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The Pokémon Royal Rumble X

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Will-powered Spriter

Pokédex Complete!
OK, WPSrem, fire a blizzard upwards to slow down the draco meteors long enough for you to attack, then fly a little lower and attack everyone with another blizzard and then your own draco meteor.


Origiratina, use the first part of Shadow Force before those Draco Meteors are used. Then stay in there until further notice.

surfer treecko

Highly Explosive
Gible uses a Twister to lift istelf into the air, dodging earthquakes and hopefull canceling out wind attacks. Then when that twister wears out, it uses another Twister (followed by more Twister)

Isn't Twister a weird word?

surfer treecko

Highly Explosive
Gible also wonders why it didn't use Dragon Dance in the reffing.

Also am I on the speed dragon? The reffing seems to suggest I got on, but I'm not listed as on it in the field effects...

Josef Stylin

I want to dye
Alright, Bullmence, since you obviously have all this shit coming at you that will probably break your Rock Tomb, you'll need a way to blow it away. Once your Rock Tomb Breaks, blow away any following attacks coming at you. How? It's me pretending to be Cilan twisting time!

Then, use Roost for recovery because previously I was a moron and forgot to do anything about that Blizzard.


Weilder of the Aura
Latios you are angry you got perish songed because of bad timing and ice not blocking sound. but now you are focused and angery.

Latios use telekinesis on yourself blasting your self into the hole dug into the dragon that is empty if there are no empty holes enter anyways. While you fling yourself to the hole use a second telekinesis to lift Hydreigon's rock tomb to block the draco meteors causing collisions and blocking the draco meteors, if not use the telekinesis to launch the first wave of draco meteors back to block the next wave while getting to your hole stay in the hole and wait all before the blizzards and next meteors come down to hit you.


Always flyin'
Charzonite, after all the Blizzards/Draco Meteors, if the puddle you are in is frozen, activate your ability and do nothing else (since you should just be resting now since you are frozen therefore not taking damage from being underwater). If the puddle you are in is unfrozen, wake up and get out of the water right after the last Draco Meteor was used. Make sure this is after all of the other Draco Meteors and/or Blizzards.

Ace of Shades

Well-Known Member
Ok kingdra to avoid WPSrem's Blizzard/Draco Meteor combo
if you are already in a dive just Rest. If not dive before he can launch his attacks.

The Meddler

Never Forget
Dialga, if there are more Draco Meteors and Blizzards coming your way, maintain your Twister and use it to suck up the meteors/blizzards coming.


As seen in pokedexes
Welp Kyurem310, time to do some shit.

In a vain attempt of not dying from this massacre since you aren't cheap by Shadow Forcing or Digging or Diving or some other crap, I want you to do the old fashioned thing and Protect from the first Draco Meteor by dat Dragonair while taking the other you's Blizzard as there is only so many things we can do to dodge and that doesn't have priority or frankly the ability to be dodged atm.

Then IF AND ONLY IF Dragonair hasn't died from the other you's Blizzard and fires off more DMs, use a Psychic to redirect the comet thing of the first Draco Meteor heading toward you (second overall) and redirect it to the comet thing of the second Draco Meteor (third overall) so neither will hit you (and this doesn't mean every part of the Draco Metoers, just the ones that will hit you).

KK, so that leaves just the troublesome other you's remaining stuff. IF AND ONLY IF WPSrem didn't die from Dragonair's DM and fires off a second Blizzard and a DM, I want you to try your hardest to use a Stone Edge to kill that pesky dragon before he can do anything. If the Stone Edge wouldn't kill the other you in this senario, don't use it and use a Light Screen and hope you don't die.

Of course that is under the assumption that the two WON'T die.

If they DO die (which they should) then you have two more shiny moves to use. Buuuut since I have no idea if anyone is even alive up with me (and not underground/underwater/Shadow Forced like a coward) I won't do anything major now and just use a Light Screen in case something happens. Again only do that if you didn't have to do anything besides the original protect and you had moves left.

Moves used:
Protect(for 1st DM)->Psychic(for next 2 DMs)/Stone Edge(to kill WPSrem)/Light Screen (for other you's stuff)->Stone Edge(to kill WPSrem)/Light Screen (for other you's stuff)/Nothing
Protect(")->Light Screen

Ninja Dog

Latias use a tailwind and then use Shadow Force to avoid EVERY attack that has been used this round.

While underground use rest

You will die

so after everything has died down jump out of your hole and use...Dragon Claw on an RNG'd pokemon who is not dead and not hiding but before you attak go where they are
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