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The Pokémon Royal Rumble X

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Stop laughing...
Sceptile: You can't consume a berry for a status ailment you don't have. If you want to activate it, you might wanna toxic yourself

I wasn't sure if it would work or not. But I'm not gonna poison myself, even though I should.

If it would work, Sceptile uses a Quick Attack to launch himself into the air and avoid the Earthquakes. If it wouldn't work, he uses Aerial Ace in the same manner. He then uses Bullet Seed at RNG.

The Meddler

Never Forget
Kangaskhan, go over to Espeon's hole and Thief the Persim Berry from him and then eat it. Then when the EQs happen, 2 Protects from them. Then once they are finished, run across the bridge.


As seen in pokedexes
Oki doki loki Slowking, time to do some passive dodging.

First, before Armaldo has used the Rain Dance, use a Psych Up on the moody Smeargle. Then with your +4 speed compared to Armaldo (prior to rain; +2 if it was able to use rain before you can do anything else) use a Psych Up on Blaziken before the fossil bug uses either EQ. If you fail to use the second psych up before the first EQ for whatever other reason, then simply use it before the second. Then when all is said and done use a Slack Off.

HOWEVER if and ONLY if you would end up being hit by the Bullet Seed AND it would do more than 15 damage to you use a Protect on it instead of the slack off. If you aren't going to be hit by the bullet seed or it would do less than 15 damage then do not protect from it and use the slack off instead.


Always flyin'
Charizard, after the Earthquakes have passed, use a Heat Wave then use Roost (make sure the Earthquakes are done before you Roost). Follow it up with taking a Rest
(I wanted to gain more stam but oh well)


Wake up and fly off the drowsiness then go to Kangaskan and use Mach Punch followed by Drain Punch

Instead wake up and protect from the heat wave and use Drain Punch on Kangaskan

The Meddler

Never Forget

Since the bridge is probably destroyed, grab a large piece of rubble or something and use it to block the Drain Punch. If that doesnt work, then jump off the island right as Ledian tries to Drain Punch you.


Weilder of the Aura
EA yo wrong check it Staraptor did do something

Staraptor quickly now if the heat wave will go through, fly away across the bridge while your using the hp flying to get out of the heat wave range, if that would fail and hurt you use an ominous wind to block it and the other hps instead of the hp flying, or use one then the other if that wouldn't work. Then also as you use the hp flying and/or ominous wind start flying across the bridge before anyone else and before it gets hit/broken by the fire punch. So once you fly across the bridge to the tree of dreams, and over any pokemon that are on the bridge pop the Luvdisc bubble imminently, while simultaneously activating your ability, before Slowking can and gain the health. Then when you return to the island if you have an attack left, if the health of the bridge is 15 or less use a wing attack on the bridge, or if the bridge's health is higher then 15 then take it down once you get back before any one can pop a bubble. But if the bridge would be broken before you would make it across don't do anything that involves the bridge except activate your ability.

Also I think that if he says that the heat wave would go over the hps that physicality the hps should hit him still cause there are so many of them that they would either block the attack or all the attacks would hit home via Charazard gets hit by all of the HPs and everyone else would be hit by the heat wave.

But I'm still most likely dead.


Belly Slide
Espeon swiftly leaps out of it's hole and grabs the Persim Berry, followed by leaping back into the hole and Resting (1). Smeargle then rushes across the Bridge and pops the Glameow Bubble, the small cat then rushes over to the nearby Staraptor and slashes at him. The Bird then wobbles and collapses on the grass near the tree.


Togekiss then used Psycho Shift (1) on Armaldo, who merely takes his new status effect. Blaziken then resurfaces from Dig (1) on Infernape, who does nothing to avoid it. Ledian is GOING to go over the Bridge to pop Leafeon's bubble, but was told to when Armaldo resurfaced, so he never does. Ledian's trainer tries to say something else, but Ledian doesn't here it cause LEDIAN'S NAME WAS NEVER SAID! Kangaskhan uses Thief (1) on Espeon, swiping the berry and ridding of her confusion!

