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The Pokémon Royal Rumble XIII

Banette if alakazam can somehow double team in time, what you your speedy prankster.....then please just chain the other dazxling gleams with your own dazzling gleam.


I Crush Everything

I'll probably have to ref tomorrow, today's on the hectic side.


I Crush Everything
Sorry this took so long. Mountains of homework (and severe sleepiness) can lead to such delays.

Beedrill raises its pointy spears, looking ready to stab someone. Altaria and lucario makes like Lou Bega and order a Combo Number 5. Banette opts for a more healthy snack and zips open its mouth and dies because its soul falls out snacks on its qualot berry. Lucario decides to do some cardio to increase its agility (1) while gallade summons a koopa shell from the assist trophy it spawned from the smash game it was playing on the TV, and hops on the spinning shell to ride on it. (1)

Altaria then belches out a dazzling gleam (1) as slow as it possibly can, but the raging wind at its back still makes it too fast to counter! The agile lucario and beedrill manage to escape by grabbing some helium balloons which let them fly (2) pikachu-style above the danger, beedrill clinging to lucario with its string shot. (1) Gallade, riding around on his koopa shell, fires off his own dazzling gleam (2) for protection. Banette tries to do the same, but is too slow, so it, along with aggron and alakazam all get a facefull of glitter.

Banette finally releases its own dazzling gleam (1), which alakazam and gallade also use. (1)(3) Aggron responds with a flash cannon (1), to keep itself safe. Poor altaria gets pummelled with pixie dust, and handles it about as well as a cotton weevil getting blasted with bug spray, and collapses.


Gallade tries to order a combo, but gets laughed out of the joint for not having enough dough. Aggron, angry from almost being showered in sparkles again, yells SURF’S UP! (2) and spews a huge wave. Banette boosts its agility (2) and dashes next to alakazam, who pulls a Jean Grey and holds back the waves with telekinesis. (2) Gallade rides its turtle to safety.

Finally, the servers arrive with the meals. Lucario reaches down from its balloons to get its meal, which lucario snacks on, getting nastily bloated. Banette is also given a meal and can’t eat it because its mouth is zipped shut chows down, seeming to turn out just fine, probably due to the fibre from that berry. Altaria’s server looks around for who ordered it, but only sees a plump goose lying unconscious on the ground. After shiftily looking in either direction, the server grabs altaria, and takes it off to the back, towards where the meat grinder is.

~Mega Participants~
Beedrill-M (Gryoine): 62 / 162 / Adaptability / Qualot Berry / --- / 2 143
Alakazam-M (Sigh!): 36 / 130 / Levitate / --- / --- / 3 101
Banette-M (Sir DJ): 24 / 136 / Prankster / Qualot Berry / --- / 3
Lucario-M (John Trainer): 37 / 92 / Adaptability / Qualot Berry / --- / 3 83
Aggron-M (Grey Walrus): 54 / 41 / Filter / Maranga Berry / --- / 3 74.5
Gallade-M (sasukeanditachi): 3 / 111 / Levitate / Qualot Berry / --- / 3 58.5

~Mega Stat Changes~
Beedrill (++ SPD) - Agile (++ SPE. 4 turns left)
Banette (-5 DEF, ++ SPD) Qualot Berry (-5 DEF. Permanent) Agile (++ SPE. 5 turns left)
Lucario (++ SPD) - Agile (++ SPE. 5 turns left)
Aggron (+5 Sp. DEF) - Maranga Berry (+5 Sp. DEF. 4 turns left)
Gallade: (+10 ATK, -5 DEF, +10 Sp. ATK, -5 Sp. DEF, ++SPE) – Smash Shell (+10 ATK, -5 DEF, +10 Sp. ATK, -5 Sp. DEF, ++SPE. 5 turns left)

~Mega Status Effects~
Lucario knows the following moves:
Surf, Ominous Wind, Baton Pass, Dark Void, Fly, Defog, Sludge Wave, Endeavor, Morning Sun, Guard Swap
Lucario is flying, tangled in string and bloated.
Banette knows the following moves:
Worry seed, agility, aeroblast, sludge wave, baton pass, spore, rock tomb, extreme speed, aqua ring, twister
Gallade knows the following moves:
Aeroblast, Aqua Ring, Brine, Dark Void, Fly, Hyperspace Hole, Surf, Shell Smash, Volt Switch, Whirlpool
Beedrill is flying.

~Current Mega Stage~

Mega Meals (New!)
After some mega partying, you guys all decided to head for some fast food. The money you have is the money you earned from the mega house. Once per turn you may order a meal which will arrive at the end of the turn which will restore HP. However, the unhealthier it is, the more likely you will throw it up which will cancel the gain, feel groggy the next turn which will slow you down by 1 stage, makes you poisoned for the next 5 turns, or make you bloated which will make your stamina consumption increase from 1-100% the next turn (will be randomized for each attack). Here are all the meals you can get. Each meal costs $50, and you may mega size it for an additional $100 because this economy sucks. By mega sizing, it will double the HP you gain.

If you order your food before the first attack, you will be able to avoid the negative effects based on the stamina you consume during the turn.

