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The Pokémon Royal Rumble X

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Bad Taste Everywhere
Braviary if you had to use peck use Tailwind! and then Bulk Up

If you didn't have to use peck then Bulk up Twice!


not actually psychic
Nidoking, if you have any moves left use Protect to dodge the surf.

If not, hope for the best.


Belly Slide
I checked specificallly if you didn't before doing that over Confusion.

Hone Claws ~ Ice Punch ~ Disable, 3 moves total.


I Crush Everything
Volbeat zips out of the gust's way with aerial ace, then whacks mandibuzz in the back with it, so she lands in her own gust.


not actually psychic
Blissey jump in front of Nidoking(even though you are already next to him) and shoot an Ice Beam at the oncoming surf, follow it up by using Psych Up on Braviary


why didn't you just use protect

and why did you try to hit braviary when he is in a street fight

surfer treecko

Highly Explosive
Wormdam sets up a Substitute to block the Peck.

Would Anticipation block the effects of Braviary's speed boost? I can't imagine Tail Wind is very helpful when you can't move.


Taking Over Serebii
Froslass, use a Sleep Talk when Latias is getting ready to use surf! Now, you may be deep in cool dreams, but don’t worry… I know exactly what to do. Go, Over-thinking list! I will make an entry for each move she has! (Note: Whenever I say hit RNG, it doesn’t include hitmontop!)
If you use an astonish, use your bonus speed to hit Latias before she can surf over you, stopping the attack.
If you use double team, try to wait until after the surf to make your clones. If you can’t, well, pointless stamina waste.
If you use leer, use RNG to hit a random opponent your allowed to hit with this move!
If you use powder snow, use your speed boost to fire it at Latias before the surf comes along!
If you use icy wind, attack everyone with it, and try to freeze the surf in the process.
If you use confuse ray, aim it at Latias before she surfs, using your additional speed. Then, hope she hurts herself in her confusion.
If you use Wake-Up slap, aim it at Blissey, she looks a bit tired.
If you use captivate, aim it at Latias in order to lower the surf’s power. (Added speed, blah blah)
If you use an Ice Shard, aim it at RNG between the following: Thundurus, Latias, Nidoking. Kill them all.
If you use hail, then change the weather, I guess, and maybe it will freeze the surf!
If you use Blizzard, hit everyone with it, gain cool points, and try to freeze the surf with it!
If you use Destiny Bond, use it on Thundurus. And cry. Cry a lot.
If you use Water Pulse, hit Nidoking!
If you use Hidden Power, turn it into a Electric-Typed one, and hit everyone!
If you get taunt, use it on RNG. Because of screwiness.
If you use Ice Beam, hit RNG pokemon that is weak to it and that you can currently reach!
If you use Light Screen, be happy you of least aren’t likely to be hurt as much by the surf.
If you use protect, use it to not be hurt by the surf.
If you use Rain Dance, try to make it rain after the surf is done. If you can’t, just use it and be sad.
If you use thunderbolt or thunder, aim it at RNG!
If you use return, hit RNG with it.
If you use Psychic, try to lift yourself over the surf (You are very light, you’re a ghost), and lay yourself down in a snack bowl. Thus, you have not been hit, and your in the snacks. Yay!
If you use Shadow Ball, hit latias with t before she can use surf!
If you use shock wave, hit everyone with it, I guess. Use it before Latias uses surf (speed boost).
If you use Hyperbeam, hit RNG with the strength of… a hyper beam!
If you use Torment, use it on RNG!
If you use Façade, hit Latias with it, and be amused.
If you use Secret Power, hit RNG with it, but don’t include Blissey in this one!
If you use Rest, Fuuuuu-
If you use Attract, hit that big, manly, Thundurus over there… with the attract…
If you use fling, try to throw the snacks at RNG if you can.
If you use endure, bah humbug.
If you use embargo, use it on RNG.
If you use Payback, try to hit Latias with it after she uses the surf!
If you use Giga Impact, RNG.
If you use Flash, use it on Latias.
If you use avalanche, hit it at RNG reachable flying type!
If you use Thunder Wave, hit Latias or Kangaskan (RNG it).
If you Psych up, hit whoever you can with the most overall stat bonuses (A single +speed is worth +5 in this case. Just to make it equal to the other stats.)
If you use Sleep Talk, go back to the start of this post, and try again.
If you use Natural gift, Hit RNG.
If you use Dream Eater, hit RNG whoever is currently asleep when I use this move.
If you use Swagger, hit Latias with it.
If you use substitute, you used substitute.
If you use Ice punch, hit Latias with it before the surf!
If you use Mud-Slap, hit RNG non-immune person with it.
If you use ominous wind, use it as normal.
If you use rollout, hit latias with it!
If you use Signal beam, hit Latias with it!
If you use snore, Fuuuu-
If you use Sucker Punch, hit Latias with it before she surfs!
If you use Block, crap.
If you use headbutt, hit RNG with it, not including Nidoking!
If you use Pain Split, hit Thundurus with it!
If you use bite, hit latias with it.
If you use Ice Fang, or Crunch, hit Latias with it.
If you use Weatherball, hit RNG with it that isn’t resistant!
If you use bide, Fuuu-
If you use Disable, use it on Thundurus’s rest.
If you use Spikes, well, use spikes.

Woo! All done! If I missed a move and you get it, just use it like you would if my post just said to sleep talk. Also, sorry for being… insane with this.


Belly Slide
Latias, IF this doesn't count as editing, IF Froslass uses Blizzard, then use Surf AFTER Blizzard so it won't freeze your surf attack.

The Meddler

Never Forget
Gallade, get in front of Kangaskhan and Protect from the Surf. Then, while still in front of Kangas, use Echoed Voice to cancel out the Rounds for the both of you.

Then if you are over 120 stamina still, Rest
If you are under 120 stamina, Rock Smash Blissey with your enhanced speed.
ok Thundurus, if Froslass's sleep talk will do over 30 damage to you or Latias, float in front of Latias and use Protect. If the sleep talk will do less than 30 damage, stay behind Latias and use discharge


not actually psychic
If Gallade is going to use rock smash on blissey, get in front of blissey and take the hit if you can. If gallade gets to blissey before you do, weep for your fellow fairy unicorn princess.
Guys, djhappy won't be back till Sunday. I'm gonna have to wait on him.

Which is good because I need more time to brainstorm the ne
t stage
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