Armaldo then uses a Rain Dance (1), and activates his ability. He then uses two Earthquakes (2 and 3)! Then chaos begins, as Togekiss, Charizard, and Ledian all laugh as they fly above the attack! Sceptile tries tp Aerial Ace (1) and Espeon Tries to Quick Attack (2) out of their holes, but this fails horribly cause the hole is extremely deep, so they both take on the Earthquake! Espeon then hops out of it's hole (trololololol), and goes to the rubble and uses Rest (3). Blaziken Bounces (1) to avoid the first Earthquake, followed by slamming onto Infernape, screaming that it was a rip off. Infernape also takes both earthquakes as well as the Bounce, and Blaziken gets hit by the second. Infernape then sways back and forth and collapses.


While everyone is distracted, Ledian uses Rest (1),Togekiss chuckles, and flies over the Bridge during the first Earthquake, and relaxes a while, then pops the Magby Bubble. The tiny fire type then tries to walk across the now broken bridge, but can't, so instead waltzes over to Charizard, trying to use Will-o-Wisp, but since Charizard's a fire type, it fails, and Togekiss is teleported back to the island and Rests (2)! Speaking of Charizard, the fire type pops the Pidgey bubble, who flies to Armaldo, and knocks everyone over, and espeon goes nuts firing Psychics to get everyone back up! Sceptile tries to Bullet Seed (2), but is in his hole so he can't. Kangaskhan sets up two Protects (2, 3) to stop each earthquake. Slowking uses Psych Up (1, 2) on Blaziken and Smeargle, and then uses Slack Off (3). Upon Kangaskhan's first Protect, Smeargle uses Sketch (1), followed by Psych Up (2) on Slowking, and takes the EQs. Charizard then chuckles and fires a Heat Wave (1)! Followed by Roost (2) and Rest (3). The only people able to avoid the attack are Ledian, who wakes up and uses Protect (2), Smeargle, who also Protects (3), and Togekiss, who instead makes a Silver Wind (3) to attack, but is too slow and attacks after the Heat Wave! Armaldo ends up taking on a burn from the hot wave, but it doesn't matter as Silver Wind takes it down! Then, Espeon begins to cry in pain as the rubble hadn't defended it from the Heat wave, and what looks like it was resting, instead. . .


And sceptile's safe from both winds in his hole.

Ledian then uses Drain Punch (3) on Kangaskhan, who tries to leap off the island, but still gets hit! Espeon then bring the kangaroo based pokemon back up before she falls to her doom.

Smeargle gets Moody, causing his Defense to raise my 10, and special defense to fall by 5, Blaziken's Speed Boost comes into effect, and a Salac Berry sprouts up in the soil.

Togekiss (mitchlord)
Blaziken (Digipoke1)
Kangaskhan (WhoIsWho)
Ledian (Bridge)
Charizard (Charizard31)
Sceptile (Pokemonmaster3.0)
Slowking (Rotom310)
Smeargle (YDT)

1.) Charizard - 110
2.) Ledian – 104
3.) Togekiss - 84
4.) Smeargle - 79
5.) Slowking – 64
6.) Blaziken - 40
7.) Sceptile – 32
8.) Kangaskhan - 16

1.) Blaziken – 170
2.) Slowking - 161
3.) Charizard – 159
4.) Sceptile – 154
5.) Ledian – 135
6.) Togekiss – 129
7.) Smeargle – 122
8.) Kangaskhan – 119

1.) Charizard - 199.5
2.) Ledian - 171.5
3.) Togekiss - 147
4.) Slowking - 144.5
6.) Smeargle - 140
8.) Blaziken - 125
9.) Sceptile - 109
10.) Kangaskhan - 75.5

~Status Effects~
Togekiss - Light Screened (Special Attacks Are Halved. 3 turns left), Reflected (Physical Attacks Are Halved. 3 turns left)
Blaziken -
Kangaskhan -
Ledian -
Charizard - Resting
Sceptile -
Slowking -
Smeargle -