There is also typical things such as napkins and plastic cutlery typically found in fast food restaurants. You can be creative in what to do with them.

Combo 1 - Will give you 5 HP, but will give a 10% of throwing up and a 25% of grogginess. If you have used over 40 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 2 - Will give you 5-10 HP, but a 10% of throwing up, 25% of grogginess, and 25% of being bloated. If you have consumed over 50 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 3 - Will give you 10 HP, but a 20% of throwing up and a 30% of being bloated, and a 25% of grogginess. If you have consumed over 60 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 4 - Will give you 10-15 HP, but a 20% of throwing up, 40% of being bloated, and a 25% of grogginess. If you have consumed over 70 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 5 - Will give you 10-20 HP, but a 25% of throwing up, 40% of being bloated, and a 30% of grogginess. If you have consumed over 80 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 6 - Will give you 15-20 HP, but a 30% of throwing up, 50% of being bloated, and a 40% of grogginess, and a 10% of being poisoned. If you have consumed over 90 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 7 - Will give you 20 HP, but a 40% of throwing up, 50% of being bloated, and 50% of grogginess, and a 15% of being poisoned. If you consumed over 100 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 8 - Will give you 20-25 HP, but a 50% of throwing up, 60% of being bloated, and a 60% of grogginess, and a 25% of being poisoned. If you consumed over 110 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo 9 - Will give you 25 HP, but a 60% of throwing up, 60% of being bloated, 75% of grogginess, and a 40% of being poisoned. If you have consumed over 120 stamina, you will not receive this effect.
Combo YOLO - Will give you 1-25 HP, but the amount of negative effects you can potentially receive and the percentages of getting it are completely randomized. Furthermore, the amount of stamina you need to use to not receive the effect during the turn is randomized from 1-100

~Mega Field Effects~
Beedrill has $529
Alakazam has $50
Lucario has $254
Aggron has $1746
Gallade has $45
Banette has $82

~Mega Announcements~
1.) If I made a mistake in any way, just tell me and I'll edit this.
2.) The line at the top is Pokemon (user): HP / Stamina / Ability / Item / Hidden Power Type / Protects
3.) We have an ongoing poll to determine some upcoming rounds in PRR. So if you want a say, feel free to check here.
4.) By common request, we are working on putting all the held items and their descriptions in one place in the AttackDex, so hopefully this should save you guys some trouble. Sorry for not doing this sooner, and it should hopefully be done by the time you see this.
5.) Stamina for moves such as baton pass and volt switch has been slightly increased.

~Mega Referee Comments~

Altaria: Unfortunately for you, I decided deliberately slowing down attacks was a no-go, so now your altaria is a mega-meal, and is no longer usable, just like Burakoru’s archeops. At least you managed to wreak destruction with that dazzling gleam, what with all the extra boosts attached.
Gallade: Thanks for making my head hurt trying to picture gallade using shell smash. In any case, it’s a good thing you learned to use it, it helped you stay in the game at such a precarious health level.
Beedrill: Failing to remember what moves beedrill is capable of was a blunder, but at least you managed to cover your abdomen and stay safe.
Alakazam: You’re shaping up to continue being Mister Victory. Just watch that your being slower than some others doesn’t get to you.
Aggron: You can be glad your armour kept the worst of those dazzling gleams from harming you. You might want to wipe the sparkle stains off of it if you want to win, if you get my drift.
Lucario: Good job literally staying on top of things. Gorging yourself just might come back to bite you though.
Banette: Well, you have the right to laugh in my face. After scouring the pokédex for instances of banette learning agility, I just realized you’d learned it on TV. Silly me. Well, you’re actually in a good position, so best of luck to you.

Octo's Oddball Oscars!
Beedrill for sure. I love me some string shot tricks. Brings me back to my Red version days messing around with Horny, my old beedrill. Keep up the madness!​

~Mega Final Rankings~
7.) Nothingjustgo’s Mega Altaria (Alakazam’s Dazzling Gleam)
8.) Burakoru's Mega Latios (Aggron's Surf)
9.) Monster Guy's Mega Gardevoir (Lucario's Sludge Wave)
10.) fongerman's Mega Gengar (Altaria's Heat Wave)
10.) MarshtompMan's Mega Camerupt (Altaria's Heat Wave)
12.) octoboy's Mega Kangaskhan (Lucario's Surf)
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My name is Quiliver.

If the rounds do less than 20 damage to your HP then fire off an Hidden Power Fire, if the rounds do more than that then please use round

Overall you have used 1 move so far.


My name is Quiliver.

If you use round, it will be to chain alongside Beedrill's round.


Back from the dead
Gallade please block the round chain with your own Round. If there are hidden powers chain a hidden power Fire to those

John Trainer

John Trainer
;448; Johncario if the rounds will hit you block with Round if the hidden powers will hit you block with Hidden Power Ghost otherwise do nothing yet


Bad Taste Everywhere
Alakazam if you have time buy combo #4, then use Psych Up on Beedrill as it lands and then chain the rounds with Round and if hidden power happens use Hidden Power - Fire to chain


Chain the Aeroblast with Ominous Wind. If that wouldn't stop you form taking any damage, use Substitute on the Aeroblast, Beedrill.