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The Pokemon Go Friends Thread

Discussion in 'Pokemon GO Discussion' started by 1rkhachatryan, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. Marchbaby

    Marchbaby Member

    My friend code is 7342 1871 2258. I play daily and in most cases should be able to send gifts so long as I do not get too many friend requests.
  2. WhiteBlair

    WhiteBlair Master Breeder.

    Nice thread.

    Mine: 8989 2420 0598.
  3. jty5

    jty5 New Member

    Here is my friend code 3501 8317 4555. I just want to trade. Hit me up if you want to exchange gifts or trade.
  4. kotaki

    kotaki Member

    5660 1714 9846 that's my code :) thanks in advance
  5. PracticalYetFun

    PracticalYetFun New Member

    5153 1936 3352
    Thanks in advance ☺️
  6. scholsey

    scholsey :) :) :)

    3881 0329 6464
  7. SuiciMoth

    SuiciMoth Member

    My trainer code is 2205 7744 0257. Feel free to add me. Thank you in advance :)
  8. TheWalkingT

    TheWalkingT New Member


    if anyone wants to add me, feel free. I'm a daily player. 0285 6769 4450
  9. Divine08

    Divine08 Poke Engineer

    Adding people for the Celebii event. Feel free to add me!

    2464 1348 1929
  10. Ntsi001

    Ntsi001 New Member

    I'm looking for new friends for the Celebi special research task. Always happy to share some of my gifts as well!
    3305 3182 4167
  11. vflking

    vflking New Member

    I really appreciate these threads. Thanks for setting this up.

    I play most days and am happy to send gifts. I'm based in Norfolk in the UK.
    My player name is: vflking. My trainer code is: 9967 4866 6667
  12. thekorean

    thekorean Well-Known Member

    4534 6190 5786

    Need three friends for quest lol
  13. shadowcat501

    shadowcat501 New Member

    here my trainer code 6507 7338 3663
    thanks for adding me
  14. bjorvack

    bjorvack New Member

    Friend code: 5544 2379 0910
  15. Xeza

    Xeza Trainer of the Night

    Hey guys. I'm Xezaofice.
    Would appreciate any adds for this friend deprived Brit!

    2115 9627 5507

    Thank you!!
  16. darthjabba97

    darthjabba97 Member

    Here is my friend code: 8236 0089 8430.

  17. Ntsi002

    Ntsi002 New Member

    Hi trainers, please add me as a friend. This is my FC 238281140783. :)
  18. PsYcOjOhNnY

    PsYcOjOhNnY The Great Stickman!

    Hello All! Daily Player and all around pokemon Lover -

    Johnnygthree - 3978-9999-3336
  19. DaAuraWolf

    DaAuraWolf *grumble grumble*

    Just remembered this and wanted to share along my Friend Code for Go. Haven’t been active on here since pre-Gen V days but I’m back now.

    FC: 8598 7878 0157
  20. xOmgItsMe

    xOmgItsMe Member

    Hi hi! =) Mine is 2706 8152 8108. ❤️❤️❤️
    PsYcOjOhNnY likes this.

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