~Stat Changes~
Togekiss -
Blaziken - Bulked Up (+5 Attack, +5 Defense. 3 turns left), Speedboosted (+ Speed. 3 turns left) Speedboosted (+ Speed; 4 turns left)
Kangaskhan -
Ledian - Agility (++ Speed. 3 turns left)
Charizard - Tailwinded (++ Speed. 3 turns left)
Sceptile - Holding a Pecha Berry,
Slowking - Bulked Up (+5 Attack, +5 Defense. 4 turns left), Speedboosted (+ Speed. 4 turns left), Tailwinded (++ Speed. 4 turns left), Moody (+10 Defense, -5 Special Attack. 4 turns left)
Smeargle - Tailwinded (++ Speed. 3 turns left), Moody (+10 Defense, -5 Special Attack. 3 turns left), Bulked Up (+5 Attack, +5 Defense. 4 turns left), Speedboosted (+ Speed. 4 turns left), Tailwinded (++ Speed. 4 turns left), Moody (+10 Defense, -5 Special Attack. 4 turns left) Moody (+10 Defense, -5 Special Defense; 4 turns left)

~Ability Bar~
Togekiss - Super Luck
Blaziken - Speed Boost
Kangaskhan - Inner Focus
Ledian - Iron Fist
Charizard - Solar Power
Sceptile - Unburden
Slowking - Regenerator
Smeargle - Moody

~Smeargle's Movepool~
Tailwind, Hidden Power, Rest, Psycho Shift, Rain Dance, Earthquake, Bounce, Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Thief, Protect, Psych Up

1.) If I made a mistake in any way, just tell me and I'll edit this.
2.) EA has noticed people actually care if they are credited for the stage, so instead of wasting an announcement slot we'll do what we used to do and put it at the end of the stages.
3.) Smeargle is gonna be sketching a lot of moves, making it difficult for refs and participants to follow, which is why I have added the above section. Any time Smeargle sketches a move, it will be added there.
4.) The Refs spot is removed as it's pretty pointless.

~Current Stage~
Dream World
Welcome to the Dream World! You start off on a small island which you can be pushed off from by certain attacks. If you do get pushed off, Espeon's psychic will bring you back up doing 5 HP to you. There is also a small house you can take shelter in which can shield you from some attacks which can fit up to three people. However, be warned, the house has 25 HP and can take damage from certain attacks (up to the refs discretion). If it loses all of its HP it will collapse and anyone in it will take 15 HP.

Next to the house there is also a patch of soil where a random type of berry will grow at the end of every reffing. If it is unclaimed, at the beginning of the next reffing the plant will whither and die, and you will not be able to take it anymore.

You may also leave the island by going across a rainbow bridge. This bridge is very long, so it will take you awhile to move across. In addition, it is also very narrow so attacks can push you off, and then Espeon's psychic will bring you back up to the beginning of the bridge, doing 5 HP to you. In addition, the bridge has 50 HP can take damage and after a bunch of attacks (via crossfire, on purpose, etc.) and eventually it will collapse and anyone on it will be brought back to the island via Espeon's psychic, doing 5 HP to you. Once it is broken it will never spawn again and you may never get to the other side of the bridge, even if you are a flying type. The bridge cannot take damage from all attacks however only certain ones the ref sees fit, so like a Surf wouldn't harm it.

What's ON the other side of the bridge is the Tree of Dreams. There, you will see 16 different Pokemon in bubbles and you can choose one to pop (just by saying to pop the Pokemon's bubble) and they will do different effects. Once a Pokemon's bubble is popped, you or another Pokemon may not choose it again. Do note if you choose to pop a Pokemon's bubble, you will be teleported back to the Island of Dreams, and if you wish to pop another you will have to go all the way back. Anyway, here are the Pokemon and what they can do:

