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The Pokémon Royal Rumble XIII


Belly Slide
Alrighty; lets see...

Woobat, if you're going to take damage from the winds due to probably hitting a clone from the double-team, use Heat Wave to defend yourself from the oncoming winds as you have nothing better to do.

If you ended up using Heat Wave from the failsafe of U-turn failing in my last post, or are for some reason safe from the winds from using the U-turn, and can defend from Zekrom's attack...

Then, if Zekrom's attack is a Hidden Power, block it with a Hidden Power Rock. If it's a Round, block if with a Round of your own.


Feraligatr, if its a Hidden Power chain, chain it with Hidden Power Ice. If it isn't, chain the sounds with Screech



Bad Taste Everywhere
Cherubi if there is a hidden power chain then use hidden power rock if not then chain the sounds with round
Meh rayquaza, let's speed up your death a little faster, while everyone is chaining with hp or sound, fire off a blizzard


Always flyin'
Noivern, if there is a Hidden Power chain, block it with a Hidden Power Ice. If there is a sound chain, block it with a Round

Sorry for taking so long folks, I've been really really busy IRL


I Crush Everything
Ok, time to get dangerous!

If solosis has used protect, and everyone who chained zekrom's attack will still be out of moves if it does so, solosis imprisons zekrom just as it's trying to use its pesky hidden power or round, so it can't.

If solosis didn't use protect, or if it did, but its opponents would get a free move back if the hidden power or round is stopped, solosis instead keeps itself safe from the rounds with round, or uses rock slide to send out a bunch of rocks to block the hidden powers and bury everyone in rocks. If rock slide won't protect solosis from the hidden powers and/or won't damage solosis's opponents, solosis counters the damn things with hidden power flipping dragon.
The turn begins with Zekrom being original and firing off a rock typed hidden power (1), being blocked by Volcarona, Woobat, Rayquaza, Feraligatr, Audino, Noivern, and Cherubi hidden power (1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1) of the ice, rock, rock, ice, rock, ice, and rock types respectively. Solosis hovers over all the spheres with a telekinesis (1). Cherubi then eats its berry.

Things then get interesting as Feraligatr whips up a Blizzard (2). Woobat tries to u-turn (2) the gator to avoid the attack, but Feraligatr Double Team (3)s, causing Woobat to hit a clone. So instead, it and Volcarona use a heat wave (3)(2) to block the attack, which goes through the storm and hits Feraligatr for decent damage and wipes out all of its clones. Rayquaza counters with its own Blizzard (2) (which once again, the heat wave goes through), and Audino's Surf (2) (which hits all the heat wavers, but Volcarona manages to fly (3) out of the way). Zekrom and Noivern both grab the wave with a psychic (2)(2) to shield themselves.

Meanwhile, Cherubi tries to rock tomb, but everyone's favourite reffing hand flies down and slaps it dealing 5 HP for trying to use a move it cannot learn. The winds of winter then rush into the cherry Pokemon, as it gets picked up by the draft and reverted back to its Ditto form. The audience watches this on replay, as the Blizzard strikes the ditto from many different angles. SPLAT! The pokemon lands into the wall and slowly falls downwards, as an orange beam light surrounds it...


The Pokemon then returns to the final stadium as nurses rush up to revive it. The Pokemon then slowly gets up.


The audience all applauds at its attempt to be the winner. It then smiles and bows as it joins them in the sidelines.

Solosis protect (2)s Feraligatr's Blizzard, while its substitute tanks Volcarona's Heat Wave, and Rayquaza's Blizzard. Audino's Surf slams it into a flying wall, and Woobat's Heat Wave blows it into a ghost wall.

Volcarona's heat wave also blows Feraligatr into a poison wall and Rayquaza into a ground wall, causing it to fly through the wall. Woobat's heat wave blows Fealigatr into a fairy wall (and it gets a burn). The surf slams Woobat into a flying wall.

