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The Pokémon Royal Rumble XIII

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Mega Gardevoir wonder how these people even have moves left as you will likely faint.


I Crush Everything

If beedrill tries to endanger kangaskhan's joey with u-turn, kangaskhan stops beedrill with fake out, smashing beedrill between her palms like a pesky fly.

If camerupt tries to use earthquake, and kangaskhan is above the ground and has a move left, kangaskhan grabs her baby, targets camerupt's back with aerial ace to leap on camerupt's back to escape the earthquake, then pull camerupt's ears and damage it. If that isn't possible, kangaskhan counters the earthquake instead.

If kangaskhan is underground and in danger of camerupt's earthquake, she instead counters the earthquake. If she can't, she protects from earthquake instead.

If kangaskhan is out of moves at this point, she does neither of the above, but probably is as dead as a Disney mother by this point anyway, so meh.
Also Banette, if Camerupt uses earthquake and you have a move left please use baton pass on Camerupt when it uses earthquake to prevent damage.
If that'd fail, but you still have a move left please use protect on the earthquake.


My name is Quiliver.
Mega Aggron!

If you have 2 moves left, try to use Reflect before the first Earthquake then use Earthquake aswell.

If you can not use reflect in time, or only have 1 move left, use Earthquake cause lol.


My name is Quiliver.
Mega Aggron!

If you have 2 moves left, try to use Reflect before the first Earthquake then use Surf .

If you can not use reflect in time, or only have 1 move left, use Surf cause lol.
alright mega altaria we are gonna mega get some mega workout here because it's mega time for mega CARDIO!

So when you mega get mega baton passed, use your mega speed to mega run back to where you mega were. Then when mega Camerupt users mega a earthquake mega run near it. Then when mega aggron uses mega surf run near mega that.

Then mega smile because you mega probs mega burned like 300 mega calories


Beedrill use your speed to run to Camerupt while it uses Earthquake if that would work. If it wouldn't and you have an attack left Protect it. Otherwise take the hit. Also, run to near Aggron as it Surfs around the waves to be safe like you did the first time.

The mega turn begins with mega altaria mega heading to the mega kitchen, mega evolving a chair to a lazy boy, and mega sitting on it. Mega Gardevoir, Mega Latios, and Mega Kangaskhan all then mega head to the mega family room and sit on chairs too and mega evolve it, while Mega Latios activates its ability, and so does Mega Kangaskhan in order to mega summon its mega joey. Mega Aggron just boringly mega activates its ability, while Mega Gengar goes to the family room and mega dials the phone...while not mega evolving for some mega reason. Instead, it calls Hydreigon who mega taunts Mega Kangaskhan, giving it a 1/5 chance of its mega non attack moves mega failing. Mega Lucario then activates its ability too and mega evolves the tv to mega learn attacks. Mega Alakazam then mega activates its ability and mega traces Levitate then heads to the mega kitchen, sits on a mega chair and mega evolves it. Mega Gardevoir, Mega Gengar, and Mega Altaria all then activate their mega respective mega abilities. Mega Gallade then heads to the mega family room, mega activates its ability, and mega evolves the tv and mega watches to mega learn some moves. Camerupt then mega goes to the mega family room and mega sits on a mega chair while mega evolving it. Mega Banette heads to the mega bedroom to mega evolve the TV and mega watches it, activates its mega ability, and learns some mega moves.


Mega Aggron then fires off a mega Surf (1), whch is chained by Latios and Lucario's mega Surf (1)(1) and Banette's Sludge Wave (1). Gardevoir Protect (1)s the first Surf then tries to teleport out of the way of the Sludge Wave, but it is trapped in the room due to Shadow Tag so it cannot exit to Banette. Mega Gengar tries to mega astonish Mega Aggron, but it mega forgets that you need to be faster to do that, and it is not. Kangakshan attempts to have its Joey Sunny Day to weaken the blow, but sadly the taunt blocks it from doing so. Alakazam mega holds off the waves with a mega telekinesis (1), which Altaria and Beedrill run behind with their mega tailwind (1) and agility (1) respectfully in order to be safe. Gallade Shadow Sneak (1)s outta the way but unsuccessfully hits Aggron due to being trapped in another room and lastly Camerupt uses a mega Amnesia to lower the hits, and while it gets hit it consumes its item.


Gardevoir then mega fires off a Hyper Voice in the room he is in which only Gallade seems to avoid with a Shadow Sneak (2) to hit Gardevoir, while everyone else just simply mega ignores it.

