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The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Profesco, Aug 7, 2010.



  1. No

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  1. waroflove616

    waroflove616 Member

    I have a question about IV values. I have already read numerous articles about IV values and was wondering what I must do in order to attempt to get the highest IV for a certain stat for a certain pokemon. Say, for instance, I hatched a 3 bulbasaurs, how do I find their IV for each stat at level 5? Also, in the event that I do not like the IV for a certain stat, how do I change it (I know one cannot change IV's as they are predetermined, but must I do in order to get the IV that I want?)
    Thank you!!!
  2. Auraninja

    Auraninja Try to understand.

    Your best bet is to save up rare candies, look up the characteristic, find an IV rater if there is one, and you might be able to figure something out.
  3. Wishing Star

    Wishing Star Astral Charm Owner

    I don't think it has anything to do with Trick Room, actually.
  4. Frazay

    Frazay Member

    Does it natter if I catch a high-level pokémon?

    Just as an example, I want an Absol, for my Black 2 team, but it will only be in the 50's. So, is there any cons when catching a high-level pokémon?
  5. Endolise

    Endolise TengenToppaBoogaloo

    Just that it'll have fewer EVs, but personally, I don't care about EVs so I would say go ahead and catch it.
  6. Frazay

    Frazay Member

    OK, thank you. I always wondered about that.
  7. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    Do not battle with them, or at least battles where they gain experience. If they have battled/gained experienced, or were traded to you and are unsure, use EV reducing berries.

    You can then take them into the Battle Subway, where all Pokemon are automaticlaly raised to lvl 50. Right down their stats and then input those lvl 50 stats and input them into an IV calculator.

    You cannot change IVs. Go catch or hatch another Pokemon, and it'll likely have a different set of IVs.

    Also it is worth noting that a baby Pokemon receives 3 IVs from its parents. It might get 2 from the "mother" and 1 from the father, or vice versa, or all 3 from one or the other.

    If there's a specific IV you want to pass down, let that parent hold the proper Power Item while breeding.
  8. dirkac

    dirkac I smash your Boxes.

    Well, we shouldn't decide for you, it's your game, you can do whatever you want! (I sound like an ad for the games now)
  9. Sigilyph2

    Sigilyph2 Trainer of Champions

    You might have to use a few heart scales to get a good moveset, and getting a good nature might be harder, but if you can do it that's great!
  10. Lord Fighting

    Lord Fighting Bank Ball Collector

    Tell me then, when I battle Blue with My Slowking and I then set up Trick Room and when he eventually sends his Machamp out, his Fling always bypasses my Move so he goes first. Now Slowking is defiantly slower than Machamp so what's happening? Is It because Fling is Dark Type and therefore super-eff against Slowking that he gets to go first?
  11. Dangertrout

    Dangertrout Well-Known Member

    Machamp is probably slower because Fling halves his speed until he flings the item
  12. Aegon

    Aegon Well-Known Member

    Well, it's actually the Iron Ball Machamp is holding that halves its Speed. Once it Flings the Iron Ball, its Speed returns to normal, and so Slowking will then be faster under Trick Room.
  13. Dangertrout

    Dangertrout Well-Known Member

    yes, i should have specified. it's only with iron ball that speed is affected.
  14. waroflove616

    waroflove616 Member

    ok, so I should hatch a pokemon which would be at level 5 and then take that pokemon to the battle subway and how exactly would my pokemon be raised to level 50 there? Also, say I like that pokemon's IV's what then? Can I take it back down to level 5 or must I move on and EV train it when it is at level 50? By the way, I am playing the heartgold version, so where is the battle subway?
    Thank you!!!
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2012
  15. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    Only in Gen 3. In Gen 4 and on, they hatch at level 1.

    The Battle Subway auto levels EVERYTHING to level 50, regardless of what the actual level of the Pokemon is. This is in contrast to, say, Random Match on Wi-Fi, which only auto levels to level 50 if a Pokemon is above 50.


    The Battle Subway does not actually affect your Pokemon in any way. It won't gain levels or experience or anything, it won't even consume an item it is holding. It'll be leveled back down once your Subway challenge ends.

    It doesn't exist. Your best bet in Gen 4 to check for IVs is to log onto a Wi-Fi match for a level 100 battle. Your Pokemon will auto level to 100. End the match and input those stats into an IV calculator.''

    You can also check with the IV checker in the Battle Tower and he'll give you a rough estimate of your Pokemon's IVs.
  16. Worse ev stats then your early team.
  17. waroflove616

    waroflove616 Member

    By rough estimate, how accurate is that? Where in the 4th gen is the battle tower?
  18. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    It is in the Battle Frontier, the facility in the most northern part of the Frontier. If you honestly don't know this, you probably aren't far enough in the game to even worry about breeding for IVs. People do competitive battling and breeding and whatnot post-game, after the main game is wrapped up.

    Go look up the IV checker guy's entry on the main site. It'll explain what the phrases mean.
  19. ChaosBlizzard

    ChaosBlizzard Crit Happens.

    What happens if you use Pluck or Bug Bite on a Pokemon that is holding an EV reducing berry? I saw this question posed somewhere else and I legitimately don't know.
  20. Spacialrend

    Spacialrend Gallade owns

    Infernape - Thunder Punch, Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Stone Edge.
    Gallade - Leaf Blade, Psychic, Close Combat, Night Slash
    Umbreon - Payback, Psychic, Toxic, Confuse Ray.
    Bastiodon - ??

    I do not really want to use fourth gen evolutions (Gallade being the exception) of older Pokemon unless I must, likewise with Garchomp. Nor do I want external aide such as importing from HeartGold/Pearl.
    With the above in mind, what would be reccomended to add and/or change to complete this potential Platinum team for mostly in-game usage?

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