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The Pokémon Sword/Shield DaveLocke Challenge


New Member
I have been playing Pokémon Sword/Shield using a set of self-imposed rules I call the “DaveLocke” challenge. You are probably familiar with the “NuzLocke” challenge rules. This is a variation of those rules.

I have chronicled my experience with images and commentary on another forum. But since that forum is private and has limited exposure, I decided to join Serebii to see if this would be an appropriate place to post my chronicle.

Before I start posting, I wanted to first see if 1) this would be a welcome place to post this chronicle. Consider that playing this game with this self-imposed set of rules implies that I feel that it improves the experience. And others may not like that position.

Also 2) I would need permission from mods to exceed the 500kb image limit per post. Each chapter I post would use a handful of images that are around 200kb each, altogether definitely exceeding that limit. The images are on my personal webspace and I can link to them directly.

Please let me know of any other concerns or questions you may have.

Thank you.