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The Pokémon Royal Rumble X-2

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Leavanny, show your inner toughness by using Silver Wind to counter Xatu's Omnous Wind and any other moves that might be chained to it while not caring about what anyone might think of you for using this move.


Bad Taste Everywhere
Haunter and Audino, lets grant xatu's wishes by launching a Sludge Wave(Haunter) and a Surf(Audino) respectivel to block and over power (if you can) the winds


Leavanny, if you're getting hit by Surf and/or Sludge Wave use Me First on Haunter's Sludge Wave to counter those moves and any moves chained to them.


Lickilicky, if you have at least two moves left, then block out the winds, surfs and waves with a really tough Rock Tomb and then use your tough body to Dig downwards.

If you don't have two moves left, cannot dig while in the rock tomb, or will get hit by more than one of the attacks, then use a Surf to block the winds, waves and surfs.


Why is blue?
Porygon activate your battle systems. Use Icy wind to block the surfs and the winds. If this will not work use a blizzard to block and counter the winds and the surf.


I Crush Everything
From the stands, sableye facepalms at xatu's bringing a knife to a gun fight with that ominous wind, and thus giving Team Audino a chance to wreak even worse havoc.

Then, if possible, illumise quickly darts straight to audino right before xatu whips up his wind so that she'll be in a safe spot for the wave of waves, then attacks audino with a thwack from her handbag.

If this won't work for whatever reason and lickilicky is underground and baton passing with him will protect illumise from the winds, waves and whatnot, illumise does that instead.

If either or both of those is not true, illumise instead uses her baton passing skills to switch places with the tearful blaziken after it's moved itself behind leavanny's sludge wave so she'll be safe. Then illumise gives a battle cry.

And if illumise would be endangered from xatu's ally switch before having a chance to do any of this, illumise forgoes all the above and just quickly attacks audino with a swift kick to the jaw before collapsing with a headache from the noise. If that would be a past command and baton passing back with xatu to switch places back wouldn't be, illumise does that to prolong the dreadful agony.


Sgt. Sunshine
Yanmega, whip up a super tough Whirlwind to blow all the winds away from you please. If you have a move left after that, use Protect to protect yourself against Haunter's Sludge Wave. Take all the other waves because you are tough and it's not even a big deal to you.
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