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The Pokemon Go Friends Thread


5103 3456 7025
Add me, thank you :)


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3079 6037 1170

Feel free to add me.


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Hi guys, I wanted to make a thread for people who don't really have many real life friends who play the game so that they can meet new people and get some gifts in game. So you can put your friend code here and allow others to add you and you can add others who reply.

Here's mine, feel free to add me guys :): 5656 8956 0949

Edit: Sorry the pic is so big, not sure how to shrink it lol.
Hey guys, please feel free to add me as a friend
I am online and send gifts everyday

Friend code: 0361 2615 2008



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I am looking for someone to be friends with to complete the friendship challenge research. My friend code is 7239 5865 2962. I usually send gifts everyday.
Me and my partner recently started over so we need some friends

Jacob (me) - 6214 0398 8277
Skye (my partner) - 8581 3980 5680