Glameow- This Glameow will attack a Pokemon of your choice with a Slash attack, doing 10 HP to them. If the bridge is broken, it will be unable to attack any at the island.
Tailow - Will attack a Pokemon of your choice with a Peck attack, doing 5 HP to them
Poliwag - Will send out a Bubblebeam throughout the whole field, doing 3 HP to every opponent.
Elekid - Will attack a random opponent with a Thunder Wave, paralyzing them. If the bridge is broken, it will be unable to attack any at the island.
Magby - Will attack a random opponent with a Will-o-wisp, burning them. If the bridge is broken, it will be unable to attack any at the island.
Spoink – Will attack a random opponent with a Confuse Ray, confusing them. If the bridge is broken it will be unable to attack at the island.
Glaceon – Will Use Ice Beam On A Random Pokémon giving them a ½ chance of being frozen. If the bridge is broken, it will be unable to attack any at the island
Drowzee – Will use a Hypnosis on a random Pokémon causing them to have a ¼ chance fall asleep. If the bridge is broken, it will be unable to attack any at the island
Pidgey - Will attack a opponent of your choice with a Whirlwind attack. If they are on the island or the rainbow bridge, it will blow them off. If any other Pokemon are in the same section as them, it will blow them off too.
Shellos - Will use Swallow to get rid of the berry for the reffing, and will do this before anyone can claim it. If the bridge is broken, it will be unable to do so. If it manages to do so, it will then return to you and use Spit Up, giving the berry to you.
Natu - Only Pokemon that can be selected again. Will use Teleport to send you back to the island.
Castform - Will either use Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Sandstorm, or Hail which will cause the respective weather effect of your choice.
Leafeon – Will use a Grass Knot on a random Pokémon when they are about to use their next attack, causing them to trip and have the attack cancelled out (this excludes attacks that are for defending). If the bridge is broken it will be unable to attack any at the island.
Yanma – Will use detect on you, giving you an extra Protect in your protect bar.
Luvdisc - Will use Heal Pulse on you, regaining you 10 HP.
Magikarp - Will use Explosion on you, KOing you (created by EA & YDT)

~Field Effects~
Togekiss, Blaziken, Charizard, Kangaskhan Ledian, Sceptile, Slowking, and Smeargle are on the island
There's 1 hole near the patch of soil, containing Sceptile.
Sceptile is underground
The house is collapsed
The bridge has collapsed.
It is rainy (4 turns left)

~Items On Field~
Salac Berry (When HP goes below 25, user's speed will permanently increase by 1 stage; May be Held) - In the soil near the house.

~Protect Bar~
Armaldo - 5
Togekiss - 6
Blaziken - 5
Kangaskhan - 3
Ledian - 4
Charizard - 5
Sceptile - 5
Slowking - 5
Smeargle - 4

~Referee Comments~
Armaldo: If it weren't for Silver Wind you woulda died from burn. *Shrugs* You least caused some chaos.
Togekiss: Waking up made you at -4 Speed compared to Charizard, so of course it'd go afterwards. :( Sorry.
Blaziken: Well, you're doing better then some I guess. Nothing much too special about you.
Espeon: If you'd just said to hop out and use protect you wouldn'ta taken so much damage, now yer dead!
Kangaskhan: This is just, I don't know how you could've gotten so unlucky. Go out with a bang like Shade did. :)
Ledian: You are so doing great this time.
Charizard: Well, like the rest of our Flying Types, you're in a good position, and Heat Wave was a great move. :)
Sceptile: See Espeon, except you lived.
Infernape: You gotta be active to do this! X_X
Slowking: Ok, Psych Up and Slack Off was quite smart.
Smeargle: You're doing extra well, so lucky you with your stats. :)
Staraptor: .........I have nothing to say.
EVERYONE: If I made a mistake, which I probably ended up doin so, let me know at xat please. X_X

You've Got To Bekidding Me Fail:
Espeon n' Sceptile, even if Quick Attack and Aerial Ace had worked, it wouldn't have protected you from Earthquake. Shame.​

~Final Rankings~
9.) Shadeace's Armaldo (Togekiss' Silver Wind)
10.) Shinylugia101's Espeon (Charizard's Heat Wave)
11.) Aqua275's Infernape (Armaldo's Earthquake)
12.) Winder222's Staraptor (Glameow's Slash)
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Weilder of the Aura
Time out I didn't want to double post I litter ally just got on line at that time and I know that aqua is at our grandparent's house at least take a break for him.

Use your speed to grab the Salac Berry!
Time out I didn't want to double post I litter ally just got on line at that time and I know that aqua is at our grandparent's house at least take a break for him.

Sorry we can't wait for everyone. We have a rule if you've been inactive for 48 hours we don't have to wait for you


Stop laughing...
Shoot. Low health. Sceptile gets out of the hole and uses Mega Drain on Slowking. If no other attacks go towards Sceptile, he Rests. Otherwise, he doesn't.
This might be a risk but this is needed.


USE rest
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