Zekrom then unleashes a round (3) which is blocked by round (3)(3)(3)s from Audino, Noivern, and Solosis. Feraligatr tries to block, but it flashes red from having used an excessive amount of moves. Volcarona is safe in the air.

Feraligatr screams in pain as it cannot take all these awful noises. It then falls to the ground as the audience watches the Instant Replay on the JumboTron. An orange light takes a hold of it...


It then flashes back on the stadium where a bunch of nurses revive it with potions.

"Come on guys, one last cheer for Feraligatr!"

The audience then applauds as it is escorted to the bleachers.

Outside the playhouse, Rayquaza then rest (3)s, which incidentally sets off the black paint trap, lowing its stats.

The turn ends with Smeargle painting over the bug wall with yellow paint, and Rayquaza setting off a Super rainbow trap...pretty much negating the trap it hit before. Audino's eyes glow pink as it heals off Rayquaza's resting.

Audino (Gryoine): 100 / 86 / Healer / Kelpsy Berry / Rock / 5
Rayquaza (Rayquaza is Green): 83 / 100 / Air Lock / Qualot Berry / Rock / 5
Zekrom (Nothingjustgo.): 70 / 87 / Teravolt / Kelpsy Berry / Rock / 5
Woobat (Burakoru): 15 / 30 / Simple / Eviolite / Rock / 5
Volcarona (Mug): 100 / 42 / Swarm / --- / Ice / 5
Solosis (octoboy): 63 / 43 / Magic Guard / --- / Dragon / 4
Noivern (Charze): 100 / 93 / Telepathy / Kelpsy Berry / Ice / 5

~Stat Changes~
Woobat (+5 DEF, +5 Sp. DEF) - Eviolite (+5 DEF & SP. DEF. Permanent)
Zekrom (-5 ATK) - Kelpsy Berry (-5 ATK. Permanent)
Rayquaza (-5 DEF) - Qualot Berry (-5 DEF. Permanent)
Noivern (-5 ATK) - Kelpsy Berry (-5 ATK. Permanent)
Audino (-5 ATK) - Kelpsy Berry (-5 ATK. Permanent)

~Status Effects~
Rayquaza - Is fire typed
Woobat - Is flying typed
Solosis - Is fire typed
Volcarona - Flying in the air

~Current Stage~
Kecleon's Playhouse
A fantastical room of colour and whimsy where fun times may be had by all. The arena is a quirky-looking room with 18 walls, each with a colour that represents one of the types. Whenever a fighter is struck with an attack that causes knockback, they get slammed into a random one of the walls (it’s impossible to make a command to deliberately hit a certain wall). Being slammed into a wall that is a type super effective to yours will cause the damage to be increased by 1 point of damage for 2X super effective, 3 points of damage for 4X effective. Being slammed into a wall that is a type that is not very effective to yours will cause the damage to be decreased by 1 point of damage for 2X not very effective, 3 points of damage for 4X effective. Being slammed into a wall that is a type that you are immune to will cause you to fall through the wall out of the room to the outside area, which will be covered later.

Everyone in this stage has been equipped with Kecleon suits which will cause anyone who gets hit to change their type to that of the attack that hit them. These changes in type will determine the effects of being slammed into walls, but the walls’ effects will be according to the type the target was before they got hit by the attack that got them slammed into the wall. You can go back to your original type by taking the Kecleon suit off, but that will leave you vulnerable, causing your defenses to go down by 10. It’s possible to put the suit back on, and doing so will change your type to the type of the last attack you were hit with while wearing the suit.

Your host, Kecleon sits on a perch hanging in the middle of the room. Kecleon mostly likes to sit back and watch the fun, but being the mischievous thing he is, Kecleon has a 18% chance of attacking one of the fighters with a random move at the end of the turn for half base damage (or with status effects, half the effect). Kecleon will only use single-target moves, and won’t attack a Pokémon that is the same type as he is. It’s possible to attack Kecleon to change his type, but Kecleon can’t be K. O.ed during the match. Kecleon also must be directly targeted to get his type changed; he’s got enough tricks up his sleeve to keep out of the way of multi-target attacks.