Meanwhile Mega Altaria heads back to its chair and mega fires off a mega Heat Wave (2) which causes what is possibly the one of the biggest and most widest mega fail in PRR as pretty much EVERYONE forgets that Altaria is faster, so they all try to defend it and mega fail. Meanwhile, the only one that is fast enough is Beedrill, who tries to U Turn people but fails because no one else defended themselves successfully. Aggron mega consumes its item. Altaria then collects the bounty for hitting Banette. As the wind is mega rushing towards Gengar, it tries to ragequit via explosion, but sadly the wave of heat manages to strike the ghost first.


As if things weren't mega hectic enough, Lucario decides to fire off a Sludge Wave (2), being chained by Aggron's mega Surf (2). Altaria holds back the waves by mega shaking things up with an Earthquake (3), but Banette mega nastily Baton Pass (2)es it. Altaria mega controversially hurries back to its spot with its speed, but is only able to avoid some of the attacks and not all. Alakazam holds off the waves with its telekinesis (2) and laughs off the earthquake as it is floating above with its traced ability. Beedrill protect (2)s the mega earthquake, and it is safely still next to Alakazam who defends it from the mega rest. Gallade decides to mega avoid the Earthquake by mega swapping its skill (3)s with Latios. Latios tries to mega substitute to block it, but that wouldn't work so it just mega gets it get swapped. Gallade then mega activates the ability.


Aggron then mega FINALLY ends things off by firing a mega Surf (3) which only Mega Alakazam mega blocks with a telekinesis (3). Altaria and Beedrill mega run to Aggron for safety, but once again only dodges a bit of the attack. Aggron collects the bounty for hitting Banette.

The turn ends with the poodle coming and biting Beedrill doing mega minor damage. Everyone decides to mega ditch the house and do what most do after a mega party, going to a mega disgusting fast food joint.

~Mega Participants~
Alakazam-M (Sigh!): 77 / 177 / Levitate / --- / --- / 3
Beedrill-M (Gryoine): 62 / 171 / Adaptability / Qualot Berry / --- / 2
Banette-M (Sir DJ): 54 / 128 / Prankster / Qualot Berry / --- / 3
Altaria-M (Nothingjustgo.): 49 / 136 / Pixilate / Pixie Plate / --- / 3
Aggron-M (Grey Walrus): 70 / 90 / Filter / Maranga Berry / --- / 3
Gallade-M (sasukeanditachi): 3 / 166 / Levitate / Qualot Berry / --- / 3
Lucario-M (John Trainer): 3 / 117 / Adaptability / Qualot Berry / --- / 3

~Mega Stat Changes~
Altaria (++ SPD) - Tailwind (++ SPD. 5 turns left)
Beedrill (++ SPD) - Agile (++ SPD. 5 turns left)
Aggron (+5 Sp. DEF) - Maranga Berry (+5 Sp. DEF. 5 turns left)

~Mega Status Effects~
Lucario knows the following moves:
Surf, Ominous Wind, Baton Pass, Dark Void, Fly, Defog, Sludge Wave, Endeavor, Morning Sun, Guard Swap
Gallade knows the following moves:
Aeroblast, Aqua Ring, Brine, Dark Void, Fly, Hyperspace Hole, Surf, Shell Smash, Volt Switch, Whirlpool
Banette knows the following moves:
Worry seed, agility, aeroblast, sludge wave, baton pass, spore, rock tomb, extreme speed, aqua ring, twister

~Current Mega Stage~

Mega Meals (New!)
After some mega partying, you guys all decided to head for some fast food. The money you have is the money you earned from the mega house. Once per turn you may order a meal which will arrive at the end of the turn which will restore HP. However, the unhealthier it is, the more likely you will throw it up which will cancel the gain, feel groggy the next turn which will slow you down by 1 stage, makes you poisoned for the next 5 turns, or make you bloated which will make your stamina consumption increase from 1-100% the next turn (will be randomized for each attack). Here are all the meals you can get. Each meal costs $50, and you may mega size it for an additional $100 because this economy sucks. By mega sizing, it will double the HP you gain.

If you order your food before the first attack, you will be able to avoid the negative effects based on the stamina you consume during the turn.

There is also typical things such as napkins and plastic cutlery typically found in fast food restaurants. You can be creative in what to do with them.

