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The Pokemon Go Friends Thread


Mr. Blue Skyyyy
Hello again fellow trainers! Blimey, I can't even remember when I was on here last! It's great to be back!! Please feel free to add me! 9818 2815 2741


Greetings from Brazil

My Trainer Code is 0208 8047 0314
Feel free to add me

0952 0815 6633


Well-Known Member
Need 1 more add for celebi please .

8266 7649 1501 .


Well-Known Member
Looking for more friends on Pokemon Go! I have gifts to give so add me up!

From Canada!

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New Member
Hi, everyone! :)
I'm looking for some friends - for battles and gifts!
My FC is 2712 9892 6752


New Member

I am looking for more friends to help me progress on the Ripple In time quest. I will also send gifts as well.

My friend code is
0521 8969 7256



Pokecollection Maste
Hey everyone. Just looking for people to give gifts to and maybe battle eventually. Code is 2605 5512 3078. Please feel free to add me.