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The Pokemon Journey

Matt Silver

Rest My Chemistry
I love the update, Vulpix and Growlithe pwned the Bellsprout. Now they have to roast Pidgey (Whom will probably evolve. lol)

I dont see why this comic is goind down. Every comic has some spam.
And Beco's right. Rate the comic not the bloody thread.
Tanhony I should report you by the way.
Beco said:
Another trailer for the fans.

New overworlds.
The middle one's Beco. He's overworld sprite's in my sig.
The right one's Nicko, I changed his overworlds so his hair matches that of his trainersprite.
The left one's Kaythlin. She ended up looking the same as Blue from Coronis. I will probably change her.

Those don't look at like custom's to me, Beco's still uses the FR/LG male trainers base, but this is still a very big step forward, correcting every complaint everyone has had about your comic. It inspires me to edit mine!

But I must say I've looked at your past comic's and it's quite interesting to see you progress this far, originally this was a comic with just a few recolurs, now it's slowly turning into a comic with heavily edited sprites, a unique plot, and much more.

Dabvou8, glad to have shoved my arm down yer throat :D

Beco said:
Just decided something, when this cmic goes under 2.50 for just a sec, I will leave it, and quit. I'm not putting energy in a comic not wurth living.

So your saying you will listen to biased people who hate your comic because you didn't have textboxes, your trying your hardest to please them, but they don't give so they are just going to rate your comic 1 star because they haven't looked to see how you have improved.
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Lucas, gib meh soda.
Wowcha! TPJ is back, with more new parts of the 2nd movie, well then, to make it notSPAM, i'll give you C&C for the parts I missed.

Part 6: Wow, I didnt know that Nicko had Growlithe, he now has almost all my favorite pokemons! [just all other Dark-type pokemons, and Arcanine..] And still, I hate Gengars. And Luckily(not spelled like that, eey?) Devin is NOT within the comic, if he would, Gengar would be dead by now.. o_o''


Part 7: zomg! This one will be short..

King of the Ghosts? ZOMG! Devin, can you please just jumpin to the comic!? ; _ ;'' Yayaya.. I liked it pretty much after all! ^^


Part 8: Darn it.. Beco has a BIG advantage right now. (Pidgey vs. Oddish = Oddish is doomed.. and Gengar vs. Ivysaur.. Gengar uses Psychic, boom, Ivysaur died of the pressure, and will float around in space in a million of years..) I loved it! *Goes up to star rate thingy, and trys to press the 5 star thingy, but presses the 6 star thingy instead. ^^*


Thats all, hope I didnt spam, or something else, Im deeply sorry if I did, and will, give everyone thats angry on me footmassage.. zomg, please ingnore this part, of the post.. Please! >_<

The Benmeister

Master of Magnet
This is my first time commenting on this comic, but I've actually been reading it for a while and can safely say that it rocks :)

A few things about it, though. In the battle scenes you could make it so you view the battle from different angles because you are using the same background for the battle over and over and I don't find it very creative. But if is was to stay like that then I wouldn't really mind.

Also, when I click on some of them I can't find the server. It's probably just my computer, though.

Keep up the good work!

Hiro xd

Charge at 3! 3!
Very well here is my first rating to this comic (I'm not going to mean but not to easy):

I ador your spirits! I like Nicko and Kathlyns new clothes! Your spirit thread showed it all but maybe get a bit of help with scrathes?
Note: 9/10

Story line:
Great adventure, funny, awsome and a bit of suspence. I like how you aspects from anime and manga. (may of never notice but I saw many things from manga...)
Note: 9/10

Need to improve even thoe we know what you mean.
Note: 4/10

Not bad over all so lets see:
96% great job...
(alright check on calculaters, I know its not true but to make it average.)


All thanks for replying and thanks for the tips.

Bagonbaby: I hope you like Ghastly, because that one will be in soon :p

Benmeister2: I con't let it be showed by another angle, or I will have to make a map of lavender seen by another angle, and sprites of all sides of a building etc... And I can't do that, sorry

Hiro xd: I don't read the manga so every thing that looks like the manga's probably just coincidence :p
Thanks for the tips, I will try to improve my spelling. But my keyboard's acting all weird so...

I have tried to renew Blueba. Tell me if you like the old one or the new one? I prefer if you pm me with what you think.
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Pokemon Master
nice ep beco, i wonder what the plan is, i think they'll trick charmeleon to attack gengar, then they'll all be safe again!

and CoF: why put you're arm down my disgusting throat? i don't quite get it...

and why are all my postes disappearing?
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Sorry to tell you Mariok'emon, but I think your post was spam...

Dabou8: I already thought that my thread was losing replies.
I don't really know, maybe someone reported your posts for some reason...


I think the first part was some sort of spam...
You'll have to live with the Ghastly, I just finished part 11 and he's in that one...

I'll try to update today, but I don't know if I have the time to go online tomorrow.


Nice epi, I mostly like that Nicko and Kaythlin are using same type pokemon.
I think that Nicko is going to catch a ghastly.
Keep it up, but the poisonpowder looked like the razor leaf.
I prefer the new Bleuba.


Good news, from part 10 on you will see my new developped Razor leaf.
More renewed characters soon.


<- Kawaii ^^
*Sigh* Too ba dthe old thread has to close :\ Ah well, nice updates, Beco ^^

May's brother

Now to the Maxtreme!
will garion and branz be in part 10-11 or something?

I prefefer the new blueba better.

I wonder what the plan is? we will just have to wait and see.


All thanks for replying.
Garion and Branz won't be in the movie anymore. Atleast I don't have that planned.
Part 9


Lucas, gib meh soda.
Or.. He wants the whole town? Charmaleon + Gengar? Wowcha, that tough. Still, Nicko and Kaythlin has to win.



Thanks for replying.
Next part of the movie tomorrow (like I had to tell you...) :p

Renewing Gordon, Denny or Jack seems to be very hard...

And to make this post less spammy, here's a trailer, this pic will be in the movie.
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No way am i reading all that at once, i might have to spread out all those over a long weekend. Hope the comic is going well just stopping by to look around.