Combo 1 - Will give you 5 HP, but will give a 10% of throwing up and a 25% of grogginess. If you have used over 40 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 2 - Will give you 5-10 HP, but a 10% of throwing up, 25% of grogginess, and 25% of being bloated. If you have consumed over 50 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 3 - Will give you 10 HP, but a 20% of throwing up and a 30% of being bloated, and a 25% of grogginess. If you have consumed over 60 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 4 - Will give you 10-15 HP, but a 20% of throwing up, 40% of being bloated, and a 25% of grogginess. If you have consumed over 70 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 5 - Will give you 10-20 HP, but a 25% of throwing up, 40% of being bloated, and a 30% of grogginess. If you have consumed over 80 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 6 - Will give you 15-20 HP, but a 30% of throwing up, 50% of being bloated, and a 40% of grogginess, and a 10% of being poisoned. If you have consumed over 90 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 7 - Will give you 20 HP, but a 40% of throwing up, 50% of being bloated, and 50% of grogginess, and a 15% of being poisoned. If you consumed over 100 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 8 - Will give you 20-25 HP, but a 50% of throwing up, 60% of being bloated, and a 60% of grogginess, and a 25% of being poisoned. If you consumed over 110 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 9 - Will give you 25 HP, but a 60% of throwing up, 60% of being bloated, 75% of grogginess, and a 40% of being poisoned. If you have consumed over 120 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo YOLO - Will give you 1-25 HP, but the amount of negative effects you can potentially receive and the percentages of getting it are completely randomized. Furthermore, the amount of stamina you need to use to not receive the effect during the turn is randomized from 1-100

~Mega Field Effects~
Lucario has $404
Altaria has $1330
Gallade has $45
Beedrill has $529
Alakazam has $50
Aggron has $1746
Banette has $132

~Mega Announcements~
1.) If I made a mistake in any way, just tell me and I'll edit this.
2.) The line at the top is Pokemon (user): HP / Stamina / Ability / Item / Hidden Power Type / Protects
3.) We have an ongoing poll to determine some upcoming rounds in PRR. So if you want a say, feel free to check here.
4.) By common request, we are working on putting all the held items and their descriptions in one place in the AttackDex, so hopefully this should save you guys some trouble. Sorry for not doing this sooner, and it should hopefully be done by the time you see this.
5.) Stamina for moves such as baton pass and volt switch has been slightly increased.

~Mega Referee Comments~
-A lot of you made the same mistake of thinking you were out of moves when you weren't. Just some friendly advice, there are so many factors that can influence how many moves you have that is borderline impossible to keep track. That is why we removed the penalty for using too many moves, so feel free to block something even though you might not be able to!

Altaria: Ouch, that baton pass really hurt ya. But it's a good thing you made use of your speed to avoid a ton of damage you could have if it weren't for that.
Gallade: You were in a tough spot. You were the only one sensible to avoid the really powerful hyper voice, but at the same time you were forced to tank a couple of attacks which put you to the brim of death. Oh well, at least you screwed over Burakoru with that nasty Skill Swap
Latios: Okay what I really have to say to you is just the general advice from above, but I find it simply hilarious that you did not just have a move left, but TWO! Seriously, I've told you in the past to always defend stuff even though you think you can't, you could have avoided a ton of stuff. Especially that Hyper Voice which easily did the most amount of damage to you. Be more vigilant when you play.
Camerupt: Meh, you should have earthquaked instead of depended on a special defense boost. Oh well, some people aren't as creative as moi.
Beedrill: You were lucky you were still right next to Alakazam when he did all the work for you, you should thank him.
Gardevoir: Instead of protecting, you should have teleported from the get go. Too bad Shadow Tag screwed ya.
Alakazam: Lol, you just used the same attack and avoided everything. I think you're in the best spot here, not sure haven't totaled everything up yet.
Kangaskhan: Parental Bond is a really tricky ability, and I have not been able to test it out much. It's really bad honestly, even though the 5 moves seem useful. You did the best with a bad situation.
Aggron: Surf, Surf, Surf! Gotta love those surfs
Gengar: You constantly complain about hating chaining, but there are actually so many ways to avoid chains without chaining. Look at what I did, or you could have used psychic or something.
Banette: damn if you used that third move you would be in am even better position

The Nothingjustgo. MVP Award
Though he wasn't perfect, I'm going to give this to Banette for managing to use his surroundings as well as an effective baton pass as well as avoiding a ton of damage. If it weren't for that, he would likely be dead​

~Mega Final Rankings~
8.) Burakoru's Mega Latios (Aggron's Surf)
9.) Monster Guy's Mega Gardevoir (Lucario's Sludge Wave)
10.) fongerman's Mega Gengar (Altaria's Heat Wave)
10.) MarshtompMan's Mega Camerupt (Altaria's Heat Wave)
12.) octoboy's Mega Kangaskhan (Lucario's Surf)
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I Crush Everything
Stupid hydreigon. I claim the reffing.

John Trainer

John Trainer
Wow, thought there was a trick room and explosion! No comments for Johncario? Order a mega sized combo 5!