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The Pokemon D/P Players' Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Mega Trickster, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. Mega Trickster

    Mega Trickster Blargagh blargh

    Welcome to The Pokemon D/P Players' Club!

    Also known as DPPC. Formally the DPIC (Diamond/Pearl Importers' Club).

    ~How to Join~
    1. You must be buying Diamond or Pearl (or both) to join.
    2. Post the version you are getting (post both if you are getting both).

    This is a club so that people who have bought Diamond or Pearl can meet together, post their progress in the game, ask questions, help others, setup battles, setup trades, participate in tournaments, and other very fun things.
    This club often has a high post rate, so it is recommended that you subscribe to this thread. To do so, click Thread Tools at the top of any page, and select Subscribe To This Thread.

    1. Make sure to make your posts as much about D/P as possible.
    2. I do not expect you to have perfect grammar, but I still want to be able to understand what you're saying.
    3. If a Pokemon you are dealing off is hacked, you must notify people first.
    4. Do not leak peoples teams in whole or part during or after a battle, it is just stupid and immature.
    5. Be respectful, and make your sarcasm noticeable.
    6. Do not steal other peoples things. I.e. borrowing a Pokemon then stealing it and keeping it/trading it away.
    7. [​IMG] <- Use it. No double posting. And no deleteing your post to make someone look like they double posted.
    8. Your post must be at least 6 words long.
    9. Have fun ^_^d

    ~New Owner~
    Mega Trickster - Diamond Version

    1. zipzap713 - Pearl Version
    2. Korinku - Both (Diamond is main game)
    3. Slicing_Scizor - Pearl
    4. Miltonic - Diamond

    ~Regular Members~
    If I forget to add you please PM me.
    Taruta the Blue Mage - Both
    revenge - Pearl Version
    Purplemoon - Pearl Version
    Munchlax 357 - Diamond Version
    pokeman4ever - Both
    Pablo - Diamond Version
    Eclisped Soul - Diamond Version
    Furanki Pkmn Master - Diamond Version
    The Power of Pika - Pearl Version
    maikello - Diamond Version
    Akayfortyseven - Pearl Version
    Spirit Rubi - Pearl Version
    HaruLatz - Pearl Version
    Jolteon Jordan - Diamond Version
    BuizeruFighter - Diamong Version
    Mahou-Blastoise - Diamond Version
    king james
    Zpinda - Pearl Version
    Kyogre Master - Pearl Version
    battlefrontiertrainer - Pearl Version
    hyoga - Diamond Version
    Lil Hikari - Diamond Version
    dotaitos15 - Diamond Version
    Bond of Flames - Pearl Version
    Light Venusaur - Pearl Version
    D-Syfer - Diamond Version
    FireEmblemAddict - Diamond Version
    B.Dragon - Pearl Version
    weavile/perap eater - Diamond Version
    Jega33 - Pearl Version
    Darkz_Articuno - Diamond Version
    Shadow of Absol - Both
    Horus - Pearl Version
    alecsdell100 - Both
    once in a blue Mew - Pearl Version
    filos185 - Pearl Version
    Abomasnow - Diamond Version
    Andren - Both
    Aquatic_Latios - Undecided.
    Ookami Shounin - Pearl Version
    ShinyFufu - Diamond Version
    The Nine Tailed Fox - Both
    Oblivion - Diamond Version
    Jessie James - Both
    iWish - Diamond Version
    bulbaruler - Diamond Version
    Legendaryagent - Both
    #1 Pokemon Fan - Diamond version
    Metallica - Pearl Version
    DarkLuxray - Both
    Luna-Light - Pearl Version
    Narutopokedude - Diamond Version
    lil_Hikari_fan - Diamond Version
    Elly Strife - Diamond Version
    dr.dog - Both
    Big bang theology - Both
    TotodileCharizard - Diamond Version

