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The Pokémon Royal Rumble X-2

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Lickilicky, I need you to use Dream Eater on Haunter, then take a Rest


Lickilicky, if for some reason the above command doesn't work, just Rest


Bad Taste Everywhere
Haunter, wake up at the time or before Lickylicky uses dream eater on you then use Dream Eater on Lickylicky


Bad Taste Everywhere
Audino wake up wait for your drowsiness to wear off and sing a round of mary had a little lamb


Why is blue?
Porygon activate your systems in other words wake up. Volume systems are a go and sing a cute little round of Twinkle Twinkle Little Lunatone to block the round or rounds.


Why is blue?
Porygon ignore that.
Instead wake up and give a roundof Twinkle Twinkle little Lunatone to block the rounds


Lickilicky, if you have a move left, Snore to possibly block the rounds and snores.

If that doesn't work or you don't have any moves left, then just take the attacks.


Bad Taste Everywhere
Okay Haunter cutely splash in some sludge and unleash a SLudge Wave because screw y'all thats why


Belly Slide
The third round began with Lickilicky putting on some blush, that went well with his giant tongue. He then created a wave to Surf (1) on, because apparently he thought surfing was cute. Haunter then began to upchuck a large Wave of Sludge[/b] as Audino created a beautiful Blizzard (1, 1). Afterwards, Haunter got fake anime eyes, and Audino slips on a classic Japanese schoolgirl outfit. Porygon began to glitter...somehow, and obtained a pink bow that blended well with his color. The normal type then created a Blizzard (1) similar to how Audino did, while Xatu tried to cry out "Me First" while creating a Surf exactly like Lickilicky's (1). Leavanny put on a frilly dress and created a Silver Wind (1) to block the Blizzards, but this didn't help with the waves. Meanwhile, Nincada did nothing.

Nincada has fainted!

Porygon, Xatu, Haunter, and Audino then began to Rest (2, 2, 2, 2). Lickilicky then attempted Eat the Dreams (2) of Haunter, who awoke in fright, before the large pink pokemon began to Rest (3).

Audino then began a Round[b/] (3) of Mary had a little lamb upon waking up, while Porygon tried to sing a Round of Twinkle Twinkle little Lunatone, but was not fast enough to do so upon waking up. Xatu began to obnoxiously Snore (3) to block out the new sound attack, before Haunter fired another Wave of Sludge (3). Everyone braved the hit, although a couple pokemon weren't lucky enough to survive.

Porygon has fainted!
Leavanny has fainted!

The judge walked up one final time to the remaining four, looking at each of them with eyes that did not say much for their cuteness.

1.) Audino - What can I say? Schoolgirl outfits are cute, plus you didn't snore or spew garbage. +20 HP and + Speed

2.) Lickilicky - Blush, not as cute as a full-on schoolgirl outfit, not to mention, try to picture a lickitung with blush and not just focus on that tongue. Nothing lost or gained

3.) Xatu - Snoring was not something I for one would have done; but hey, at least you didn't create a giant thing of sludge. -16 HP

4.) Haunter - ...just, sludge. I know, you needed to block the surf, but SLUDGE, firing SLUDGE at people is not cute. -20 HP and burn.

The man then snapped his fingers, and the remaining four competitors were teleported to a large room, with ways to go.

Audino (Sigh!)
Haunter (Sigh!)
Lickylicky (Grim Heaper)
Xatu (Sir DJ)

1.) Audino – 120
2.) Haunter - 95
3.) Xatu – 78
4.) Lickylicky – 41

~ MAX ~
1.) Xatu – 120
2.) Haunter – 92
3.) Lickylicky – 75
4.) Audino – 59

1.) Audino - 149.5
2.) Haunter - 141
3.) Xatu - 138
4.) Lickylicky – 81.5

~Status Effects~
Audino – Disabled from using Surf (2 turns)
Haunter - Burned (4 turns remaining)
Lickylicky – Resting
Xatu - Resting

~Stat Changes~
Audino -
Attack (Total: 0)
Defense (Total: 0)
Special Attack (Total: 0)
Special Defense (Total: 0)
Speed (Total: +) - Contest (+Speed; 4 turns remaining)

