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The Pokemon Go Friends Thread


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2121 0036 6784

Looking for 2 more ppl for this research quests . Any help appreciated


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I need new friends for a certain quest.

My friend code is 2026 7594 3592


The Heracross Myth.
Hey guys, I’ve already added all my friends that play the game and I need the quest done so if anyone else needs it add me.

7571 6304 0302


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Ok, my main account has way too many friends. If you added me (t3hK0r34n) for quest purpose and you are done, let me know if I can remove you. Nothing personal, but I am nearing 60. I felt bad turning down people who were doing the Serebii quest lol.

If you need to add friend for quest, add my farm account please. 6214 6763 0741


Loose Cannon Cop
Hey everyone! Working on getting a little green friend!

8823 9225 8393

I also give gifts pretty regularly!


New Member
Hi guys! I love this thread!

My FC : 1570 3540 2988

I'm a daily player so be free to add me and i will send a everyday gift.
If u guys can, i also would like to receive gifts too. Thanks to all in advance.


Lord of Darkness
My Friend Code is 5371 7930 9152
Got plenty of Kangashan capture opportunities if you need one.

my brothers friend code is 4242 3012 4936
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Hi ! My friend code is 5899 2292 2745.
I've added the 10 users befrore me as Friends, and I hope to add more.
Thanks in advance!

The Mighty Tuma

Up and Coming Trainer
Hey everyone, I’m looking to catch a little green time traveling buddy. Feel free to add me, username is NarlySora. 2741 9344 6404.

Will send gifts as much as possible!


José Àngél(Crazy Aztek)

Elite Four JoséÀngél
Hi, I'm looking for friends on Pokémon go since I don't know anyone personally that plays Pokémon go, my Trainer code is 1525 9905 0011 trainer name: CrazyAztek_X3 thank you


looking for some friends for celebi quest task, I will try to send gifts but my area isn't the most pokemon go friendly.
SadViolinMusic - 5785-3786-1504


Frosty the Ninetales
Hey y’all.
FC: 7187-0518-2240