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The Pokemon Breeding Club

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Well, first of all:

snivyoshawottlvr, welcome boss! I thought you had already signed up for this club lol
The Brown Machop Accepeted, welcome to the club. lol, you made a nice post and then you reposted with one sentence, I don't think its a big deal anyways, since I'm not a mod BTW what do you mean about seedot?
master of murkrow Accepted and welcome. Its nice to meet a fellow legit breeder and if you want advice you can PM me, but you probably wanna talk to AndrewLima since he's one of the best, if not the best legit breeders I've met
I mean serously Andrew, I nly get so many 31's and that kinda movesonce every six months of something like that! XD
Viker2 Well, I already daid Im not a mod but still you should watch for 1 sentence posts, I mean, it is on the rules... Anyways, Accepted! Welcome
Missigno&cubone Accepted! Welcome I hope you have a good time here
WarriorScolliped Accepted! Welcome, ah, and IV can be calculated with the IV calculator in the Game Mechanics section of the serebii main page. You only need to know your EV's. Also, someone wrote a very complete guide to IVs in the club maybe Pucca_ness remembers on which page is it. If you have any questions you can ask me, I breed for IVs

I hope you all have a good time in here. If you feel like having a challenge I think ther's a circuit with a set of breeding challenges that can be completed. I think it is on the first page...

Aside from that. I've been working on getting a Drapion as close to be flawless as possible with confuse ray and night slash... its gonna be hard.
But I finally got the Panpour with flawless attack, sp attack and speed with Mud Sport that I was trying to get Yay!


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I, Whimsicotton, hereby acknowledge that I have read the SPFF Club rules and the Pokemon Breeding Club Rules and hereby agree to abide by them.

Well, I'd like to join because I've always liked breeding and raising pokemon much more than battling them, and with all the new breeding mechanics we have today it's always fun to see what pokemon you can get, with all different moves. I have a ditto and I've been using it to get some more extremespeed dratinis on HG to use in team I want to build; I'm also waiting on getting a foreign ditto so I can use the Masuda method at last :p


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I, the3rdH0kage, hereby acknowledge that I have read the SPFF Club rules and the Pokemon Breeding Club Rules and hereby agree to abide by them.
I am wanting to join this group to help me with my breeding. Help with things like MM and other specifics of breeding.
I've been breeding and playing Pokèmon since the origanals in Red/Blue/Yellow.
My first successful breed was a Cyndaquil in my first Gold version.
Other than that I've been breeding for:
Shiny starters
Shiny psuedo legendaries
and other pokemon for my competitive battling team.


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I, gardevoir_blue hereby acknowledge that I have read the SPFF Club rules and the Pokemon Breeding Club Rules and hereby agree to abide by them
I was a breeder but don't have time anymor fr mm and egg chains but....i hae many events that i could give for someone who breeds perfect nature and mm thepoke i want with egg oves if applied i'll give better events for the my necisity of the pokemon


Breed Master
Firstly, i'm interested in becoming a member. I'm not dedicating to reading the rules at this time until further notice, i apologize but i will read them when i have time to.
Secondly, could someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong?? (i refuse to play B&W at this time because i disagree with some of the pokemon used).

Finally, i lost count of how many Dratini and Charmander eggs of hatched of my 4 games (Dratini only on my SS for ES) so i'm just going to estimate how long it took me to get the junk shining Charmander i did get and my failed attempt at getting a shiny dratini with ES.

Please note that i always use a Magmar for flame body to hatch.

Year and a half of hatching Dratini in SS (standard owned pokemon). No shiny.
22 days of hatching Charmander in SS (One from my other game and one foriegn). No shiny yet.

3 months hatching Charmander in Emerald (GBA) (both game ownership Charizards). No Shiny yet.

1 month and a half hatching Charmander in Pearl version (one Charmander of other ownership and the other foriegn). Mentally challenged Adamant natured shiny charmander.
1 month and a half hatching Cranidos in Pearl (one of game ownership and other foriegn). Mentally challenged bold natured shiny cranidos.

2+ months hatching Charmander in Platinum (Same setup as Pearl). No shiny yet.

Note, nothing special about the Charmander breed because Charizard is awesome like that. I used some chain to get Cranidos to have Rock Slide and Earthquake just so i wouldn't have to waste my TM's.


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@Whimsicotton Accepted!, Welcome to the Breeding club. I hope you get the Dratini you want, for Extreme speed I got lazy and SRed for the Dratini in-game >.<

@the3rdH0kage Welcome!, you are accepted and if you have any questions on breeding this is the right place for them!

@gardevoir_blue Welcome to the Breeding club! Well, considering your introduction you might wanna contact Andrew Lima, he's one of our members and one of the best non-hack breeders I have notice of for IV and egg moves. Just remember to discuss trades via PM or VM and not posted in here.

@Admin Miror B Yay! welcome back! And of course I would like to be a co-leader! :D ... Of course I don't know what to do XD but anyways, I hope I can help to make the Breeding Club more active and fun. Oh, BTW I have a question about the breeding circuit but I'll vm you about it...

@DarkNidoking Well, to be accepted as a member you do have to read the rules, so we'll leave that for later. As for the shinny hunting, it doesn't seems like you're doing anything wrong, I mean its understandable that a shinny takes a long time to appear in emerald since the odds are 1 to 8,192; however in Pearl and SS with a parent from a different language cartidge of origin you do get about 4 times better odds. Unless the foreign father is some sort of hack (which you can test by checking the hack check thread) you are just having some bad luck. Also, you might already know that on the V gen MM has almost twice the probability of success, so since you're betting on the 4th gen, you just have to be a more patient. Hope this helped.

Wow, that was long post! Anyways, I haven't been doing much of breeding myself, I'm still stuck with my eternal pursuit for a flawless Sneasel with Fake out and Ice punch. Oh, but I did manage to breed a 31 IV attack and speed Nincada with Endure and Nightslash for a troll Shedinja >:D


Breed Master
@roloox: Thank you for your response and helpful information. I will look into that and review the rules and stuff on joining the club at a later time. Too bad i had to be the only one who can't be accepted, though one would have to HAVE complete and constant internet connection to dedicate to something that's on the side and i don't feel i can dedicate due to this fact so hope that clarifies my reluctance.


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Even though this entire thread seems completely dead, i understand also that this entire club should be deleted soon. If that's even true. I would like to update everyone on the brand newly hatched Shining Charmander from my SS version. It's a Brave nature so it's only one step better than my mentally challenged Adamant nature Charmander i got before in my pearl, but at least i could actually consider using it. If anyone is interested in having a Shining Charmander for just collection purposes, I am willing to trade my Shining Charmander for a Shining Charmander. Here's the deal, All i want if for it to have a nature that doesn't down Speed or Spc Att. That's it. I don't care what it's downing otherwise.


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I, tomjames1966, hereby acknowledge that I have read the SPFF Club rules and the Pokemon Breeding Club Rules and hereby agree to abide by them.

Hi there are rumours that this club is going to be deleted but I am going to join anyway.
I have bred Volt Tackle Pichu and have a 31 IV attack stat sneasls.
I also have water Sport/spout Squirtles ,Thunder Punch Chimchars and Head Smash Arons.
I have not tried to Masuda Method and don't plan to.
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