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The Pokémon Royal Rumble XII

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Why is blue?
Kabutops, Lets go. Use Icy Wind to block the winds, if that won't work use a Blizzard to block the winds.
Hey Delcatty activate your ability and then counter the ominous winds and icy winds with your own icy wind. Then sing a tune to all the returning players about how amazing we all are.


Bad Taste Everywhere
Yo Togekiss activate your ability and use Silver Wind to block the winds and Echoed Voice to block the sing
Rayquaza, block the winds and do some damage with a cool blizzard, then "Rock out" of the terrible sounds by covering yourself in a rock tomb, no need to sing when there is already music going on at the party.


My name is Quiliver.

Use blizzard to block the winds and inflict a little damage(if you don't damage still use the move)

Then use round to block all the sound moves


Sgt. Sunshine
Volcarona, first activate your ability. Then use Heat Wave to defend yourself from the wind moves. Also use Round to block out the sound moves, please.


Froslass, put on your awesome headphones to Safeguard your ears from the live preformances going on. (AKA use Safguard to protect yourself from Delcatty's Sing)

If that won't work give Delcatty a Round of applause for it's preformance instead. (AKA use Round to block Delcatty's Sing)


Why is blue?
Grr phone next time work the first time, Kabutops use round again, to chain the sound moves this time.


Weilder of the Aura
Gallade quickly before the winds can hurt you remember your days at ground tamer and use rock tomb to create a barrier around yourself to block out all the winds and stop all of them from hitting you.

If that would fail to protect you from all the winds instead, use a vacuum wave to create a vortex around you to repel all the winds.

If that wouldn't work instead dodge the winds by teleporting to somewhere safe away so the winds can't hurt you.

If that wouldn't work instead, use psychic to manipulate one of the winds to protect you from all the other winds.

If that wouldn't work then instead at the same time the wind are about to hit you, use Earthquake before you faint.

Now if you are in a rock tomb at the time of when all the pokemon are singing and you can't be hurt by their voice, great don't do anything yet.

If you are unprotected from the sound based attacks use Rock tomb around yourself to protect yourself before any of their songs can hurt you.

If you would somehow be unprotected form the songs from within your rock tomb instead use a round of your own to counter your opponents songs.

Then no matter what if you have a move left use Substitute.
Now rant about how unfair your property owner is and the fact that paying rent should protect your right to do with what you want with your toilet on your free time, after all, it is your house for now as you are paying the rent. Some pokemon just dont pay rent cause theyre bad, so you should get credit. Why should he care if you blew up your front yard mixing a few chemicals and a sausage pan? Why should he be upset if you park your car on the roof? Why should he call the police for seeing your heroin stash on the front table? Life aint very fair, you know rayquaza? I'm sure a lot of these party goers can relate..
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