Haunter -
Attack (Total: -5-10) - Burned (-5-10 Attack; 4 turns remaining)
Defense (Total: +5) - Contest (+5 Defense; 2 turns remaining)
Special Attack (Total: 0)
Special Defense (Total: 0)
Speed (Total: 0)

Lickylicky -
Attack (Total: 0)
Defense (Total: 0)
Special Attack (Total: 0)
Special Defense (Total: 0)
Speed (Total: 0)

Xatu -
Attack (Total: 0)
Defense (Total: 0)
Special Attack (Total: +5) - Contest (+5 Special Attack; 3 turns remaining)
Special Defense (Total: 0)
Speed (Total: 0)

~Ability Bar~
Audino - Regenerator
Haunter - Levitate
Lickylicky – Cloud Nine
Xatu – Magic Bounce

1. If I made a mistake in anyway, just tell me and I’ll fix it.
2. Friendly Fire is on.

~Current Stage~
The House of the Fallen (New!)

You are in a large mansion, with paintings of various pokemon on the walls, none of which hold any significance to the battle at hand. There are candles, which are the only source of light in the area, but once again hold no significance to the match. The real part of the stage is six different hallways, each with a corresponding statue in the room that is lead to. Each statue will help in their own way upon being activated, but also at a price.

The first room has an Illumise statue; this majestic bug will create a wave of sounds, in the form of a Round attack, to hit all pokemon, including the user.

The second room has a Blaziken statue; this overgrown chicken will dig, to create a hole. One person may jump in the hole, and will either gain safety from opponents attacks through the hole, or fall in a land mine, which will explode causing 10 damage to the one who lands in the hole; anyone may go into the hole, but the person who touches the statue obviously gets to decide first.

The third room has a Yanmega statue; the dragonfly will activate it's ability - speed boost - and give the same effect to the person who touched the statue at the end of the turn. In other words, the person who touches the statue will gain + speed, but lose 10 stamina.

The fourth room contains a Nincada and a Clamperl, and will use their combo-powers to use the attack Double Hit on a random pokemon, but be warned, the person who activates this attack may also get hit.

The fifth room contains a Leavanny, who will create a Grasswhistle for all to hear, with a 1/5 chance of putting competitors to sleep - including the player.

The sixth and final room has a Porygon statue within it. The Porygon statue attack everyone with one of three moves, Icy Wind, Discharge, or Trick Room. As always, the user is included.

Each statue can only be activated once per turn, and each pokemon can only activate one statue per turn, but if you successfully activate all six statues somehow, you will gain a permanent stat boost (+5 in Attack/Defense/Sp. Attack/Sp. Defense, or + Speed) that will help you throughout the rest of the rumble.

~Field Effects~

~Items on Field~

~Protect Bar~
Audino - 5
Haunter - 5
Lickylicky - 5
Xatu - 5

~Referee Comments~

As usual; my Ref Comments are only out to those who fainted.

Porygon - It was more a technicality; you didn't say to wake up when Audino woke up, so you still had drowziness, so you were slower, and couldn't defend in time, thus killing you.
Nincada - See leavanny, but add more HA's because you didn't even do anything; You pulled a Rayquaza is Green. xD

~Final Rankings~
6.) Shazdar's Porygon (Haunter's Sludge Wave)
6.) Gryghaim's Leavanny (Haunter's Sludge Wave)
7.) YDT's Nincada (Lickilicky's Surf)
8.) YDT’s Clamperl (Exhaustion)
9.) Mug's Yanmega (Xatu's Me First)
10.) Digipoke1's Blaziken (Lickilicky's Surf)
11.) Octoboy's Illumise (Leavanny's Me First)
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I Crush Everything
A tentacle bursts out from the water and grabs this reffing!

Dibs, dudes, reffing is the Octo's.


Lickilicky, I need you to wake up and activate the Leavanny statue to possibly block out the sounds of the round. If that doesn't work, still activate the Leavanny statue.
Ok Xatu if jumping into the hole will protect you from sound then run and touch the blaziken staute and jump into the hole to protect yourself from the other statues effects.

Xatu if that doesn't work then screw everything and set up a light screen before the others can activate their statues (or as they do if you can't use it before).
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