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UU-Underused(competetive tier)
RNG-random number generator(use of formulas to recieve desirable pomemon traits)
UT- untouched(hasnt battled therefore EV's are 0
Chaining is the process of using the Poké Radar in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum to obtain shiny Pokémon faster.

Cloning is a term reserved more for trading. It's exactly what it sounds like - you're making an exact replica of the Pokémon for trading purposes.

Also, we have a Pokémon Questions thread for stuff like this.
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Can someone post or point me in the direction of something that explains all the acronyms such as UU UT things like that. Then also Chaining, RNG, and cloning and the bazillion others I missed.

I want to know the meanings to each of these and the process if it applies.

UU is UnderUsed. It refers to tiers, which is the fandom's attempt to organize Pokemon into groups based on their usefulness. You can learn about tiers over at Smogon.

UT means untrained; a UT Pokemon has no EV's.

Chaining is using the Pokeradar in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum to encounter the same wild Pokemon many times in a row, which raises the odds of finding a shiny Pokemon.

RNG stands for Random Number Generator, which is what games (and any program, really) use to determine random events. In Pokemon fandom, RNG usually refers to "RNG abuse", the controversial attempt to manipulate the RNG into producing the desiring random event, such as shininess of high IVs.

Cloning is when a player uses glitches to make an exact duplicate of a Pokemon.

We have a questions thread, so the mods will close this thread. If you have any other questions you could ask there of just PM me.


I wasn't aware there was a questions thread, could a mod move this thread there please? Also thank you for all the answers.


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Honestly a lot of people that have posted will know most of the ones that you need to know, if not all. Vm or pm someone with all your questions as you get them


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um, maybe mew, arceus... im not sure about more


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I have a question - why does Wobbuffet wear lipstick when it's a female?


Mr. Blue Skyyyy
I have a question - why does Wobbuffet wear lipstick when it's a female?


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Does Earthquake trigger abilities like Flame Body, Static, Poison Point etc.?