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The Poképhilia Club (Contains PG-13 rated discussion)

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Dimitar, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. Dimitar

    Dimitar Sandslash+Lugia fan

    The Poképhilia Club (Contains PG-13 rated discussion)

    Welcome to the one and only Poképhilia club; for people who are attracted to Pokémon, or support those who are!

    What is Poképhilia?
    Poképhilia is a term used to describe people who are attracted to certain Pokémon in their natural forms. To be a Poképhile, you would want to develop an intimate and loving relationship with a Pokémon as if they were your wife/husband, and in some cases even have sexual intercourse (although, it is in no way required to want to have sex with Pokémon).

    The idea for this club comes from the "Attracted to Pokemon?" thread, or the ATP thread. Though the thread has now become quite huge, our explanations and justifications for this are scattered in there, and are way too lengthy to list on a club intro page. If you're just coming here to act like an idiot, expect a visit from the mods. If you just want to state that you don't think like us, go to the ATP thread. If you want to argue how sick and sinful this is, make your own thread in the debate forum. If you fall into one or more of these categories, then this isn't the place for you. If you want to talk about this (or any remotely related subject, as we go off-tangent VERY often) in a CIVIL manner, then please feel free to stay.

    A note to the mods: This is NOT a prank or spam thread. We're serious, and there's enough of us at this moment for a club.

    How to Join:
    Simply post saying that you wish to join, and reply to one of the active topics (listed below).

    Common Terminology:
    • Poképhilia: Intimate attraction to Pokémon.
    • Pokésexuality: Alternate term for Poképhilia.
    • Poképhile: A Pokésexual person.
    • Hentai: Generally used to refer to any pornographic material stemming from anime/manga.
    • Yiff: Slang term for sex, commonly used among the furry community.
    • Furries: People who enjoy anthros and animals for various reasons. Given a bad name by many people because of the stereotype of all furries being obsessed with sex alone.
    • Anthros: Shortening of “anthropomorphic” which means to give human traits and characteristics to non-humans, usually animals.
    • Pokémorphs: Pokémon anthros.
    • Lemons: Sexually explicit media based off an anime, commonly applied to hentai fanfics.
    In order to comply with forum rules, there will be be no explicit discussion on here. That does not mean that sex won't be mentioned, but that highly descriptive text will not be allowed. Basically, keep it at a PG-13 level, as the title says. For more adult conversations, use the chat (linked below). As far as media goes, put sufficient warnings on links to lemon fics, and only distribute artwork that classifies as hentai via PM's to soliciting members. Follow standard procedures for non-adult media.

    Our chatroom is a place to talk about pretty much whatever happens to be talked about. There are absolutely no restrictions or rules there except for Rule #1, which is pretty much common sense.

    Obviously, as this is a highly controversial topic, we have a strict set of rules which all members must adhere to. We don’t expect much from our members, but these rules must be followed at all times. The following more or less summarize what was stated above:
    1. NO SPAMMING, BASHING, IMMATURE BEHAVIOR, AND/OR FLAMING OF ANY KIND! This rule applies to both members and non-members, and is very strictly enforced.
    2. You must be either sexually attracted to a Pokémon, or support those who are, to join.
    3. You must respect all other member’s preferences and feelings.
    4. Adult writing must be linked and given sufficient warnings.
    5. Hentai must be given only in private via PM's (or the chat).
    6. Keep all discussions at or below the PG-13 level.
    The penalty system will be like SPPF's except that instead of getting banned from the forums, one will be banned from the club. Instad of a permanent ban, a month long ban will be given, with the possibility of mod contact, depending on the offense. Permanent ban and mod contact will result only in cases of severe and/or regular offenses. Of course, breaking forum rules will result in direct mod contact.

    Member List:
    These are the people that have already joined. As of this point, there are more known future members that have yet to join.
    • Owner: Dimitar
    • Co-Owner: Seiryu
    • Chatroom owner: Kveran
    • Member: Sneasel
    • Member: Snare
    • Member: ~Ero Oyagi~
    • Member: Hanako Tabris
    • Member: Charizard_Fire_God
    • Member: Goodbreath
    • Member: killerjaw01
    • Member: Mira
    • Member: MagmaInferno
    • Member: Jupetta
    • Member: Ssargon
    • Member: johnnyd2
    • Member: link1_2005
    • Member: dynamo
    • Member: Raito Clouds
    • Member: Raichu-chan
    • Member: Furaizu
    • Member: ~Sirnight~
    • Member: Korinku
    • Member: Pichumaster
    • Member: shadowashura
    • Member: Deadly Arbok
    • Member: Konosuke
    • Member: GhostMaster27
    • Member: TotodileCharizard
    • Member: Enix
    • Member: lucarioso
    • Member: FyreFlareon
    • Member: MyuuKitty
    • Member: Meowth_Queen_101
    • Member: Linoone
    • Member: roses_108
    ...and many others.
    Ban/Warn List:
    • No one so far.
    ATP thread: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=122904
    Chatroom: http://www.chatzy.com/225527670510
    Password chatroom: http://www.chatzy.com/862431006758
    Private forums: http://s10.invisionfree.com/Pokephiliac_Forums

