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Do you think there are too many pokémon?
That's an oxymoron. There can never be "too many" Pokemon

As to how many should be introduced. I'm longing for the days when we got 100+ new Pokemon each Gen, the last several gens have been too small for me and I think the smaller number of new Pokemon each gen often has a negative impact on the type distribution among the number that gets introduced, such as Gen 6 when the only new Bug type was a stupid bug/flying butterfly.


I love gen 5 because it having so many options allowed for restarting the games with new teams of new pokémon-only.

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If a Pokémon loses a limb, would it grow back if it evolved?
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Me and my partner are both trying to get a galarian slowpoke for the event.

I went online and it says to either do one of the tasks for the events, use a lure module, or get it in a raid.

There's no option for tasks under the event, it just shows what the reward is for finding and evolving all the the slowpokes. We used multiple lure modules already. Don't see any in raids. Idk what else to do


Those PoGo events are so idiotic. The only reason I even completed is because I had some slowpoke stored for future evolution exp point gain and it was easy enough to do it. I was lucky to run across a raid that had the galarian variant.


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If I am a best friend with someone, what is the range I am able to trade with someone?