2 movies and 2 third versions, maybe next we will get 2 pairs of remakes.

    I knew a new main series game being announced would make more posts here, then again, PokéPark 2 did that for a little while too.

    BIGJRA Catchin' Em All

    I want to join please! :)
    Which Generation V Games Do You Have? White (JP) and Black (EN)
    Which Starter Pokémon Did You Pick In BW? Tepig (white) and Oshawott (black)
    What Is Your Favorite Generation V Pokémon? BlackKyurem
    What did you feel when you saw the new Pokémon? I thought, this generation will be good!
    What games do you hope they make in Generation V for the 3DS, Wii & Wii U? RS remake (3DS) and IDK for Wii and Wii U.
    Have you encountered any shiny Pokémon in your game/s? Yes, a golbat.
    If there is a third version to BW, who do you think would be the version mascot? Kyurem
    Do you have a Dream World Account? Yes.
    What trainer card are you up to in BW and what have you accomplished for it? Gold, and all but completiing battle subway.
  8. This is just amazing, not only are we getting a direct sequel for the first time, but rather than a Giratina do-over we get a possioble fusion or two forms. This is going to be amazing.

    If Ryshirem is in White 2 I might have to get that version, If not im definetly getting and playing theough Black 2 first. If its just a matter of putting Kyruem and Zekrom together, my nine runthroughs of white might just come in handy.

    Ryshirem is amazing, but i have to admit Zykrem is freaking amazing, I want them both soooooo, bad. I think i might just import the game from Japan, because six months is way too long to americanize a game.

    I wish they would do that faster, i know its not just a quick slap of translation and grammar fixing, but still, I feel like they could Americanize it in like two months, tops. Oh well.
  9. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    Wow. Just wow

    2 third versions, a melloeeta reveal. Yesterday was so friggin exiting.

    Hopefully the new game will have a different plot, rebattleable gym leaders and pokemon from other generations being able to be caught.
  10. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    You're in, BIGJRA.

    I do hope we get to rebattle gym leaders in BW2, just like PtHGSS. If it's a direct sequel, I wonder how long it takes place after BW.

    With Meloetta appearing in a M15 short (hopefully both forms and hopefully it will get an event), that leaves one legendary (the Kami Trio's appearance in the anime was probably good enough), Genosect and likely one more movie. Predictions (posting M14 & M15 for comparison:

    M14- Victini, Reshiram & Zekrom
    M15- Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo & Kyurem. Maybe Reshiram & Zekrom too. There's also the Meloetta short.
    M16- Genosect & Jirachi

    About the last one, naturally it makes sense for Genosect to have its own movie and Jirachi is there to promote RS Remakes like Mew & Celebi in M08 & M13 for their remakes.

    After BW2 is released, I hope the second half of the year has PMD, Ranger, Snap 2 & an XD Sequel. Maybe some could come out in 2013.

    This generation looks like it might end next year, so there isn't a huge amount of time for new games. Hopefully RS Remakes come out in Japan near the beginning of next year and then Generation VI starts in September 2013.
  11. GreenWhiter!

    GreenWhiter! Member

    So then i guess i wanted to join this club um im not sure what else to say or in this case type but um im a noob at serebii.netforums!, and iv got pkmnW version! so ya! my favorite pokemon
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2012
  12. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Cool! I've got White as well.

    So, Pokémon & Nobunaga's Ambition has just came out. Looks pretty cool. Probably wont pick it up (especially if it doesn't come out in the US). Also, BW2 clubs aren't allowed here, so let's not talk about the games here (at least until BW2 clubs are allowed and stuff). For now, just look on Serebii or some other place for BW2 news.

    EDIT: Oh and I've gotten back into playing White (which started because of the Reshiram & Zekrom events, so now I have an awesome Zekrom C-Gear) and I got a Gold Trainer Card! For my last trainer card, I'll need to beat the Super Single & Super Double Lines, which is insanely hard. I've been using Samurott, Chandelure & Haxorus for Super Single, but keep on losing. If anybody has any advice, be sure to tell me. I'm lazy and just like to use Pokémon my team.

    By the way, I'm going to add people's BW(2) (my way of saying Black, White & Black 2, White 2) friend codes to the first post. Of course no one has a BW2 friend code yet, but be sure to say your BW friend codes, so I can add them. I'll put them next to your name on the Member List.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2012
  13. GreenWhiter!

    GreenWhiter! Member

    So then yay i guess i am in this club! and im happy well i guess im happy to be apert of it! Also i need to post something about pkmnBW so um iv got all three starters if someone needs help and needs a starter send me a message or something!
  14. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Some new topics I thought of:
    What is your favorite episode of the BW anime?
    Wow, there are just so many favorites for me. I have only seen up to where the dub is though. I'd still have to probably say BW040, where the group meets Luke, the film person. It was a really fun episode with great animation (which is what I've come to expect from Iwane) and I really enjoyed the whole idea of the movie.

