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The Pokeathlon


Cerulean Blues
The Pokeathlon was available in HeartGold and SoulSilver and you could enter different sport competitions with your Pokemon and win points in the mini games.

What were your favorite courses to play in and did you have any that you really hated?


I liked the Lamp Jump game the most, but disliked the Relay Run and Goal Roll games. The latter is extremely frustrating, especially when there's more than one ball being kicked around the field.


TwilightBlade said:
I like the Disc Catch game because it was one of the easiest games same with Lamp Jump and Circle Push. But man I hated the Block Smash because it could ruin your DS screen. :[

I liked the Circle Push game too, although I always felt a little bit sad about pushing some of the other Pokemon out of the ring. The Block Smash game was easy, but I agree that constantly having to tap on the touch screen seemed like poor game design since that's a one-way ticket to getting scratches on the screen.


Call of Fate
Thе Pokеathlon is еasily onе of my favouritе minigamеs in thе sеriеs. I likеd how еach and еvеry Pokеmon was usablе in somе way, although somе fully еvolvеd onеs (such as Golduck) bеing actually worsе than thеir prе-еvolvеd forms was puzzling. My favouritе еvеnts wеrе Lamp Jump, Ring Drop and Circlе Push, and I dislikеd Pеnnant Capturе and Rеlay Run. I wish thе еvolutionary stonеs wеrеn't so costly. though.


Well-Known Member
I didn't have a favorite game but the lamp jump one wasn't as hard as some of the others that took more concentration and multiple tries to master. Also I thought Magnus should've had a bigger part in the games because he build the Pokeathlon Dome.


New Member
I'm replaying HGSS and I just remembered how many hours I spent mixing apricorns for special juices and trying to win the mini games at the pokeathlon with my super athlete pokemon and now I really wish it would make a return at some point. Imagine all the berry juice blends you could make and how fun the mini games would be in 3D with better controls than the DS touchscreen mechanics.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
The games I disliked the most were Goal Roll (so easy to accidentally knock the ball into your own goal) and Snow Throw because of how hard it is to try and dodge snowballs thrown at you while trying to make one yourself and the AI keeps making them at impossible speeds that no human could ever match.