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The Pokémon Royal Rumble X

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Origiratina, before the Earthquake happens use Shadow Force to dodge all the moves coming your way.

surfer treecko

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Gible lifts itself onto the Speed Dragon with a Twister, hoping to deflect blizzards and block out Perish Song in the process. Then it Dragon Dances.


Use Razor Shell!

Fly up to avoid all the random attacks that are happening. Then, after all the crazy stuff has happened, jump over to the Special Attack Dragon, Activate Your Ability, then swipe Druddisand with a mighty Dragon Claw!

Then jump over to the Defense Dragon and wait for further instructions, if any.


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Why am I the target? D:

Druddisand! IF you used Flamethrower to block the Flamethrower, instead use Rock Tomb on yourself if the Blizzard will do less then 10 damage and you can block the Dragon Claw.

If you can't (Because the reffers can be mean :( ) then use Flamethrower but this time,



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This is confusing already,

Hydreigon activate your ability lilitate ASAP before the EQ so you won't be hit. Then hop if the rock slide won't hit you since tetinically your not a flying type go to the speed dragon (also note if Hydreigon will be hit by the blizzard then he shall not change dragons. If not and you will get hit by the slide of rocks use a rock tomb to cover yourself form the oncoming rocks and don't go to the Speed dragon then if your on the Speed dragon, the first plan is to quickly fly right up to the dragon's nose and use your mouth hands to bite it then as it gets enraged at you and as it roars and tries to eat you jump in to it's mouth and hide under it's tongue then hide under it to avoid the blizzard and the painful blasts of music, if you must use a round to block the sounds then so be it, then after everything else is good and done grab the dragons uvula and pulls and have it spit you out and then run to the neutral dragon dragon, then if that plan would fail use a rock tomb to block the blizzard and the perish song pus rounds, if it would be destroyed after the blizzard use a round to block the Perish songs plus the rounds if the round won't block the perish song protect from perish song then use round to block the rounds. If your on the Nutural dragon with the rock tomb if it stands be cool and chill as long as no attacks can hit you, if you have no rock tomb use one before the blizard strikes then if the blizzard breaks the rock formation and the songs will hit you use a Round to block out all the noisy songs. Then if the blizzard will hit you still, protect from it then use the round to block out all other noise based attacks.

That was difficult to type.

Anyone wanna be nice and translate this for me?

Well, since the Rock Slide wasn't targetted, and since I believe you won't let him hide in the Dragon's mouth, he is saying:

Go to the Speed Dragon and use a Rock Tomb to hold up against the Blizzard and Songs/Rounds, but if it would be destroyed after the Blizzard, use a Round to counter the other rounds and Perish Song.

At least I think...


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Charzonite! Activate your ability and quickly jump over to the Defense Dragon. Then while Reflect is being used, use Dive to protect from the Blizzard, Perish Songs, and Rounds. But if that doesn't block the rounds or Perish Song, please completely ignore this command and I'll talk to EA about an idea that works.


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Actually Charzonite, don't do anything yet and I'll re-command you in a bit. Unless this is my only chance to do something about the attack, if so, just do what is above.


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Okay this is basically a condensed version of what aqua was saying:

Hydreigon, Activate your ability before the Earthquake
If Rock Slide will hit you use Rock Tomb on yourself
Go to the Speed Dragon, but if you'll be hit by Rock Slide then don't
Go into the dragon's mouth to avoid the Blizzard and Perish Song (???)
If that won't block the Perish Song use Round to do so
If going into its mouth won't block anything, just use Rock Tomb on yourself
If the Blizzard will destroy the Rock Tomb use Round to block the Songs
If none of that will block the Blizzard, use Protect against it then use the Round

I think. But then that's using four moves (or more) so, um, good luck EA.

Make sure all is clear then jump out of your hole and go to defense dragon


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Well guys and girls, have fun with this!

EA, have fun with this whenever you have 100 hours to do it. ..................Ok, 99.

As for before, thanks! :)


As for this Round, I plan to audition to become a ref (again).

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Kingdra before anyone can attack i want you to make a majestic Dive. Next you will shoot a dazzling Aurora Beam at the top of the water hole as to close yourself in. Then take a rest.

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Hey, where'd my post go?

WPSrem, use Fly to dodge the brick break, earthquakes, etc.

If flying won't be enough to avoid Perish Song, counter it with Round.

Activate Pressure.

If you can, stay in the air, but if that's not allowed, land on the Special Attack dragon.


Weilder of the Aura
Latios activate levitate to avoid the EQ then immediately do one of these commands. First if this will work cover yourself cover yourself with a big rock tomb to block the blizzard and perish song and all other songs if the blizzard will break the tomb of rocks use a round to block out all other songs. If the blizzard would still hit you while breaking the rock tomb then instead use mimic on Origiratina's shadow force while you activate your ability then use Shadow Force before the blizzard to avoid everything else. If somehow that wouldn't work and you'll still be hit by the blizzard perish songs or the barrage of rounds don't do that command and then use a whirlpool to surround yourself with water then let the blizzard frees the water and let the frozen water shield take the hit for all the rounds and songs of perish. If the whirlpool sheild would break from all the sonic attacks or they could still hit you use round to counter it all and makes sure that all the shattered ice it around you. If that would fail meaning that somehow the whirlpool did not freeze into a dome to protect yourself from the blizzard instead simply just protect from the blizzard then useround to block out all songs especially the song of perish.

Yay I must have dodged it somehow and aqua ment that he would use the hide in the mouth tactic if he was on the speed dragon cause he couldn't fly/glide/hover/levitate over to the head of a dragon if he was covered by all the rocks in a rock tomb.
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