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Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
You don't like Dawn missingno? Awww...man...

Oh, no, I'm fine with Dawn. Dawn I like. The fact that Piplup was more or less forced into being Pikachu 2.0, complete with refusal-to-evolve episode, that's what I have the issue with.


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Lol, I doubt they'd appear... why doesn't kangaskhan have a pre evolution if their is a cub one.like Pokemon in its pouch?

Probably because the writers wanted the Kanghaskan to be more like a real life Kangaroo, and didn't think about the illogical problem that comes with it...


they call me Varanus
Lol, I doubt they'd appear... why doesn't kangaskhan have a pre evolution if their is a cub one.like Pokemon in its pouch?

I think the cub is just a baby Kangaskhan - it looks like the mother, but it's littler. It's just like the baby Lugia in the movie. Not all Pokemon have a pre-evolution, but they still reproduce, so the babies just look like the adults rather than having a pre-evolution.


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Zangoose's Dream World ability, though unreleased, is Toxic Boost, which raises its attack by 50% when poisoned. Isn't that the same thing as Guts, but less?


Artistically angry
Only if you ignore mount silver/ the area right around their. If you don't i think hoenn would be. (kanto has the cave with mewtwo, sinnoh has it's island, and unova has the east side basically. Johto has mount silver while hoenn has the victory road)


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Johto definitely has a problem with low-leveled Pokémon. I agree; it is very hard to find higher-leveled Pokémon in the wild to train with. It's a disadvantage to having Kanto accessible in the same game, as Johto's levels have been cut down as if it were merely the first half of a region.

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How can I find out my hidden power type in saphire?


Yes, it looks like it to me.I love to train but with every route containing Pidgey and Rattata and pokémon that actually give a decent amount of exp have like a 5% chance to appear, it's just really hard to train my mons.

Oh and don't get me event started on the low leveled pokémon in Kanto.I expected them to be at least level 30 and they're what level 10?


Active Member
And when a shiny ditto transforms does it transform into the shiny version of the pokemon???
A shiny Ditto will transform into a (example) pidgey, only it will be shiny. The Pokedex won't count it as "you have seen a shiny pidgey" or whatever


Meme Historian
I think that most of kanto has low levels. Look at the level of vulpix/growlithe when you catch it, and compare it to yours. Yours should be around 30, the wild don't even break 15.