    ~Banned Members~

    ~Useful Links~
    If you have any to add, PM me the link.
    Buy Diamond
    Buy Pearl
    List of Pokemon Japanese names
    TM & HM Numbers and Locations list
    Japanese character list
    Binary translation (it's our alternative form of the spoiler tags)
    Wi-Fi Help Thread

    ~Banners for Sigs~
    Credit must be given to the people who make them
    [​IMG] - Mega Trickster
    [​IMG] - Mega Trickster
    [​IMG] - Mega Trickster
    [​IMG] - Mega Trickster
    [​IMG] - Slicing_Scizor
    [​IMG] - Slicing_Scizor
    [​IMG] - Slicing_Scizor
    [​IMG] - Slicing_Scizor
    [​IMG] - Slicing_Scizor
    If you make a banner, PM it to me or post it here.

    English D/P Release Date
    April 22, 2007
    Anyone who has pre-ordered English D or P may join the club and join in discussing the games.
    If your name has changed, notify me via PM
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2007
  2. zipzap713

    zipzap713 @Peteyism

    I'll join. can i be co-owner? i have pearl as you know.
  3. Mega Trickster

    Mega Trickster Blargagh blargh

    Sure, I think you'll make a good co-owner.

    It is going to be a long night of editing the first post ._.
  4. zipzap713

    zipzap713 @Peteyism

    thanks mega. i guess i shall edit my siggy links. Korinku is going to be joining soon.
  5. Korinku

    Korinku Aw, cute :-3

    I'd like to join, Mega. ^^ Can I be a co-owner as well? And I might make some banners for the club too. X3

    EDIT: I have both Diamond and Pearl, but I mainly use Diamond.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2006
  6. Mega Trickster

    Mega Trickster Blargagh blargh

    I got it down, and you accidently double posted. You can delete your other post.
  7. zipzap713

    zipzap713 @Peteyism

    I am getting Taruta and Munchlax357 back or do we not want them?
  8. Mega Trickster

    Mega Trickster Blargagh blargh

    People join of their own free will, but you can give them the link to this thread since they might be interested.
  9. Korinku

    Korinku Aw, cute :-3

    I'm going to change the link in my sig to this one. ^^ Thanks, Mega, for remaking it! I don't know what I'd do without being in this club. XD
  10. Taruta the Blue Mage

    Taruta the Blue Mage Newtypes represent!

    Yeah I'm rejoining I miss my D/P buddies since a few minutes ago
  11. Mega Trickster

    Mega Trickster Blargagh blargh

    No problem, and you'd probably be horribly bored.

    I was planning on giving my 2nd legit shiny Parukia to someone, but they have yet to answer my PM.
  12. zipzap713

    zipzap713 @Peteyism

    Mega-:eek: sweet
    Taruta- welcome back
  13. Mega Trickster

    Mega Trickster Blargagh blargh

    Are you talking about the Useful Links section I made?

    Yes, they are quite handy links. If anybody has some you can PM them too me.
  14. zipzap713

    zipzap713 @Peteyism

    Mega- no. I was talking about the Shiny Parukia. But i'll check the link section in a sec.
  15. revenge

    revenge reshiram ftw

    may i rejoin? (JP Pearl)
  16. zipzap713

    zipzap713 @Peteyism

    Welcome back revenge
    Mega- Instant Katana....wicked....I guess i will know what i will be studying in my spare time :p
  17. Korinku

    Korinku Aw, cute :-3

    Mega - check your PMs. And I use that table everyday. :D
  18. Mega Trickster

    Mega Trickster Blargagh blargh

    I added it on, thanks for contributing.

    I caught some Korinkus last night and gave them ranomd nicknames.
  19. Korinku

    Korinku Aw, cute :-3

    Are you saying you want some Parukias and Manafis? X3. I will give you some if you check out my two Shiny Latioses to see if they're legit. :3
  20. Mega Trickster

    Mega Trickster Blargagh blargh

    Oh okay I'll be coming.

    All the nicknames: Bob, Fizz, Pie, Nut, Burp, Name

    Want any?
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