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who can give me a sun stone
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This is why the EV-reducing berries are so vital.


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So in UK games, is defense spelled "defence" and are abilities "traits"?
Annoyingly, in countries that use British English, the game still uses American English. This is true for words such as "favor" and "color", to name but two. It's very annoying, to say the least. I'm beginning to hope that Unova's third version is not called Grey because of this, as it could lead to it being known as "Gray" in all English-speaking countries.

Also, since when has "trait" been a British English word? "Ability" is used in the games, and rightfully so.


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1) Save game
2) Use sufficient EV reducing berries to wipe all the EVs.
3) Now you have no EVs, determine your IVs.
4) Reload your save, undoing the EV reduction.
5) Knowing your IVs, you can determine your EVs.

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So in UK games, is defense spelled "defence" and are abilities "traits"?
Nope, the games are almost identical to the US versions. The only visable difference is ESRB text is omited due to the lack of ESRB. All of Serebii English screen shots of Black white are from the British English version. Defence is Spelt Defense and abilities are called Abilities.

I own both US and English versions of DP: http://flic.kr/p/99WnMr

who can give me a shiny stone
Which game? There are several ways to get one. But here's a list of known locations: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shiny_Stone#Shiny_Stone


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Uhm.. a woman gives you an Effort Ribbon when you have maxed out your EV's, right?


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what is the best grass water and fire pokemons that i can get in pokemon black ??

Other than starters, your best non-legendary options for a Grass/Fire/Water Pokemon in BW are IMO:

Leavanny - It may have a massive pool of weaknesses but learns some good attacks.

Whimsicott - Its Prankster ability is sweet cos it allows its status moves to strike before the opponent.

Lilligant - You can trade a Cottonee for a Petilil in Nacrene City if you talk to a girl there. It's a great Grass-type that can sweep things after setting up Quiver Dance.

Darmanitan - Great physical-based Fire-type that learns a few Fighting-type moves too.

Chandelure - Its sky-high Special Attack makes you want it, highly recommend it.

Jellicent - It's very bulky and has some good Special Attack backing up its high Special Defense and HP plus it learns some great special-based moves.

Seismitoad - It's one of the few Water-types to lack Ice moves but it does get Drain Punch and has really good stats all-around.

Swanna - Its 4x Electric weakness may not be fun but it makes a good Dive/Fly/Surf slave.

Also, the elemental monkeys (Simisage/Simisear/Simipour) are good too due to their TM diversity plus you can catch all 3 in Pinwheel Forest/Lostlorn Forest in shaking grass.

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Not in BW, iirc.

Correct, in the other Generations She gives the Effort Ribbon, but in Generation 5 she just says how the Pokemon's EVs are, and no ribbon is given.

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And no, Cryoganal has a weak defence.
From a competitive view, that's not the bad part, all you have to do is keep it in on special attackers alone.

The problem is it's typing is terrible defensively. It only resist one type and has multiple common weaknesses.