    What is your least favorite episode of the BW anime?
    Although BW does have some really great episodes, there are some I don't like. My least favorite so far is probably BW047, with the Dream Thief stuff. It was such a boring episode.

    Do you think all of the Unova Pokémon will make a debut in the anime and/or movies?
    For the movies, I think would could see all the Pokémon the main one to worry about is probably Landorus (and maybe Meloetta's Piroutte Form if it doesn't appear in the special). Assuming BW will have a total of 3 movies, it seems like that at least most of the Unova Pokémon will debut considering how M14 debuted about half of them/
  15. Pokemon Power

    Pokemon Power Well-Known Member

    To awnser to first question, the second one. Espacally the scene where Ash mistakes Iris' hair for a Pokemon. The second, don't have one so far. The last one, definately, unless of course they repeat the Porygon incident. Though I think M16 will feature Genesect and Jirachi, after that I think there should be at least two to three more with Generation VI Pokemon.
  16. What is your favorite episode of the BW anime?

    The Don tournament episodes, any episode where Ash didn't have a major role in it. I still am holding a grudge against Ash, just evolve your annoying yellow rat already!!!!!! I did like the Purrloin episode though XD "Actually. . . Purrloin is a guy" *Poker face*

    What is your least favorite episode of the BW anime?

    Probably the episode where he was surrounded by Venipede, but didn't catch one. Same for the Cubchoo episode. GRR. Two of my Unovan favorites, and both were blatantly ignored. NOt complaining much though, because he finally caught Krokorok

    Do you think all of the Unova Pokémon will make a debut in the anime and/or movies?

    I hope so, I can't wait for this weeks Japanese episode so i can see Emboar in action. The movie was a liar, Oshawatt cannot take down an Emboar. Well. . . nah, Wild Charge takes care of the frail little Otter. Or Superpower.
  17. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Wow, things sure have gotten boring. Any suggestions to make things seem more interesting and lively?

    Those last few episodes before the group got to Nimbasa just seemed to bore the heck out of me. Purrloin, Cubchoo & the Dream Thief were all boring for me. At least things changed with Season 14's finale. The current point of the dub seems pretty boring now, though things look like they'll heat up very soon.

    By the way, does anybody know of a good team to use for the Super Single & Super Double Lines of the Battle Subway?
  18. Dragonite77

    Dragonite77 Member

    Personally I wouldn't know any real good Battle Subway teams if they hit me in the face :p ^^^ I'm testing out pokemon for the Super Double subway lines aswell, i'm actually suprised I got past the first few battles on the Super Double Train because I don't EV train or battle much competitively :p
  19. the team i use? Mostly i just show off my shinies because i have enough BP to probably buy the enitre building at this point (very bored if you haven't guessed, even though i havent jumped on the super versions yet)

    It's a Rain Team because they are super easy to use.

    Politoed: Drizzle, Leftovers. Modest
    252 Health 4Special Defense 252 SP. attck (dont ask me why, seemed like a good idea at the time.)
    -Ice Beam
    -Mud Bomb/Toxic (forgot which)
    -Perish Song

    When this guy takes out all the other members, its fun just to sit back and watch her use Perish Song. She is kind of the definition of a Tank, especially in the rain and with Leftovers.

    Manectric: Lightningrod, Magnet. Timid
    252 speed and special attack, 4 HP
    -Hidden power grass

    I love this guy, i spent forever trying to find a shiny Elektrike, then i got a Timid AND shiny one! it was near flawless too, so bonus there. He is my Power house, in and out of the rain. Flamethrower is for outside the rain, if i see i am going against a team where i will need it, i send him in before Poli so Flamethrower is still strong. He is also fun to switch in on an electric move used against Politoed, because then his Special attack is raised even more. If this happens, goodbye. here is why.
    Lightningrod + STAB+ Magnet+ 120 base power thunder+252 EV's and base 215 Special attack (309 Base special attack with just the EV's) + Manectric being a BAWS = Death, to all who are against him. Except against Gliscor, and a few other ground types that resist HP grass, but thats besides the point because Poli can take them out.

    If you need any others besides this, Metagross makes a great third, and Moxie Mightyena. I've even used Zoroark as a final member, and Serperior.

    So that's it with my suggestions, good luck!
  20. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    That does look like a good team, Emboar. Maybe I'll try to make a team like that, if you don't mind. Haven't been playing White that much.

    Does anyone have Pokémon & Nobunaga's Ambition? If so, what do you think about it? Maybe if people say good things about it and it gets localized, I might get it.

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