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The Pokémon Royal Rumble X

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Weilder of the Aura
And if the mouth thing failed charzard31 was spot on

This is not a command just clarification.

Josef Stylin

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Bullkidmence sounds better than Bullmence, but whatever, continue to change my pokemon's name without asking me first.

Alright, let's start the party Bullmence. I'm pretty sure you're on Drdj11's hitlist, so use a Dragon Claw to break the rocks coming at you. If you can use the remaining pieces, to mkae a little shelter that can protect you from hearing the Perish Song since the shelter will be sealed shut. If that sounds too stupid for the ref to understand because I'm simply too smart for him to get me(this is fact and will not be disputed), just use a Rock Tomb around yourself and use the rocks to block yourself from hearing it since the tomb will be shut. And since music can't break rocks, I'm assuming it can also work against the Blizzard.

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Gible activates Sand Veil and uses his increased evasion and speed to try and hide behind various Pokemon, hopefully shielding him from blizzards and stuff.

Also I just realised the limit for the speed dragon is 3, not ten. Whoops! If it's possible to change my commands, then Gible doesn't go to the speed dragon (but still uses twister).


Always flyin'
Charzonite! Activate your ability and quickly jump over to the Defense Dragon. Then while Reflect is being used, use Dive to protect from the Blizzard, Perish Songs, and Rounds.


Use Razor Shell!

If all the EVIL SINGING is still going on when you get to the Defense Dragon, be efficient with your stamina and plug your ears with either your wings, feet, or tail! Whichever one works is fine! Afterwards, use a Heat Wave attack!
If you can't seem to be able to plug your ears, use a Rock Tomb to protect yourself, as it is an enclosed tomb of rocks where the EVIL SINGING is blocked out, and don't bother using Heat Wave.
If all the EVIL SINGING has stopped by the time you get to the Defense Dragon, use Heat Wave!
MBnite, laugh as you won't be affected by the EQs for being a flying type, then freak out over the Rock slide being aimed at you. Roost after the EQs but before the rock slide to lose your flying type and no longer be one of the possible targets. If that doesn't work, use a Whirlpool to catch and destroy the rocks IF they target you instead. Activate your ability for as long as it'll last and go to the special defence dragon if it can still support you.

After that, spin up a Twister around yourself to block the blizzard and use a Round to counter all the singing. If you have used whirlpool/roost, don't do anything. If you haven't, use a Light screen to lessen the damage from the Heat wave.

Wolf Prince

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Wolfchomp, this might be a heavy attack for you, i know we are out of moves but in attempt to protect from perish song, cover up your hole with the dirt around you, sound can't travel if you put enough layers of dirt, sound will bounce of.

Wolf Prince

Lycan Seraph
also if it helps make the perish song less powerfull once you cover up the hole cover up your ears with dirt or your paws


Use Razor Shell!

By EVIL SINGING, I mean the Rounds and the Perish Songs.


As seen in pokedexes
Well Kyurem310, looks like we have some dodging to do.

Start out by activating your ability and then Flying up to dodge the Earthquakes and (EA I am holding you to your word) all the sound based moves. (But if activating your ability would take too much time to dodge disregard that and just fly up there.) Then some more commands:

If you are to be hit by the Blizzard, just Protect from it since RNGs really hate me and I’d rather not take the chance of what I asked EA about with this attack.

If you would be hit by the Heat Wave, use a Glaciate to dampen it to miniscule levels according to EA (holding you to your word again EA).

HOWEVER, if for some reason you will get hit by a Perish Song(s) and the Rounds while in the sky even tho EA told me I shouldn’t, do not do either of the two above and use a Safeguard for the Perish Songs followed by a Round to cancel out all those attacks.​

After that entire ordeal if you still have a move(s) left for some reason I can’t think of, use a Glaciate on the entire course from the air and stay there. If being in the air would make it not hit anyone who isn’t in the air, go and land on the Special Attack dragon if there is room (or just the Neutral dragon if that isn’t possible/no room) and then use the Glaciate. Also, should you not use this second Glaciate because of moves, just stay in the air.

Finally, if you have not yet activated your ability yet, do so now.

Fly(for EQs n' Sound stuff)->Protect(for Bliz)->Glaciate(for HW)
Fly(")->Safeguard(for PerSongs)->Round(for Rounds)
Fly(")->Something of the above/Nothing coz I didn't need to dodge anything else->Glaciate(for everyone ;3) if I somehow had a move or two left after all the dodging
While activating your ability sometime no matter what course of action (beginning or end depending)

The Meddler

Never Forget
Dialga, jump to the neutral dragon right after the Heat Wave passes and stick your head into Axew's hole so you wont hear the Perish Song. If that wont work stay on the Sp. Def Dragon and cover your ears from the perish song if that works.

The Meddler

Never Forget
How the **** is a gigantic dragon that is part steel type going to fit in a 4 foot baby?

How the **** is an earthquake going to stop another earthquake? STOP THE GROUND SHAKING WITH MORE GROUND SHAKING?!

And its just my head, not the whole body. The head can fit, and unless Dialga has ears on his ***, I should be fine.


Master of Sand
I'm pretty certain that shock waves will reflect other shockwaves but I should be fine to take a hit.

I'm not sure you have seen the porpotionates of the two dragons.........
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