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The Pokémon Royal Rumble XIII

Yeah rayquaza, if you used hyper voice, go ahead and rest


Audino, if there is more than one Blizzard, chain with Blizzard. Otherwise, just Protect this Blizzard. Then Rest.

I should have posted this earlier.



I Crush Everything
So, hopefully blizzard won't get into the building because if attacks can't get out, attacks can't get in...

But in any case, solosis awakens at this point.


Sgt. Sunshine
Volcarona, if you are in harm's way from blizzard, please float down and quickly Protect from it. If not, please float down anyway.
Rayquaza, if blizzard doesn't go through you'll have three moves, therefore use tailwind, tailwind, and tailwind


I Crush Everything
Solosis tricks zekrom and volcarona into being the slowest ones in the room.

(If the ref decides to be clever and pretends I commanded Trick, solosis instead just turns kecleon's playhouse into a trick room, as should be obvious)


Always flyin'
Noivern, Protect yourself from the Ice Beam and use your stare of death to KO feraligatr. Then use Rest cause that's popular here


I Crush Everything
Solosis grumbles at being forced to wake up at the false alarm on the previous page and rests again. Unless it's out of moves for some reason. Then it just grumbles.