Another host to add to the jollity is Smeargle, who at the end of every turn will enter the stage and paint one of the walls, changing its type. This will increase the chance of hitting a wall of the type the wall changes to by an extra 1 in 18, and decrease the chance of hitting a wall the type it changes from by another 1 in 18. A fighter who gets slammed into a wall that’s been painted last turn will land in wet paint, causing their type to change to that of the wall they landed on. Any Pokemon whose colour specified by the pokedex is the same colour as the colour Smeargle used to paint the wall gets to be Smeargle’s favourite colour, allowing them to ask Smeargle to help them by using a move of their choice once per turn (and can only use single target attacks for half base damage). Smeargle can be defeated, and has 50 HP, but like Kecleon, must be directly targeted to be damaged.

The colours of paint Smeargle can use are:
Blue – changes a wall’s type to water, and makes Smeargle listen to blue pokemon
Red – changes a wall’s type to fire, and makes Smeargle listen to red pokemon
Green – changes a wall’s type to grass, and makes smeargle listen to green pokemon
Yellow – changes a wall’s type to electric, and makes smeargle listen to yellow pokémon
Purple – changes a wall’s type to poison, and makes smeargle listen to purple pokémon
Pink – changes a wall’s type to fairy, and makes smeargle listen to pink pokémon
Brown – changes a wall’s type to ground, and makes smeargle listen to brown pokémon
Black – changes a wall’s type to dark, and makes smeargle listen to black pokémon
Grey – changes a wall’s type to rock, and makes smeargle listen to gray pokémon
White – changes a wall’s type to normal, and makes smeargle listen to white pokémon

Finally, there’s the outside of the playhouse. This can only be reached by falling through a wall that is a type you are immune to. Rumblers that leave the playhouse are safe from attacks used in the playhouse, but that doesn’t mean kecleon hasn’t left in a few tricks of his own to deal with. The field outside the playhouse is littered with paint traps. Making a move will set off a trap which uses a random kind of paint. Each colour of paint does something different:

Red paint trap – causes a burn
Blue paint trap – freezes whoever sets off the trap
Yellow paint trap – paralyzes whoever sets off the trap
White paint trap – puts whoever sets off the trap to sleep
Purple paint trap – poisons whoever sets off the trap
Pink paint trap – causes infatuation (whoever sets off the trap becomes infatuated with a random opponent outside the playhouse; if no opponent is outside the playhouse, it causes infatuation with the next opponent to fall out of the playhouse, or a random opponent after the stage changes if no opponents fall out of the playhouse)
Wacky paint trap – confuses whoever sets off the trap
Green paint trap – heals 5-10 damage from whoever set off the trap
Gold paint trap – cures a status affliction from whoever set off the trap
Black paint trap – lowers each stat of whoever set off the trap by 5 for the next 5 turns except speed
Super rainbow paint trap – Boosts each stat of whoever set off the trap by 5 for the next 5 turns except speed

In addition, you will automatically set off a trap at the end of every turn, and will be sent back to the playhouse at the end of the next turn. (Created by octoboy).

~Field Effects~
Everyone has a Kecleon suit.
Kecleon is Normal Type.
Bug wall has been painted over with yellow paint
Smeargle's favourite colour is yellow
Rayquaza is outside

1.) If I made a mistake in any way, just tell me and I'll edit this.
2.) The line at the top is Pokemon (user): HP / Stamina / Ability / Item / Hidden Power Type / Protects
3.) Are you sad that you can not rumble in the UR? Well, there is a solution! Go here to test out to see what a small rumble would work like if there were no chains. If you do not have an account for our forum, feel free to create one :).

~Referee Comments~
-Cool, stuff happened!

~Final Rankings~
8.) Gryoine's Feraligatr (Noivern's Round)
9.) Sigh!'s Ditto (Feraligatr's Blizzard)
10.) Burakoru's Hydreigon (Rayquaza's Surf)
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I Crush Everything
While noivern is being violently violated, solosis rests.