    Active Topics:
    These are just suggestions; feel free to talk about anything pertaining to the subject.;)
    • What Pokémon are you intimately attracted to and why?
    • What other fetishes/”weird” sexual desires do you possess?
    • What do your fantasies with Pokémon you are attracted to involve? Doesn’t necessarily have to be sex.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2007
  2. Sneasel

    Sneasel Sneasel Master

    Finally! May I join?
    I am intimately attracted to Mew because of the way she looks and acts. She's just awesome. I'm also somewhat attracted intimately to Rattata, Nidoran (F), Eevee, Espeon, Kirlia, Lugia, and Latias, once again because of their awesome looks.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2006
  3. Kveran

    Kveran Pinin' for the fjord


    It seems redundant to me to list the reasons again... so I'm just going to copy and paste from the ATP thread.

    I find his personality more attractive than anything else, but he's also got beautiful eyes and yes, his wings are gorgeous. And neck. He's got such a sinuous elegance to him.
  4. ~Ero Oyagi~

    ~Ero Oyagi~ Well-Known Member

    Add me! Add me! :) At last the club is on it's feet! And as for who I am attracted to, well it's almost all Blaziken, but i am also attracted to Lugia, Sirnight and Breloom as well. As for why... well i'll come back to you on that as right now i'm attempting to do my algebraic quadratic fraction equations homework as well as this reply; I guess i'm not much of a multi tasker :D
  5. Astinus

    Astinus Well-Known Member

    Finally! *slams fist into palm*

    What Pokémon are you intimately attracted to and why?

    Meowth is the definite answer. At first, I just really liked him more than the other Pokémon out there. When things started bordering on obsession, when I just had to have every product with Meowth on it, I felt that there was something wrong with me. I stepped back for a while.

    It wasn't until I started watching the anime again that I fell back into liking him. At that time, I had a character in a fanfic who was in love with his brother. Strangely, I had the kid sleep with Meowth instead. I think that story began the attraction.

    I'm also attracted to Flygon (imagine that long tail!) and just started feeling something towards Houndour. I think the last one relies more on just touching than actually doing anything dirty. I have a Houndour plushie now, and find myself petting him as he sits in my pocket!
  6. Charizard_Fire_God

    Charizard_Fire_God *tiwts widdw head*

    Well lookie who's here. XD

    Wow, I didn't know it was started. I'm on this crappy comp only so little, tch, an' it'll last until wednesday too... >.=.> Well thanx for telling me Dim. ^.=.^

    Now then, about Attractions... for all this time I've been tryin' ta explain it in one way or another, I think it's simply down to one thing: every pokemon that looks beautiful one way or another I'm hot for. For me Dragons are the most beautiful creatures in the world, so obviously I'm most Attracted to Draconic pokemon. Another type of pokemon I like are fire-types. The whole heat/hot/fiery/sexy/light-my-fire-baby well it's hard to explain but easy to understand why my mind associated sex with fire. XD Most fire types with a few exceptions in other words, though less than Dragons, who win at physical aspect. Then there are the dark ones. The beauty and misteriousness of dark pokemon is Attractive somehow... <3

    1. Charizard (most Draconic of all pokemon, even though not a Dragon-type + fire theme)
    2. Ninetales (a fire-type, Ninetales breaks this pattern of Dragons -- she was created so beautifully that it comes a close second and at times can actually get me hottest, hotter even than Charizard)
    3. Rayquaza
    4. Salamence
    5. Flygon
    6. Latias(though not as obviously Draconic, something in her innocent aspect and cry hits me)
    7. Lugia(Draconic body, and sexy tail, need I say more? <3)
    8. Houndoom(fire/dark, LOVE the horns, possibly because of somewhat Draconic referrence, Houndoom has only recently made it this high)
    9. Altaria
    10. Dragonite

    My list of Attractions doesn't end with those. There are furries and avians I find sexy too, I think the whole list has some 40-50 pokemon in it.

