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The Pokemon Go Friends Thread


Well-Known Member
Hello. I just started playing Go last week and I am looking to add friends to exchange gifts with. My Trainer code is 7239 5865 2962.


Here’s my friend code! 5223 0320 2588

I’m level 32 team mystic baby!! I play daily and have a lot of research tasks that require friends so the more requests the better haha


Ghost Type User
Hey, I just got back into Pokemon Go recently and I need to add some friends to help complete some field research. My trainer code is 0188 0445 7167, cheers.

Rock Captain 99

Following the dreams!!
My trainer code is 0096 4996 1561.

Monox D. I-Fly

Well-Known Member
Posting my ID again because I want to get the Lake Trio:
5648 0670 5611

Also, I want to complete my Mega Raid Mission. The Pokemon Go community in my region isn't interested in Mega Raids, so if anyone in this forum adds me please Invite me to Lake Trio or Mega Raids if by chance I am online.


Heya! well i am level 40, but need XP for the new levels, please ass me

6240 9030 5229


New Member
Looking for friends around the world to participate in regional raids. I live on the west coast in the US. Currently have Azelf as my 5 star raid and will send invites when I see you online.

5495 2225 4214



Well-Known Member
Hello, i am looking add more friends. I have recently started playing more often and have alot of gifts to send out.

My friendcode is:
5239 7631 5322


Active Member
Hi! Just started playing again, so some friends that play the game would be great. I send gifts daily :D
Here’s my FC 1731 0830 4964


cilan lives forever in my heart
Mine’s 1655 2401 1517.