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The Pokémon Royal Rumble XIII


I Crush Everything
Loudmouth... Solosis protects from the stinkin' hyper voice.

If there's more than one hyper voice coming at solosis, solosis instead rides the rayquaza statue on a dragon ascent to escape the attacks.

If solosis can't evade the whole chain this way, solosis drowns the sound attacks out with round instead, and hopes this works.

If neither of the above will prevent solosis from fainting, it protects from audino's hyper voice, then protects from noivern's hyper voice/whatever sound move, then pouts at audino's mean spamming.


I Crush Everything
And because solosis is mad, if it has two moves left and if this is possible, it nails audino and noivern with a rock slide after the noisiness is finished.


Always flyin'
Noivern, when that Hyper Voice is coming, shrug it off like you don't care (cause you don't) and activate the Hydregion statue (rip in rip dragon friend)

Then, when the Rock Slide comes at you, use a Steel Wing to block the rocks and charge your attack towards Solosis


I Crush Everything
Solosis uses telekinesis, or if that won't work, psychic to catch every rock noivern throws at it and hurl them all at audino.

If that won't work, solosis instead becomes a gyro-ating ball and rolls out of the rocks' way, straight at audino, while knocking away any rocks coming its way with its rapid rotations.

If solosis can't protect itself by either of these, it instead sends audino a parting gift of an endeavor just as it's being hit by the rocks. If solosis can't land this attack before it faints, it launches a thunder at audino instead.


Always flyin'
Noivern, use your new favorite move Steel Wing and stick your wing into the ground enough so that it can catch the redirected Thunder, but then ground it by channeling the electricity into the ground.


As Noivern goes to hit you with Frustration, Audino, activate the Ditto statue and hope it helps. If you get Rayquaza use that to dodge Frustration, of course. If that wouldn't work, hope yo did well enough.

Good game, everyone!

Just one more time before I let you go I'll let you know

Where is that music coming from? Thought Audino as it unleashed a Hyper Voice (1) to drown the music, which Solosis avoids by using the Rayquaza statue to Dragon Ascend (1). Noivern tanks the hit.

That all this time I've been afraid, wouldn't let it show

Solosis gets irked by all this noise and decides to unleash a Rock Slide (2) on its opponents.

Nobody can save me now, nooooo....
Nobody can save me now

Audino shrugs the attacks off, while Noivern covers its wings with steel (1) as it rushes towards Solosis, smashing through all the rocks in its way...

Stars are only visible in the darkness...

The drumbeat picks up as Solosis launches a mighty Thunder (3) at Audino while Noivern is charging at it.

Fear is ever changing and evooooooooolving

While Noivern crashes into Solosis, Audino pulls a Dragon of the East and redirects the lightning to Noivern with a telekinetic (2) grab. Noivern then uses another Steel Wing (2) to smash its wings into the ground to conduct the electricity.

And Iiii have been poisoned inside

Suddenly, orange light flash around the 3 Pokemon as they appear in the final stadium, where all the spectators and their fallen opponents cheer them on.

"AUDINO, AUDINO!" chant Woobat, Hydreigon, and Feraligatr.
"NOIVERN, NOIVERN!" cheer on Volcarona and Ditto.
"GOOOOO SOLOSIS!" yells Zekrom.

"Well folks, it looks like this where the Ultimate Rumble has reached its peak"

The three Pokemon exhaustively stare at each other, tired of everything they have come through. But all good things must come to an end.

But I, I feel so alive


The three Pokemon shout out their battle cry.

"Ladies and gentlemen..." begin the announcer, "IMAGINE DRAGONS!"

The audience cheers enthusiastically as a massive spotlight shines in the Pokeball part of the final stadium. From above, a platform lowers slightly over the field where the band rocks out to their instruments.


Audino unleashes a Hyper Voice (3) which Solosis and Noivern scream and hear. Imagine Dragons rocks out from above, from where the three Pokemon can only hear their own noise.


Solosis shrieks from Audino's sound as they both can no longer bear what has come from them.



Noivern, who had heard two of Audino's screams, can no longer hear things as well.


Nobody can save me now...it's do or die

Imagine Dragons bow as they complete their song as the audience cheers on their winner...

Fireworks were shot into the sky, as they eploted to create pretty colours. In the middle of the stadium as the audience was standing up and cheering was a winners podium, with Solosis and Noivern standing on the second placement of the podium, and finally Audino who was a bit higher elevated than the rest perched on first. It had gone through many challenges, and all in all, through all these fights,

It was an Ultimate Rumbler.


AUDINO HAS WON THE ULTIMATE RUMBLE VII, and is now the seventh winner to be an Ultimate Rumbler! Give it up for octoboy and Charze who put up an amazing fight, and of course our newest Ultimate Rumbler...GRYOINE!!!!!!

Audino (Gryoine): 37 / 14 / Healer / Kelpsy Berry / Rock / 5

~Stat Changes~
Audino (-10-15 ATK) - Kelpsy Berry (-5 ATK. Permanent), Burned (-5-10 ATK. 2 turns left)

~Status Effects~
Audino - Burned (2 turns left)

~Current Stage~
The Final Stadium (Final!)
Welcome remaining two contestants to the last stage you will ever be on. Surrounded by hundreds of spectators, you are in a ring on opposite ends, similar to ones they use for Pokémon Leagues. There is nothing special about it, but good luck!

~Field Effects~

1.) If I made a mistake in any way, just tell me and I'll edit this.
2.) The line at the top is Pokemon (user): HP / Stamina / Ability / Item / Hidden Power Type / Protects
3.) Are you sad that you can not rumble in the UR? Well, there is a solution! Go here to test out to see what a small rumble would work like if there were no chains. If you do not have an account for our forum, feel free to create one :).

~Referee Comments~
-Congrats to whoever wins (probably gry), as I am only writing this mid reffing since I am lazy.

~Final Rankings~
1.) Gryoine's Audino (ULTIMATE RUMBLER!!!!!!)
2.) Charze's Noivern (Audino's Hyper Voice)
2.) octoboy's Solosis (Audino's Hyper Voice)
4.) Mug's Volcarona (Audino's Hyper voice)
5.) Nothingjustgo.'s Zekrom (Solosis's Night Shade)
6.) Burakoru's Woobat (Volcarona's Hurricane)
7.) Rayquaza is Green's Rayquaza (Woobat's Heat Wave)
8.) Gryoine's Feraligatr (Noivern's Round)
9.) Sigh!'s Ditto (Feraligatr's Blizzard)
10.) Burakoru's Hydreigon (Rayquaza's Surf)


With that, the ultimate rumble came to a close. Pretty cool to have won one of those, having been around so long. Good game to everyone who played.

Now, the next round can begin: Burakoru has the reservation.

Let's show Fire-types some love!

Round 87
Round Theme - Disco Inferno (all Fire-types)

1.) ??? w/ ??? @??? (Burakoru)