    It happened summer 4 years ago. It started with Charizard and Ninetales, from their Blue sprites and the anime, aswell as a few (non-sexual) pics. It had a few tendincies of expansion but nothing big until Ssargon, when the whole pokephillia Exploded into what it is today. To some extent I had inhibited its Growth beyond those two before that.
  7. Kveran

    Kveran Pinin' for the fjord

    Do not make me start singing.

    (The voices inside my head are singing a strange combination of "Light My Fire" and "Light My Candle," from RENT. I wish the voices inside my head knew how to sing.)
  8. Dimitar

    Dimitar Sandslash+Lugia fan

    I need to answer this myself as well. I hope I don't forget half of the pokemon.

    Top Attraction:
    Lugia: Pfft, there's too much to list: tail, legs, belly, neck, expression (or as CFG says, sexpression :D), personality (the one I imagine), and the whole streamlined and aerodynamic design of the body. Ironically, I really hated Lugia until what I call my "mental Renaissance" commenced last year.

    Major Attractions:
    Flygon: Largely the same anatomical reasons as Lugia.
    Sceptile: Streamlined body, muscular legs, etc.
    Grovyle: Pretty much the same.
    Sandslash: Mainly the legs and belly. This was my first attraction, and actually what made me a true pokemon fan (I liked pokemon before that, then stopped).
    Dark Lugia: The "naughtier" side of Lugia.:D I like that coloration

    Secondary attactions:
    These are pokemon I fantacize (sadistically) about occasionally. In no particular order:
    Some others I have forgotten

    Yep, I know where you're coming from...

    Guys, DO NOT FORGET THE ATP THREAD!!! It is absolutely crucial that you don't.
  9. ~Ero Oyagi~

    ~Ero Oyagi~ Well-Known Member

    Don't worry; I haven't forgotten it. Anyway, it would be such a shame if it died now, after all, that thread represents a lot of things :)
  10. BlackFireCharizard

    BlackFireCharizard Master of Charizards

    You should change the club's name,you guys sound like your a group of people that rape baby Pokémon. O_O
  11. Astinus

    Astinus Well-Known Member

    ^ You! Get the eff out! If you don't want to join, then why in the name of Beezlebub did you post?

    Oi vey.

    We must keep the ATP thread alive. It's where we all met.
  12. Dimitar

    Dimitar Sandslash+Lugia fan

    It more than just represents; it is essential for many things, especially finding others that are attracted to pokemon. Kepp the thread alive we must.

    And BFC has been reported. Some people will go to great lengths to ignore the rules....
  13. BlackFireCharizard

    BlackFireCharizard Master of Charizards

    I was just trying to be helpful and suggest that you choose a more appropriate name :(
  14. ~Ero Oyagi~

    ~Ero Oyagi~ Well-Known Member

    First person on the Ban / Warn List maybe?
    Some people are just so narrow minded... and the ATP thread is probably the main reason I joined these forums, I had been looking at them for months beforehand, i'd just never noticed that section before for some reason.

    And I think that there are quite a few people out there who just haven't realized that they are a Poképhile yet, I mean when i first read the ATP thread I was kinda freaked out, but after a while thinking about it, suddenly everything clicked into place. And now I feel as if a great weight has been lifted off my mind. Some people just need a poke in the right direction, i'm even inteding to ask my friend what he thinks soon, which is odd for me considering i'm not a very outgoing person. So anyway, what i'm basically saying is: the ATP thread cannot die! :)
  15. Kveran

    Kveran Pinin' for the fjord

    Perhaps he thought he was being helpful.

    We are working under the general assumption that the Greek suffix -phile or -philia is understood to mean "lover of" or "love for." This may be too large of an assumption to make, considering the general level of knowledge possessed by members of this forum.

    BFCharizard, if you honestly meant no offense, you should know that just because Pokephilia and pedophilia involve the same Greek suffix, the one has little if anything to do with the other. No one in here wants to rape baby Pokemon.

    By the way, Hanako, I have not met many people who invoke Beelzebub rather than other deities. Nice to meet you. :D
  16. Dimitar

    Dimitar Sandslash+Lugia fan

    Well, in that case, he didn't really read the first post, which is still a violation of a rule. And I think his second post might have had just a tiny little microscopic pinch of sarcasm in it...
  17. Astinus

    Astinus Well-Known Member

    Sarcasm is like an airplane. It flies over peoples' heads. Especially on the Internet.

    I don't worship Beezlebub. I just use that name in replacement for other religious names. Plus, I believe that it invokes fear in other people, which would cause them not to talk to me, which is a good thing.

    I told a best friend of mine that I was attracted to Meowth. She just looked at me odd, because a.) she never heard of Meowth; and b.) she knew I was odd because I had a book-in-a-bag in my pocket.

