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The Pokémon Royal Rumble XIII


My name is Quiliver.
Mega Aggron, please block the oncoming winds with a blizzard then please use rest


Bad Taste Everywhere
Alakazam if you have extra moves use Teleport to teleport behind Banette to have cover against the wind chain if you can

John Trainer

John Trainer
;448; Johncario swallow your Qualot Berry and block the Aeroblast and possible oth r winds with another Ominous Wind then after that quickly land and unleash an Earthquake


Back from the dead
Gallade use fly to dodge the winds


Bad Taste Everywhere
Alakazam if you have extra moves use Teleport to teleport behind Banette to have cover against the wind chain if you can


My name is Quiliver.
Mega Aggron, Wake up and if you have a move left and if it will hit everyone use rock Slide

If Rock Slide would not hit everyone, then please use surf
Banette just turn around if alakazam somehow goes behind toy and blocks the wing. And use protect on the rock slide or surf. if you have a move left
The turn begins with Beedrill withdrawing its string shot and landing on the ground, but the fall is kinda high so it sustains some damage. Meanwhile, as it is falling Alakazam Psychs it Up (1).

Beedrill then decides to sing a Round (1). which is blocked by Gallade and Alakazam's Round (1)(2)s, while Lucario is too high up to hear the singing and Banette is a ghost type, Aggron tries to sing but sadly all the other Pokémon sing faster than it could keep up so it takes the hits.

Banette then laughs at the singing he is too dead to hear and fires off an Aeroblast (1) which is blocked by Beedrill's Ominous Wind (2), while Gallade's Koopa shell spawns wings and becomes a paratroopa shell. It then uses this to fly (2) out of the way of the aeroblast, but cannot escape the ominous wind. Meanwhile, Alakazam teleport (3)s behind Banette for cover, Lucario tries to block but is unable to during the wind (though only gets hit by the Ominous Wind due to the Aeroblast being out of range), and Aggron tries to but it is too slow.


As Aggron Rest (1)s, and Lucario swallows his berry, Banette gets irked at the camping Alakazam, turns around, and fires another Aeroblast (2) straight in his face, which Beedrill blocks by setting up a Substitute (3) to take the hit and wipes it out, and everyone else is either resting, safe, or out of moves :(.

Lucario then descends and then unleashes an earthquake (1) which...everyone ignores for some reason o_0, the only one being safe is Alakazam who laughs while floating over the shaking ground, then orders a combo 5.


The turn ends with Lucaro's mega meal arriving, but feeling incredibly bloated afterwards.

~Mega Participants~
Lucario-M (John Trainer): 48 / 58 / 77 / Adaptability / Qualot Berry / --- / 3
Beedrill-M (Gryoine): 29 / 94 / 76 / Adaptability / Qualot Berry / --- / 2
Alakazam-M (Sigh!): 11 / 88 / 55 / Levitate / --- / --- / 3

~Mega Stat Changes~
Beedrill (++ SPE) - Agile (++ SPE. 2 turns left)
Lucario (-5 DEF, ++ SPE) - Agile (++ SPE. 3 turns left), Qualot Berry (-5 DEF. Permanent)
Alakazam (++ SPE) - Agile (++ SPE. 2 turns left)

~Mega Status Effects~
Lucario knows the following moves:
Surf, Ominous Wind, Baton Pass, Dark Void, Fly, Defog, Sludge Wave, Endeavor, Morning Sun, Guard Swap
Lucario is bloated.

~Current Mega Stage~

Megalomania (New!)
After binging on a bunch of disgusting junk food, you all have left with incredibly low self esteem with how fat you all feel. So now the only way to make yourselves feel better is by feeding your ego!

The goal of this stage is to boost your ego points to reach complete and utter megalomania. How do you receieve ego points? Well, the first thing is the money you have will automatically be converted to ego points. The other ways is by doing damage and consuming stamina, which will be converted to your ego points 1 to 1 (so if you do 50 points of damage to someone,you will gain 50 ego points).

Another way to gain ego points is by the ref's ranking. At the end of the turn they will rank everyone's performance, where the winner will gain 200, and the runner up (if there is one) will gain 100. The one in last will not gain any. Also by KOing someone will net you 200 ego points. The ref may also reward up to 100 ego points at a time for anything during the rumble that impresses them.

Once someone has reached megalomania by passing 700 ego points they will gain 5 HP, and all other consumers will hurt themselves out of low self esteem and do 5 damage to themselves. But that does not mean you can never reach megalomania again, as after that the next benchmark for megalomania will be 900 points, and once that is reached the next goal will be increased by another 200. Every time someone reaches megalomania, the HP gained and damage done to the opponents will be increased by 5. And remember, only one person can reach megalomania per goal, but if two contestants pass the goal at the same time they will both gain HP and the ones that didn't will lose.

~Mega Field Effects~
Beedrill has 529 ego points
Alakazam has 50 ego points
Lucario has 154 ego points.

~Mega Announcements~
1.) If I made a mistake in any way, just tell me and I'll edit this.
2.) The line at the top is Pokemon (user): HP / Stamina / Ranking / Ability / Item / Hidden Power Type / Protects
3.) We have an ongoing poll to determine some upcoming rounds in PRR. So if you want a say, feel free to check here.
4.) By common request, we are working on putting all the held items and their descriptions in one place in the AttackDex, so hopefully this should save you guys some trouble. Sorry for not doing this sooner, and it should hopefully be done by the time you see this.
5.) Stamina for moves such as baton pass and volt switch has been slightly increased.

~Mega Referee Comments~
: You aren't actually able to use moves while flying, as that would result in some cheap camping. So always make sure you're on the ground when you fire. You got lucky most of those attacks couldn't hit ya anyway.

The Nothingjustgo. MVP Award:
Ya'll played this pretty terribly, but I'm going to give this to Alakazam for being in a tight bind and somehow outlasting three other Pokemon​

~Mega Final Rankings~
4.) Wind?'s Mega Aggron (Lucario's Earthquake)
4.) Frozen Sunset's Mega Banette (Lucario's Earthquake)
6.) Sasukat's Mega Gallade (Beedrill's Ominous Wind)
7.) Nothingjustgo’s Mega Altaria (Alakazam’s Dazzling Gleam)
8.) Burakoru's Mega Latios (Aggron's Surf)
9.) Monster Guy's Mega Gardevoir (Lucario's Sludge Wave)
10.) fongerman's Mega Gengar (Altaria's Heat Wave)
10.) MarshtompMan's Mega Camerupt (Altaria's Heat Wave)
12.) octoboy's Mega Kangaskhan (Lucario's Surf)


I Crush Everything
This 8-ARMed sea creature wants it.

John Trainer

John Trainer
Johncario as Beedrill is coming at you with a Drill Run stop it in its tracks with a Bulldoze and trap it in the ground. If that won't work quickly Bullet Punch it's face when it's close to you to stop it. If that won't work Detect the drill run and spin so fast even faster than the drill and Tasmanian devil yourself away from him. If none of those work, take the hit and Thief Beedrill's qualot berry