    But yes, it is nice to meet you all as well. =)

    And you know, I believe that this is one of the only well-organized clubs out there. Other clubs' first posts are like "Who else loves "thing"? JOIN!!!!" This one has a organized front page with a great explanation...

    ...if only people knew how to read it.
  18. Seiryu

    Seiryu Resident dragon

    Hey all, guess who's here? I was originally gonna just post to make it easier for me to find the thread and do nothing else until tomorrow, but I decided to take time out of my precious sleeping time (which I really shouldn't be doing as I'm already many, many hours behind, but eh) to answer the first (and only) discussion question.

    First and foremost, Charizard. Well, Charizard and Charmeleon. They're easily the ones about which I have the most sexual fantasies. I'm attracted to Salamence too, but I haven't had any big fantasies about it just yet.

    Anyway, these three stem primarily from the fact that I am a dracophiliac. BIG one too. Everything probably began when I first saw the back of the DVD case for the anime called Dragon Half, in which the main character is the result of a dragon/human...relationship. Ever since then, I thought that such things were rather interesting, going so far as to using that same premise in creating my main fantasy roleplaying character.
    However, my dracophilia only really surfaced about two years ago now when I would pass the time by googling dragon images. Oh yeah, most of 'em were innocent enough, but one of my favorites (which I actually neglected to say on the ATP thread) was entitled "Mating Dragons." Er...yeah. So eventually, I began to think that some of those pictures were...hot. Sexy even. My first sexual fantasy occurred as a daydream involving the (conveniently female!) dragon on the cover of the first book of Mercedes Lackey's Dragon Joust trilogy. And since Charizard and Salamence have more draconic appearances than most of the other pokemon in existence, and Charmeleon evolves into Charizard, it just sort of...clicked.

    Other major attractions of mine include the following:


    I've also found myself attracted to lots of mammalian or reptilian pokemon out there (or real-world animals, for that matter; yes, for people who haven't read the ATP thread, I'm somewhat of a zoophiliac as well). Whether or not they're bidedal or quadrupedal doesn't matter too terribly much, though quadrupeds are more preferred in general. Size isn't an issue so long as they're about the size of, say...my dog. Which would include a very large amount of pokemon indeed, and way too many to list. And yes, this includes a number of Legendaries, too. Specifically:

    The three Beasts
    Lugia (though he's more draconic than just reptilian)
    Rayquaza (not as much a fan of serpentine dragons as I am of Western-style ones, but...eh)
    Both of the Lati twins
    Diaruga and Parukia (who were revealed to both be Dragon-types! Pure awesomeness! Good combo there: awesomeness + sexiness = yum =3)

    So as anyone can see, I am attracted to...lots of pokemon. Yeah. Of course, there are some exceptions to the above criteria in that the pokemon clearly fits it but in no way arouses me. I also, for some reason, can't really find myself liking bird-, fish-, or bug-like pokemon (with the exceptions of Blaziken, Scyther, and Scizor, obviously). But...still.

    Nope. Bigger ones only here please. =D

    Seriously though, BFC, none of us would think of raping anything, pokemon or not. Despite what you think some of our posts (particularly CFG's, no offense buddy) might say, I'm pretty sure none of us would carry out our sexual desires on anything unless the other was more or less willing--provided it was even possible, anyway. XP

    ~..~ Indeed. So many people here and elsewhere will just completely skip over someone's post if it's more than five lines long. Yes, exactly like 90% of the posts I've made here. They'll so often go completely ignored unless they're like a children's storybook--simple and short. Honestly makes me worry for future generations...but hey, at least that's one way in which we're "better," right?

    And dear god, is that really what most of the clubs here are like? ~..~ Guess I won't be in any others, then; I can't stand associating with people who have the approximate literary skills of a five-year-old...
  19. ~Ero Oyagi~

    ~Ero Oyagi~ Well-Known Member

    phìléô - I love/like, a regular vowel stem verb. Not many places where I can use my knowledge of ancient greek :) anyway............

    That's so true. I have always liked things which are organized, and this club is no exception. Well done Dimitar! :D

    Yup, sure is, I never go in the clubs section, except for this one. And the thing about this club is that it has a key belief uniting all the members, as opposed to "do you like [insert random thing here]?" Not all clubs are bad though.
  20. Goodbreath


    I would like to join!

    about the ongoing topic....
    Well discovered i like pokemon today after some dreams
    *wich can be seen in the attracted to pokemon thread*
    Well i suppose Charizard turns me on atm havent been searching that far.
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